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 2/9 M (almost 3/9 M) group LF M guild<p>Ideally 2 day on Tues/Wed around 7 pm-10 pm pacific.</p><p>We got some diversity and flexibility.</p><p>We’ve got (as of now):1 mage, 1 melee (warrior or monk), 1 druid/warlock/priest/monk (all geared, druid geared the most), 1 spriest/dk, 1 BrM monk/Prot pal (can also heal), 1 hpal (least geared, but good player).</p><p>Potentially more as time goes on.</p><p>Contact for more info, every ... 3/05/2019 14:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Horde 410 disc LF guild<p>409 equip, Mainly a pvper, but have some mythic raiding exp in BFA and Legion, LF a semi hardcore mythic raiding guild on horde.I’m free most nights.</p><p>Swap#12711</p> 3/05/2019 14:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Done [H] [Draenor] Heal Priest LF guild<p>Hiho,</p><p>I’ve just returned to wow form a break and am looking for a guild to get in to the pve game again. I always took a rather casual approach to the whole raiding/m+ stuff and so should the guild. Cracking a cold one and blasting bosses on discord is always a great experience! So just raiding hc would be fine for me.</p><p>I am a 388 Heal Priest, started playing and raiding in Legions’ ... 3/05/2019 14:00:00 Horde Unknown    
 403 MM/395 Ele Sham LF raid<p>Currently looking for a raid team that raids on Sun/Mon nights OR During the week no later than 9pm EST. I have a new work schedule that I work 9:30pm to 5:30am now. I have always been a high end raider until the end of NH where I quit progressing in mythics hardcore and cut back to heroics only and did mythics whenever.</p><p>I absolutely love running M+ and run them as much as I can. I try ... 3/05/2019 13:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 408 Boomkin 9/9H and 1/9M LF CE guild!<p>Hello everyone</p><p>I am looking for a new home where I can do all the Boomkin things . I am dealing with a new work schedule change which will make me unable to raid with my old guild, and the guild is starting to have a hard time making raid with people want to quit. Willing to go into more detail later about schedule, but I do have logs and other stuff if need. Currently I am horde but ... 3/05/2019 13:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Healer (Druid,Monk and possible paladin) Looking for a Guild to call home<p>My resto druid and MW Monk are looking for a good raiding guild to call home. I am returning to wow after a few years hiatus. I am willing to faction and server changer for the right fit.</p><p>BTAG: Bruby#11879</p> 3/05/2019 13:24:00 Unknown Unknown   DMoPa
 Returning player looking for a social guild<p>Hey hey,</p><p>I’ve recently returned to WoW after a bit of a hiatus and I’m looking for a nice guild to hang out with! I’ve previously been a very active raider throughout Wotlk until WoD but these days I’m looking for something more relaxed. That said I definitely don’t mind raiding, but I honestly don’t care about progress and would much rather just do it as a social thing. It would also be ... 3/05/2019 13:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 A - Azuremyst/Stormrage Resto Shammy Looking for Guild<p>HI i am hoping to find an active and fun raiding guild on Azuremyst/Stormrage who i can join for the BOD raid tier.My guild died over the xmas break and i had been raiding uldir getting up to 5/8 HC on my BM Hunter which i would happily bring as an alt when needed but i am hoping to main my Resto Shaman.I can raid any night up to twice a week preferrably 20:30 server time onwards.Yea so any ... 3/05/2019 11:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 405 veng DH LF Mythic raiding<p>Just finally finished my old work schedule on my new job and can now settle down and raid. I have raided us 100 in Legion and now making my way back. Feel free to check out my logs ‘warcraftlogs(dot)com/character/us/malganis/tankitblind’</p><p>my schedule is as follows… any day after 6:30 pm pacific to 11 PM Pacific. I might go until midnight. I don’t know. But send me your ... 3/05/2019 11:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 395 Ret Pally LFG<p>Looking for a semi-hardcore guild pushing AOTC and possibly Mythic to raid and run M+ with. 9/9N &amp; 5/9H BoD. Preferably after 8pm central times that’s when I’m, usually free in the evenings. Not sure what else youd like to know. Feel free to reach me on discord or whisper if there are any questions.</p><p>disc- Chaos#5939bnet- hellzalias#1374</p> 3/05/2019 09:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 (A) Melee LF T/Thr Mythic guild<p>Older Raider, lots of experience, LFG for Tuesday/Thursday nights between 9pm-1am EST Prefer a guild that is late Heroic/Early Mythic BoD.</p><p>raiderio /characters/us/suramar/Justkikwarcraftlogs /character/us/suramar/justkik</p> 3/05/2019 09:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Multi-class Tank LF M raiding guild<p>I play on Frostmourne and I’m looking for a fun group of people to enjoy end game content with. Most of my classes are tanks but i do have a lock and shaman I’ve played in fun runs and M+. Hoping for a 2-3 night raiding guild and could possibly miss some nights due to work but I will always let the officers know in advance. This expansion I am 4/8M Uldir, 9/9H and 1/9M BoD.</p><p>Spec/Class ... 3/05/2019 08:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 376 Ret Pally LFG [H]<p>Hi guys,</p><p>I’m looking for a fairly casual guild as I don’t get a huge amount of time to play at the moment as I have a newborn son at home. I mainly get some playtime in during the weekends but cant commit to any raiding schedules at the moment. Mainly looking to run Mythic + dungeons and higher level keystones for now.</p><p>I currently reside on Shadowsong and would ideally like to find ... 3/05/2019 05:24:00 Horde Unknown    
 403 Balance/resto druid LFG<p>3/9 M BoD. Lenient on times and days.Will link logsI am looking for a mythic focused guild to get CE with</p> 3/05/2019 02:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 376 Disc Priest LF late night raiding guild<p>Hi!</p><p>i’m just getting back into wow after an extended break and i’m highly interested in getting back into raiding! Unfortunately, my current guild’s schedule doesn’t fit my personal one, so i’m looking for a new home! I have raided in previous expansions and a tiny bit in this one, however, most of my experience is on my mage (Fizzleneut). My ideal time slot would be 12:30 - 3:30 ... 3/05/2019 01:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/9M Havoc DH LF Cutting Edge guild Horde Side!<p>Hello!</p><p>My name is Chase and I am a former officer in the guild Wasted Potential. After a very successful run, we have decided to go our seperate ways. As such, I am seeking a guild that is both highly progressed but has a very good and lighthearted raiding environment. I play this game to have fun, not as a job, and want to treat it as such.</p><p>About me: (Can’t post links for some ... 3/04/2019 23:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 405 Havoc DH Tichondrius LF Mythic Raid and high M+ Guild<p>A month ago I moved over to Horde and have been raiding 3 nights a week, but the guild is starting to take a break.</p><p>The main toon I’ve been playing is a DH, can provide raider links etc.</p><p>I have lock and disc priest alts, but I’ve really been enjoying DH for the past 2 months.</p><p>Looking for a focused, but friendly guild That raids 2-3 nights a week, starting between 7:30-9:00 ... 3/04/2019 23:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 386 Guardian Druid LF raiding guild<p>Hello! I am a returning Guardian Druid LF a semi-hardcore 2 day guild, specifically Tues/Thurs would be best for me, friday could be acceptable too though. I have experiencing tanking mythic content at the end of legion, My vengeance DH tanked 4/11 M ABT. And I would like to only Aim higher from here.</p><p>Contact me atBnet:Inmalisse#1750Discord:Inma#5317</p><p>Thank you!</p> 3/04/2019 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 408 6/9M 9/9H Resto Druid LF Horde Guild<p>Looking for a Horde specific guild for raid progression. Currently 6/9M, 9/9H. Wishing to come back to my home server and progress. Ive been healing mythic progression for the past 7 years. Looking for an active guild that does m+ outside of raiding. If you are interested, my battletag is GandalfthePo#1449.</p> 3/04/2019 20:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 407 Havoc DH lf late night 1am - 4am EST guild mythic progression<p>Plenty of vanilla experience to now. Currently 3/9M. Looking for a place to call home have flasks, pots, food and attitude to raid mythic. Looking for any times between 1am EST - 4:30 am EST, 10 pm PST-1:30 am PST. Any guild raiding between those times fits my schedule perfectly do let me know!</p> 3/04/2019 20:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy paladin 6/9M LF M Guild<p>Holy Pally 5/9M looking for mythic guild around same progression. Have logs will link when needed. Looking for a guild ASAP for reset tomorrow. Horde and looking to stay horde for troll pally. drop info below.</p> 3/04/2019 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Player Looking For Friendly guild on (Illidan)<p>Hello I am returning player, just started leveling a new main, I am looking for a friendly awesome guide to join and possibly do raids and BFA content down the road.</p> 3/04/2019 19:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 A, pally Healer lf guild on ravencrest<p>Hi! Im a 401 Hpaladin that can tank as OS (403), with exp on 9/9 N, 5/9 HC and 1/9 M in BoD. Im looking for a causal 2-day raiding guild on ravencrest. Beside raiding i like to play m+ and do random stuff with friends. Im looking for a guild were it is also alright to miss 1-2 raids a week if needed.</p><p>If this sounds interesting for any guild, just add me on bnet, gutti#1143</p> 3/04/2019 19:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy paladin 6/9M LF M guild<p>412 Ilvl Holy paladin 6/9M looking for mythic guild around same progression. Id post my logs but wow doesnt like it so look Makies-Stormrage</p><p>Available : any week days 7-12pm EST</p><p>Bnet : makie#1532</p> 3/04/2019 18:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 401 Balance Druid Looking for Mythic Prog<p>I am currently looking for a new home for the remainder of BFA. My current main is a Balance druid after rerolling from Hunter.</p><p>My current Tier experience is 5/9 Mythic</p><p>Previous Tier Experience</p><p>Uldir 5/8MAntorus, the Burning Throne 11/11M - US 51stTomb of Sargeras 9/9M - US 56thNighthold: 10/10M - US 99thTrial of Valor: 3/3M - US 52ndEmerald Nightmare - 7/7M - US 118HFC - ... 3/04/2019 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 413 6/9M Resto Shaman LF Guild<p>Short and Sweet: My guild is dissolving, so I am in the market for a new raid group.</p><p>Previous Exp:FoS: Realm First Obsidium Sanctum (Shandris Alliance)Current Exp:4/7M EN11/13M ABT8/8M (CE) Uldir6/9M BDA</p><p>Looking for a horde guild that raids 3-4 days (M/T/W/Th) any time between the hours of 830pm EST and 1 am EST. I have a mage applicant and another dps applicant that might apply ... 3/04/2019 17:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A, Sylvanass only] Paladin LF GUILD<p>Hi, I’m looking for a new home for my paladin. I’d like to find guild that runs m+, raids sometimes up to heroic, dont care much for M. I’m free most of the week, but i play more on the weekends. Server transfer/reroll is not an option. </p> 3/04/2019 16:48:00 Alliance Unknown    
 [H] 387 HPal Looking for normal/heroic raiding guild<p>Hello all!</p><p>I am looking for a guild that raids normal and heroic and is accepting players that are newer to raiding.</p><p>While I have played the game off and on since Burning Crusade, I didn’t get to max level until WoD. In WoD and Legion I did some LFR but I’ve been enjoying raiding in BfA and would like to take it more seriously.</p><p>I have always played Retribution up until this ... 3/04/2019 16:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 407 Holy Priest 2/9M LF guild<p>As the title states, I am currently 2/9M, seems this expansion has been a bit of a wild one for guild stability. My recent guild had a merger, one that I disagreed upon due to a variety of reasons, both personal and non-personal.</p><p>I would like a guild that is VERY social, does M+, and is working on cutting edge. I would like to setup meetings with officers beforehand and see what the ... 3/04/2019 15:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] [Draenor] 2/9M 400+ healer/ rdps LFGuild<p>Evening o/I’m a 400+ healer/ RDPS currently on Ragnaros, about to transfer to Draenor (403 MW - 401 Resto druid) looking for a new guild to continue Mythic progression in BOD.Preferred raiding times can be anywhere from 2/3 times a week between 6pm to 10/11 PM server time.also, just quickly making some things clear to avoid confusion, i am very happily multi classing and i have absolutely no ... 3/04/2019 15:36:00 Horde Unknown    
 Group of 3/4 looking for heroic focused raiding guild<p>Group of 3 (possibly 4) looking for a new heroic-focused raiding guild. We are currently on Alliance Emerald Dream, Willing to transfer servers and would consider a faction transfer.We are 9/9 N, 6/9 H. We raid and do M+.</p>386 Shadow Priest/400 Frost Mage402 Paladin (Any spec) (8/9 H)403 Holy Priest (wants to main holy but will switch to other specs for other content)Possible: 399 Havoc ... 3/04/2019 14:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Resto Druid LFG<p> Hey everyone!</p><p>I am looking for a semi-casual laid back team. I achieved CE in Antorus on my shaman and then switched to resto druid for BfD and left my current raid group back in late Oct/early Nov while progressing at 5/9M Uldir. My druid kinda been chilling on ice since then and I’ve been missing playing her. She is a tiny bit behind in AP and gear but I am putting feelers out to ... 3/04/2019 14:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
  [Area-52] 9/9H ele shaman LF raiding guild<p>Currently 9/9H, looking for a guild to call home. Im not as worried about progressing mythic as I am finding a chill group of people to log in and have fun with, on the usual.Battletag:Sendit101#1824</p><p>I work daily from 6PM - 8PM PST (9PM - 11PM EST)Please help this lonely shaman find a home</p> 3/04/2019 14:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H][US] AOTC ilv404 Guardian Druid (Feral/Resto offspec) LFG on Area 52, Illidan, Thrall etc<p>Hi there,</p><p>I’m a 29 year old female from eastern Canada. I’ve been playing WoW since end of vanilla, so I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt. I recently took a long break after a car accident about 2-3 months ago, only to come back to a dying guild. (My server has been dead since Cata… Blackrock-US)</p><p>So I’m looking to transfer to an active server and guild. Preferably Horde. ... 3/04/2019 12:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Fresh 120 DK looking for Horde guild on Tichondrius<p>I’m late to the BFA party, I just hit 120 on my DK yesterday. I’m looking for a guild that actually organized Mythic+ runs, some semi organized PvP would be awesome too. I’ve also got a priest, paladin, and warlock sitting at 110 and ready to level.</p> 3/04/2019 10:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a more social orientated guild<p>I’m not interested in raiding anymore for now. I am coming back after a break and I am looking for a more social orientated guild. The game is very lonely if you’re out of the raiding scene. I’m not interested in raiding focused guilds at all. I don’t see the point in being a social in a guild where if you’re not a raider you don’t get spoken to, or that the only group events done are ... 3/04/2019 10:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 375 Rogue Looking for Active Progression Guild<p>Hello all! I am currently a 375 assassination rogue playing alliance on Dalaran looking for an active guild who is active and into a multitude of activities.</p><p>A bit about myself: I’m 27 and back to WoW after years. Currently on the grind to boost my ilvl and I’m looking for an active guild of people who are laid back, and just want to have fun in game.</p><p>I’m looking for a guild who ... 3/04/2019 10:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 407 4/9M Prot war LF CE progression guild<p>Hey guys. Badass tank here. 8/8M 11/11M and hoping to finish CE for this tier soon. Looking for a solid group of key pushers, mythic raiders, and alliance campers.Discord is justgotbaked#6257</p> 3/04/2019 09:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 402 Elemental Shaman + 400 Windwalker LF Raiding Guild<p>Hi everyone,</p><p>Our guild is falling apart midway through heroic BoD and myself (402 Elemental Shaman) and my buddy (400 Windwalker Monk) are looking for a new home. We have no faction preference. We have both been raiding since Vanilla and would adapt quickly to any new environment/raid team.</p><p>We are looking for a raiding guild that raids during the week, after 8 PM PST. If any of ... 3/04/2019 07:36:00 Unknown Unknown   SMo
 [H] 403 Solid Ret Paladin LF 2 Day Mythic Raiding Guild<p>I’ve played the game since Vanilla. I have top 200 kill experience, but quit the game after Cataclysm and came back for Legion.</p><p>My current guild has some Mythic experience, but since it does not take raiding seriously, most of our good players left. Our server is pretty dead and the talent pool is small.</p><p>I know my class well and am looking for a Mythic progression guild that raids ... 3/04/2019 06:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for good end-game guild<p>I have Warlock 381 ilvl and Blood Death Knight 403 ( DK is like 1k+ raider io )I’m looking for end-game guild, which does high Mythic+ keys and raids a lot.Willing to transfer, but have to know if its worth it first though.</p> 3/04/2019 05:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Elem shaman LF H raiding guild<p>Hi everyone.I’m searching for the guild with semi-hardcore raids, 2-3 times a week with start at 19:00 server time, not later (cuz I’m in UTC+3 timezone). Also, social part definitly will be welcomed.About me: elem shaman 400 ilvl (without offspec), heart 40, all exalted, current progress 7/9H, 1/9M, Jaina 9%; 900 RIO 1s. Speaking English a little, have mic, ready to be picked up. Promise to ... 3/04/2019 02:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A/H] Friends looking for 2 day CE guild<p>Two friends looking for a 2 day CE Guild who is active other than just logging on for raid nights, hoping to find people that are active on discord and love to run keys as well. I also play a warrior if needed. We’re nice, friendly players just looking for a great group to clear current content with. Looking for a home, not just a place to log on for 2 days a week. Open to faction changing to ... 3/04/2019 01:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 9/9 H 1/9 M 403 havoc dh + 405 h priest lf horde guild<p>we would like a guild that is close to are prog and we dont mind if your working on a mythic roster,but figured we would give it one more shot with this game so figured try and find a solid guild since there has to be one out there. We are looking for a guild that is mythic focused with a sense of community. A guild that is up front about raid goals, requirements and expectations. We’ve been ... 3/04/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown   DhPr
 Returning player looking for very active guild<p>Hey guys, i’m a returning player and looking for a very active community to join. I wish to learn and progress my skill in the game. I have never participated in any mythic level raids, although have basic knowledge of how raiding works. I’m still level 110, starting BoA today. I’m looking to meet new people, meet new friends, and be active within the community. I wanna learn more about ... 3/04/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 412 Holy Priest LF Guild (3/9m, CE last 2 tiers)<p>Hi there-</p><p>As the title says, I’m a 412 equipped Holy Priest looking for a new home. I was an officer in my previous guild, which I really enjoyed playing with, but we lost 8 players in 3 weeks to BoD burnout, and were unable to continue raiding. I am always prepared and fully research new encounters. I have a good grasp of my class, and excellent spacial awareness.</p><p>I’m looking for ... 3/04/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 381 Rogue LF Weekend Guild<p>Hi all,</p><p>I’m a 381 Rogue, I’m looking for a semi-hardcore group or community that is pretty laid back and likes to have fun, and people who enjoy raiding and pushing content together on a weekly basis. Just came back from a small break. Just hit 120 4 days ago , i play every day (Now) looking for a very active guild. LF mostly heroic progression, but some casual mythic progression is ... 3/04/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 390 Resto Shaman LF Heroic/Mythic Thrall Preferred will transfer<p>Date Posted: March 4,2019Class/Spec: Shaman Resto/Ele OSFaction: HordeCleared: 6/8M Uldir 4/8H BoDDiscord: @Sham#7089Btag: Shamtastic#11261Availability: Anyday 7-11 EST</p> 3/04/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 401 Shadow Priest LF Fri/Sat Late Night Guild<p>Hi I am currently looking for a raid group that raids Friday and Saturday night that starts at 11pm Central time. Group preferred would be a Heroic guild. Feel free to respond if Your raid times are close to said time.My raid History goes back to BC, but relevant raid info isAOTC - every tier that I was raidingUS 46th ToT, 125US SOOWOD - Cutting Edge HFCLegion - Cutting Edge - ... 3/03/2019 23:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 397 Enh Shaman LF semi-hardcore raiding guild<p>Hello there! I am an enhancement shaman looking for a semi-hardcore heroic/mythic progression guild that raids 2 times a week, preferably weekdays, at 8:00pm or later (EST). I am currently [H][Zul’jin].</p><p>Ideally, I am seeking a group where the culture is laid back and the goal is to accomplish AOTC with possibly a few mythic kills for each raid tier.</p><p>I am currently 8/9(H) and 1/9(M) ... 3/03/2019 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown    

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