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 Hpala lf late night mythic guild!Experienced holy paladin 363 ilvl lf late night guild. Im looking to find a hardcore raiding guild who will be pushing for cutting edge. Im looking for guilds that raids after 22:00 CET due to my job its the earlist time i can raid :) i have good logs 5/8 hc 1/8M please add my battletag (demonlocks#2567) or reply on this post!Im ready to swap to any realms horde or alliance 9/21/2018 07:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 356 WW/BRM Monk LF 2-NiteHey everyone!Im currently in search of a great two night guild to call home. I'm a returning hardcore, top 50 US player from WoTLK / Cata looking to still play at a relatively high but not quite as high a level in BFA. Here's ma deets:What is my experience?Current: 8/8N, 5/8H, 0/8MPrevious: Rank 1 Gladiator in Cata, multi-glad throughout previous expansions, top 150 US Heroic WotLK RaidingWhen ... 9/21/2018 07:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for weekend raiding guildLooking for a weekend horde raiding guild I'm currently on stormreaver 9/21/2018 07:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 370 Ww, 370ele, 370 war lf guildCleared 7/8 pugging heroic, pugged into a guild group and got ghuun to 30%Never pve'd before this expac multi r1 who has competed in multiple high end lan tournaments looking to learn and progress(can also play off healer role), both my ele friend and warrior friend have world first logs aswell they can provide. 9/21/2018 06:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 368 Blood DK LF raiding GuildJust as the post says, I'm looking for a new home. Nothing hardcore but preferably 3 days a week with the intent of pushing into mythic each Tier with Cutting Edge as the goal. Add my Btag DavisD#1738 if you wanna talk more or post on this forum, I check it daily. 9/21/2018 06:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 359 ilvl rogue lf guildHave raid experience back to BCOnly available on Thursday and Friday, looking for a 1/2 night guild to push AOTC every tier.Also looking for a consistent team to farm higher m+ keyslogs: 9/21/2018 06:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A][Dalaran] 361 MW Monk 8/8 N 6/8 H LFG.LFG. Tired of my guild spending 3 hours on a single N mode boss. Comment on this post for contact. 9/21/2018 05:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 3/8M Warrior lf new homeAs the title says I'm looking for a new guild to raid in, have been part of multiple top 30 US kills with <Addiction> on Bleeding-Hollow. Can multi class, have rogue/dh both ~360 ilvl, was maining warrior for BFA though. I'd prefer to keep the progression at least around the same or better. Most raid times work for me. Hit me up on bnet: Eazi#1315 or post on here and I'll contact you guys if ... 9/21/2018 04:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 351 Tank LF for guildI only can raid Thur/friday/sat 6/8 n 2/8 heroic times 7pm start 12am end post here and please read before post 9/21/2018 04:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 361 Mage LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild1. Times available & time zone: T/Th after 7pm (PST)2. Server preference: Tichondrius3. Faction preference: Horde4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Hardcore5. Current progression/experience: 5/8H, 8/8 N6. Contact info: Battle.Net NirboTurbo#1979 9/21/2018 03:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 353 (A) / 348 (H) Rogue LF Raid TeamsHi, I have 2 rogues, and I'm looking for a raid team for each. I'm playing Assassination currently on both. I am proficient on all specs. I've cleared normal Uldir, and I'd like to do heroic and ultimately mythic progress. Alliance Times available & time zone: EST, ... 9/21/2018 03:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 355 healer/dps shaman LFGLooking for a early morning Heroic raiding guild with raid times around 12:00am - 3:00am mountain time. 9/21/2018 03:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 348 Mistweaver LF raiding guild348 Mistweaver [H] LF raiding guild 2 nights a week. 9/21/2018 02:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A-Stormrage] Tank 360 LF Mythic guildI’m a main tank player looking for a definitive home (Stormrage - Alliance) that raids at least 2 days per week or 4 days max. At this moment I have 2 tanks that I feel really comfortable with and I intend to gear the others soon.Amory link:Druid: DK: Raiding ... 9/21/2018 01:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 2 players Rogue/Druid LF Mythic GuildTimes available: 7 or 8 PM Central time. Tuesdays/ThursdaysCurrent progression: 8/8 Normal Uldir. 5/8 HeroicI'm 346 Ilvl. Druid is 364 IlvlDruid Armory: Armory: for a Mythic raiding guild full of chill and friendly players, but also get bosses down while ... 9/21/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown   RD
 [A] 366 DH Looking For Raid GuildCurrently a 366 ilvl Demon Hunter main spec is Vengeance off spec Havoc. Still working on getting my havoc rotations down, but I really enjoy tanking. I have Uldir AOTC and have formed PUGs as a raid leader for 2 full Uldir Heroic clears. Logs are linked below for both Ghuun kills. I am available most afternoons through the week and all day on weekends.WoW Armory: ... 9/21/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 363 MW LF GuildHealer.My friends and i decided to do a guild together and see how that went but more than half of them are first time WoW players so a couple of use got tired of wiping on 5/8 Herioc. so Im looking for a guild who can clear Heroic or progress through it. Im 8/8N, 5/8H, and 1/8M. at the bottom I have linked my logs and raider IOServer: US SargerasTIME ZONE: EASTERNi know ALOT of guilds like to ... 9/21/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 359 Lock 364 Hunt LF 2night 11est startBoth have top 25 US experience in Cata/MoP/WoD. Been playing together for over 10 years.No logs at the moment but historically parsing in 95%+ percentile during progression."Colorful" sense of humor and personality.Hunter: 9/21/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Ret/Prot Paladin LF Raiding TeamTimes available & time zone: Eastern Standard, available after 6:30pmServer preference: EasternFaction preference: AllianceHardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardocre Current progression/experience: 8/8 Normal UldirRecent logs (if available): info: Sovereign#1123Anything else: Equally ... 9/20/2018 23:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 352 Blood DK LF late nightDue to work I'm only available late night EST (11:00 PM and after).Past experience includes H25 11/12 ICC, H10 12/12 ICC, US 51st M EN. Had to stop playing after EN due to some unexpected real life issues. 9/20/2018 23:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A]Magtheridon 352 Enh Shamn LF Active GuildHey! Does your guild need a brand new shaman to pop them heroes while bursting Vectis or put that totem when the healer forgot to hide on Rezhan Mythic+? Well I might be the one you are looking for!I'm a 22y-o French Canadian (same time zone as florida) Dwarf looking for a fun and active guild to Raid Normals and Heroics. As of experience in this expansion I've cleared Uldir and did multiple ... 9/20/2018 23:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for NZ based guild TichondriusHey guys, I just moved to NZ from Canada. Started playing WoW again and want to get into mythic+ and normal/heroic raid progressions once I'm lvl 120. Here's some other info based on the template1. Times available & time zone: Available between 6-11pm weekdays. NZ Standard TIme.2. Server preference: Tichondrius 3. Faction preference: Horde4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual5. Current ... 9/20/2018 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 357 Arms Warrior LF Raiding, M , PVP guildSo I got scammed. I'll admit it. About a week ago I was posting here trying to find a new guild to play with. I wanted people to do things with. I wanted to do M+. I wanted to do arena and raiding.I got contacted by someone who's raid times work for me. 8pm est start time. two times a week with an optional farm night. Perfect. Amazing. I got promised that they run regular M+ teams and have some ... 9/20/2018 22:36:00 Unknown PvP    
 361 mage lF Horde GuildLooking for horde guild, raiding between 8 and 11:30 est. Preferably a guild that has started mythics. Current progression 1/8 mythic 9/20/2018 22:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 6/8H 372 Havoc/Veng DH LF Mythic GuildLooking for a guild with mythic progression in mind and trying to get Cutting Edge by the end of the tier. Any times and days work with me and I am willing to transfer and faction change if I needed to. I was CE last tier of legion before any nerfs to Argus and was 5.1K raider.IO in season 7.3.2. I have only pugged up to 6/8H, nothing really organized, My battle tag is VitaminD#1694.Logs : ... 9/20/2018 21:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Rogue looking for pvp guildTLDR; rogue looking for a late night weekend guild that at least has rbg's above 1500 cr. Faction doesn't matter as much as times, I play weekends 11pm est to 7 am and generally 6am to 8 am on weekdaysI'm a 351 assassination rogue, I know my class well. Pvp is a must! I love pvp, RBG's,2v2 and 3v3 Arenas, not this character but have 1700 exp in rbg's and 1900 in arenas, but mostly just through ... 9/20/2018 21:48:00 Unknown PvP    
 371 2/8M Sub Rogue LF mythic raiding guildHello! My current main's name is Wizdrak, but I tend to go by my previous main's name, Drakketh. Currently looking for a mythic raiding guild, preferably at least 2/8, to join for mythic prog. As titled, I am 2/8 with pulls on zek'voz. I have logs if requested, or you could just look up my toon on wowlogs as well.Prefer Tues, Wed, Thurs raiding with Friday and Sun being possible, but not ... 9/20/2018 21:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 366 95% Parse rogue LF Mythic ProgHello, I am looking for a new guild that will clear CE and has a competitive roster,preferably tuesday-friday anytime after 5:30pst. Faction/server doesn't matter. I have multiple alts i can make ready to play, but the rogue is the most cutting edge ready. Current guild does not have 20 people to start mythic so i figured id start looking for somewhere where i can raid mythic again. Have M exp in ... 9/20/2018 21:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 371 8/8H 2/8M Sub Rogue LF mythic progHello! My current main's name is Wizdrak, but I tend to go by my previous main's name, Drakketh.I have logs if requested, or you could just look up my toon on wowlogs as well.Prefer Tues, Wed, Thurs raiding with Friday and Sun being possible, but not consistent. (Looking for a total of 2 or 3 raid nights, these are just all my possibilities. Always prepared with strats as well as consumables. 9/20/2018 21:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 362 BLOOD 357 FROST dk lfg... 7/8 N 3/8H- Good amount of exp in M+'s- usually work night, need schedule around 7pm(EST) - 1am(EST) 9/20/2018 21:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 366 Surv Hunter (98.3 avg H parse) LF guildI'm a competitive survival hunter with multiple top 25 world parses for survival hunter in H Uldir - I like an easy going environment but serious progression when it matters. I don't like wasting time, and I take my prep and time in raid seriously. Times available & time zone: Est 8-12 pm - open entire week2. Server ... 9/20/2018 21:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 369mage/366Hunter LF Mythic Prog1. Times available & time zone: Est 8-12 pm pref Weekdays (no friday-Sunday)2. Server preference: Any eastern server preferred 3. Faction preference: Horde4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi5. Current progression/experience: Both currently 8/8 Heroic with myself being 1/8 Mythic6. Recent logs (if available): can send on request 7. Contact info: #pookabear1489 is my bnet send me a request ... 9/20/2018 21:00:01 Unknown Unknown   MH
 360 MW [1/8M] LF GuildAntorus CE. 360 MW LF mythic raiding guild. Leave info here so I can contact you. Tuesday, WEd and Thursday from 8-11ESTThanks. 9/20/2018 20:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage LF Heroic Guild!Currently on Illidan, prefer to stay because of friends, but willing to talk about switching. Recently came back to the game from Cataclysm. I have completed 6/8 Normal Mode just through pugs, but I'm really interested in getting with a guild on a Semi-hardcore level! Hours preferred to raid Tuesday/Thursday nights as early as 8:00 EST up until 1 EST (negotiable). Battle Tag- Seri#11129Discord- ... 9/20/2018 20:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 358 Havoc LF raiding guild, former US top 100Hello,I've switched to havoc this expansion after maining enhance shaman for many years, including raiding with <Fierce> on Aerie Peak and finishing US 86 in Highmaul. I had geared up with the intention of raiding with a guild on this server only to have my computer break days before the release of the raid and have my raid spot taken by someone else. I am currently 6/8H, looking to raid ... 9/20/2018 20:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 355 11/11M 3/8H DPS DK LF guildHello there! I'm currently searching for a new Cutting Edge guild for my Unholy/Frost Death Knight. Took a huge break from raiding after my former guild stopped raiding until BFA from our Mythic Argus kill, and I also wasn't able to play at launch due to some personal issues, so I started late. I've been on my own for a while now and I would like to get back into Mythic raiding soon and just ... 9/20/2018 20:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 1/8M Blood DK LFG 8-11 ESTVet Blood DK here. I am looking for a weekday raid guild that raids from 8-11pm EST. I have been raiding since Vanilla where I played a Warrior and tanked all the content even Naxx 40. I tanked in BC as a warrior and once Wrath came out I have been a DK ever since. The only expack I haven't raided was MoP.Days I am able to raid.Tues/Wed/Thurs/Mon Will consider Sundays.Time frame I can raid ... 9/20/2018 19:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 349 Warr LF Weekend Raiding GuildMainly play arms but i also play fury, looking for a weekend night raiding guild to clear heroic. I enjoy min maxing and getting the most I can out of my character, always looking for ways to improve, Mainly pugged in Legion but was in a top server guild on emerald dream in Wod. Dont have any logs. But i havent had any issues with dps or mechanics yet. BattleTag: BattleToad#1760Feel free to add ... 9/20/2018 19:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H][Executus] LF guildHey everyone. Returning player here, been LF a guild on the Executus realm, or one of it's connected servers - deathwing, kalecgos and shattered halls. Prefer to stay on this server, but I know it's a long shot since I don't see a whole lot from these servers on here and the realm forums are dead. Also open for a community as well. Looking for a casual guild, since I have very little raid ... 9/20/2018 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A]5/8H Group of Friends LF Mythic GuildWe're a group of friends consisting of:Death Knight - DPSDemon Hunter - DPSDruid - can play all rolesPaladin - ProtectionWarrior - DPSA little about us:Mythic raiders with a couple of us being in former US-150 guildsAll ilvl 355+Mature adults with busy RL schedules, so serious about progressing in raids with efficiencyWhat we're looking for:Mythic raiding guild with goal of achieving CE with a ... 9/20/2018 18:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]-Whisperwind LF Casual GuildHi all,My wife (350 warlock) and I (342 rogue) are looking for a casual guild to get in on more consistent Mythic+ and Raiding. Many years of MMO experience but still fairly new to this game. We've cleared most of the dungeons and the new raid through pugs.Play time for us is usually any night but Monday from 8pm - 11pm CST.Hoping to find a good home and a laid back group of folks! 9/20/2018 18:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Boomkin/mage lf raiding guildBoomkin/mage lf guild honestly I can play anything just those are the two classes I have 120 currently....the guild I’m currently in doesn’t really progress nor care to and I’m looking for a guild to progress I’m only 5/8 on normal because that’s how far this guild got and they couldn’t constantly kill vectis every week but I am willing to learn and progress throughout the time and if I have to ... 9/20/2018 18:12:01 Unknown Unknown   DM
 Looking for a late night guildLooking for a raiding guild for mythic progression I play Beast Mastery hunter I can only raid late at night Server : Proudmoore 9/20/2018 18:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 (H) 365 Prot Warrior LF Mythic Raiding GuildEXP:Uldir 8/8 NMUldir 5/8 HMAvailability/Start: After 21:00 CETClass: WarriorMain: TankNeck:24Transfer: Yes, I will transfer to most servers.Btag: Pure#1754In-game Goals:- 50%+ current tier mythic raid boss progression.- PVP/RBGs current season.- Mythic+ Keystones within timer.- Current expansion mythic raid transmog runs.- Become part of an active late night community.- Become part of a fun ... 9/20/2018 17:48:01 Horde Unknown    
 353 Prot Pally LF 1-2 Night Raiding GuildI am currently looking for a raiding guild that preferably raids 1 night a week (willing to do 2 if that day works with my schedule). My ilvl is increasing by the day by doing Mythic +. Willing to transfer faction and/or server. BlizzardID = Bootee#1766Realm - EredarAge- 23TIMEZONE ESTCan you use any voice method. Prefer discord.Raid Experience:I have raided almost every single expansion except ... 9/20/2018 17:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 362 Ret paladin LF raiding/M guildI looking for a mythic raiding guild and a guild that does regular M+ runs (high keys). I have a working mic and can use teamspeak, discord for voice comms. I am dedicated and active. My raid times are very flexible so I could quite easily fit into any schedule.I am on twisting nether and won't be able to transfer to another realm.Feel free to add me if you have any questions. jAck3d#2214 9/20/2018 17:24:01 Horde Unknown    
 355 DK looking for some pvp355 Blood DK/bruiser for pvp guild.I work every night. Looking for a pvp guild that I can hop on and just see people ready to rock around my work times, on a more heavily populated server. please feel free to ask any questions.Thank you for your considerations! 9/20/2018 17:12:01 Unknown PvP    
 355 DK looking for semi hard pvpBlood/Bruiser looking to get into a semi hard pvp guild on a more populated server.i work every single night mid shift, so I game for a few hours between 12-3:30 pm, and again when I get home from about 11-3AM.If there are any questions please feel free to ask.I do not have much experience in the pvp field. But I have been playing since vanilla and know how to work exceedingly well with a ... 9/20/2018 17:12:01 Unknown PvP    
 Rogue LF M Group/GuildHello,I am looking for a M+ Group / Guild for my rogue to push keys with. At the moment i can play usually every day. my ilvl is 343 but the rogue is 5 days old. i always do my homework on my class. doing damage will never be an issue on my side. I am working on getting attuned to SoB. but the rest i can do. I am always a pretty guy when it comes to doing content with other people. illusionx#2249 ... 9/20/2018 16:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 340 BM Hunter LF Guild / RaidGood afternoon all!I am looking to get into raiding. I am fairly new to WoW, started at the tail end of legion. I would love to get serious and eventually get into Mythic raiding. The group i would prefer to raid with would consist of working adults who know how to have fun but be serious when it's time to raid =)I am available any day from 9/10EST on. I would like to remain alliance if possible, ... 9/20/2018 16:36:01 Unknown Unknown    

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