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 (A) LF hardcore serious raiding guildLF late night raiding guild (12am-5amPST). Willing to play on any server any class, any role, best at tanking, really wanting to play as a dark iron dwarf. Been looking for a solid progression group since Burning Crusade, so many betrayals and falling outs. Please help. My skills do not disappoint i promise you. 8/12/2018 18:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Mythic Mage, LF guild NO tues/thurs1. Times available & time zone: EST time zone I can raid most nights except Tuesday and Thursday.2. Server preference: It doesn't really matter but high pop servers are nice to recruit better players.3. Faction preference: A/H But I prefer Horde.4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore/Semi5. Current progression/experience: Finished H antorus just for the mount because I'm back from break. ... 8/12/2018 18:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking For heroic/mythic guild on IllidanHello I raided in legion at a heroic level, but took a break during antorus. I'm now looking for a guild on ILLIDAN that will try to push mythic. I play rogue. #memeydreamy1596 if interested 8/12/2018 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 H hpally lf heroic/mythic guildHey all, just to be quick about me. I've been involved in some higher end raiding in previous expansions but due to my son being born I didn't get to in legion. I've decided to go back to healing in bfa after taking a break, I've mained a healer all expansions besides cata and played bear. I have no issues transferring servers. Days aren't as much of a big deal as the times. Really aiming for ... 8/12/2018 18:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] [US] Boomkin LF Raiding CommunityHey there, my name is Stomp. I am a veteran MMO player (WoW, Lotro, ESO, Guild Wars, etc.) Recently I am coming back to WoW after a break (much like a lot of others, I am sure) and am excited to see the new content. I am a former Guild and Raid Leader (Mythic Raiding during MoP and WoD), so I understand the commitment it takes in leading a group.I am looking for a community to join that makes ... 8/12/2018 17:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a guild (Kul Tiras)Evening all,Recently returned to WoW following a few years out.Back in Vanilla/BC/WotLK, I was in a hardcore raiding guild, however since my return it’s been more casual raiding through LFG.Looking to get into more organised guild runs etc.MakenshaoLvl 110 - ilvl 216 8/12/2018 17:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] LF Casual Raiding guild( non WarMode)Horde preferredWeekday raiding schedule ONLY Tues/Wed/Thur 5-630PM PST starts Adult, 25++ preferred. No drama killed guilds please.AOTC focused, possible Mythic down the road, Casual but active.Classes/specs available. Shaman Ele/Resto.Frost DkWarriorMonk MW/WWActive guild that does other events then just raid/dungeons bonus. Discord: Kordt#2126 8/12/2018 17:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Old fella looking for mature, like-minded guildHi team. I'm in my mid-thirties and just returned to WoW for BfA. I started back in the vanilla days and haven't played properly since Cata, so a guild to help guide me through the stuff I've missed and the changes etc would be super appreciated.I was hoping to find a guild of older or mature players who have the same interests as me; having a laugh, exploring content, running some dungeons etc, ... 8/12/2018 16:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 RET/HOLY Paladin LFGuild BFA Semi-HardcoreRet paladin FORMER 10/10M Raider LFGUILD 3 nights raiding Semi-Hardcore For BFA willing to transfer bnet Xbloodknight#1999 or post here 8/12/2018 15:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Hunter Looking for homeJust looking for a home, server doesnt mattter much to me(Area 52 or Illidan prefered). Would love to raid but my schedule with work doesnt really allow for it. Would be down for M+, and pvp on a regular basis outside of that. 8/12/2018 15:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Experienced Tank looking for casual raiding guildHello there,Experienced raider looking for a casual raiding guildBeen playing this game for almost 10 years and got a pretty good experience when it comes to PVE,.My raiding experience: I've cleared everything up to Felmyst in SWP,WOTLK I've cleared everything up to the LK Heroic in 25 man,never killed him though.My cataclysm experience so far,all the starting content cleared on Heroic and ... 8/12/2018 14:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy/Disc priest LF CE guildHello;I am currently looking for horde CE raiding guild to raid from 10pmest to 2am est times prefer to be weekday raiding guild Contact Chow#1414 or leave note here 8/12/2018 14:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Hunter and Hpriest LF late night raiding.We are a hunter and holy priest team looking for a mythic guild to raid with come BFA. Im experienced in mythic, being in and performing well in a top 10 server guild.(stormrage) I am currently working 2nd shift therefore ill need a guild raiding any day during the week but must be after 12am est. Also must be alliance. I can send more information my logs may not be current as i took a break ... 8/12/2018 14:12:01 Unknown Unknown   PrH
 Looking for Raiding Guild A-Sargeras1. Times available & time zone: Eastern Standard Time, Always available2. Server preference: Sargeras3. Faction preference: Alliance4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual, Norm/Heroic 5. Current progression/experience: Raided at start of legion, stopped playing after The Emerald Nightmare6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: Discord/ Kuzy#46188. Anything else: WW Monk, Will also ... 8/12/2018 14:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] - Looking for English guild on any serverEnded up on Burning Legion and i want to get the hell out of this Polish server.Its not that i mind Russians or polish ppl but the hole server is 90 % of those 2 and they dont take in English speaking people. Im looking for PvE and PVP and ill transfer my chrs to the server once an active guild is found.I can transfer Priest ( Holy / Disc ), Warrior ( Fury ) or Warlock. 8/12/2018 13:00:02 Alliance Unknown    
 Disc/Hpriest LF raiding guildHello! I am looking to get back into a decent guild to raid with in BFA, Cutting edge if possible. EXP dating back to Classic tanking AQ40 and onxya on my old prot warrior. Have logs and all that good jazz. Looking for a long term home.Robowizard#11285Have a mic and all that good jazz 8/12/2018 12:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Veteran Player LF Evening Raiding GuildLooking for a tight knit group that raids Evenings Weekdays or Weekends. I've played since Vanilla and was a semi hardcore raider up until WoD. Just looking for a fun group that can down content and still joke around. Willing to switch servers/factions as well as play other roles/classes.Btag: Roarintauren#1865 8/12/2018 12:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for Guild and HomeHello my name is Zack and I have been playing since MOP and I am wanting to start raiding. This is due to a want of harder content and a a progressive challenge while being in a social environment. A few things about myself I am kind, caring and I feel a fun guy to be around. I actively encourage criticism on my play and open to discussions to help myself and my team get better. Over all I just ... 8/12/2018 11:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Healer/Tank combo LF Mythic GuildDisc Priest is a former Mythic raider, coming back from a hiatus, knows what it requires, and is back on his feet as far as his class goes.Blood DK raided mythic through all of legion, and is very experienced.We have raided together for 10+ years and are looking for a guild that needs both classes, we are looking for a 2 night schedule, preferably between Tuesday-Thursday, around 7-8 EST.Looking ... 8/12/2018 11:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 (New Player) Looking for a friendly guildHey Guys, in all the years WoW has been out I have never played, and now I gave in and finally started playing. Although I am looking for a friendly guild to join that's just casual and recruiting new players. If any guilds out there on Tichondrius and Horde let me know! :) 8/12/2018 09:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] LF RATED PVP GUILD WEEKEND ONLY FRI/SATAs topic says, looking for pvp guild weekend nights fri/say only. casual during the week and but rated must fall on weekend. :D me and a friend. I can heal as shaman and friend is a rogue. EST PreferrredBTAG is Ayce#11456 8/12/2018 08:36:00 Unknown PvP    
 healer and DPS raiders LF weekend raidingHi!We are a husband and wife team (he's dps and i'm a healer) who have a lot of raiding experience (mostly pre-WoD). We have some on and off raiding experience since but life has been too busy to commit to a group full time. We are more stable in our work life and would like to get back into the raiding scene but can only raid on weekends. We have a laid back casual attitude at the same time, ... 8/12/2018 08:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 H - LF Morning Raiding guildHey there, potential friendos! We're three buds who have played together since Vanilla looking for a new crew. Here's our by-the-guidelines stuff, more freeform info on us at the bottom:1. Times available & time zone: We can do 2-day raid schedules Tuesday through Thursday from 9EST onward.2. Server preference: We'll transfer to any well-populated server.3. Faction preference: For the ... 8/12/2018 07:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 R-Shaman LF 2-3RD GuildHiThis is a short and sweet advert as we can chat later on :)I am looking for a semi-serious guild that can accomdate majority of my needs (if possible)i. Raid 2-3 nights a weekii. Raid FROM 20:00 onwards - so please no 1800/1830/1900/1930 etc repliesiii. Plans to try for end content ie Mythiciv. Guild is on a active server and is a active guild on non raid nightsv. Alliance ONLY - seems to have ... 8/12/2018 04:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Couple LF new guild communityHi All!I am looking for a new home for myself and my gf. We ran a raiding guild for 6 years until last year when real life took a turn. Life has balanced itself back out and now here we are looking for a community again. We miss logging in and enjoying our WoW time with good friends. Open minded and friendly. Adult humor - dirty jokes just not offensive comments. We may have a few friends from ... 8/12/2018 03:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 3 players looking for Oceanic weekend guild.1. Times available & time zone: Weekends on oceanic server times.2. Server preference: None really.3. Faction preference: Horde4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Seriously Casual. :)5. Current progression/experience: Ran a serious raid guild from Wrath up to Mists of Pandaria. Been taking time off until now.7. Contact info: My battle net is Sephiroth#1677 or can e-mail me at ... 8/12/2018 03:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] H pal LF 2 day guildLooking for a 2 day raid group that's looking to push Cutting Edge in BFA (Horde only).After going 5/11M (11/11M on my main) in Antorus before my guild ultimately stopped raiding for the xpac, I'm looking for more progression and success for my pally. I can make most raid days and times except Fri/Sat nights since I'm already raiding those times on another toon.Thank you in advance. My logs and ... 8/12/2018 02:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Lvl 110 Frost DK LF pvp and pve guild1. Times available & time zone: weekdays usually 5-10est, weekends are just random2. Server preference: pve i guess, i'm on dragonblight3. Faction preference:alliance4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: casual, but i'm willing to try a little semi-harcore5. Current progression/experience: ilvl 210, been around for a while but have almost no guild experience, and no raid experience besides lfr6. ... 8/12/2018 01:36:00 Unknown PvE    
 H-Area 52-Tank lf for Raiding Guild for BFAHello.As the post says I am looking for a raiding guild on the Horde side of Area 52 who is in need of a tank. My main for many years has been a guardian druid and as of now I plan to continue to play a guardian in BFA. For WoD and Legion I was Alliance, but will be swapping back to Horde for BFA.My experience has been varied from expac to expac, but I have consistently killed at least the first ... 8/12/2018 01:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]Holy Pal/Warr/Rogue LF Semi-Hardcore GuildHey there, potential friendos! We're three buds who have played together since Vanilla looking for a new crew. Here's our by-the-guidelines stuff, more freeform info on us at the bottom:1. Times available & time zone: We can do 2-day raid schedules Tuesday through Thursday from 9EST onward.2. Server preference: We'll transfer to any well-populated server.3. Faction preference: For the ... 8/12/2018 01:36:00 Unknown Unknown   RW
 Looking for a Raiding guildI am looking for a raiding guild for BFA that raids heroic potentially moving into mythic. I have heroic experience, and I have gotten ahead of the curve on my paladin/warlock every tier except for ToS because I stopped playing after NH due to my horde guild falling apart. I Have recently came back and in time to get Atbt AotC on my warrior. I am extremely interested in mythic raiding if the ... 8/12/2018 01:00:02 Unknown Unknown    
 High Level Veteran Tank LF Strong Prog GuildHeyo,I'll keep this short and sweet the best I can, if there's anything else you want to know feel free to add my battletag.Prefer Alliance but if there's a good fit I could prob go HordeI've played a Blood DK for 8 years prior to Legion. When Legion started, I mained a mage and (based of others' comments) carried that guild through EN, and NH on my Resto Sham I had swapped to for them. WIth the ... 8/11/2018 23:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Former Top Melee/Tank Player LFGHello there!I'm an old player that has played since the very first day of Vanilla on Illidan server, raiding Hard Modes/Mythic encounters with guilds like Encore and Angry.I have raided with the following roles:Rogue: (Anything)Death Knight: Blood/FrostShaman: Enhancement/RestoDemon Hunter: Havoc/VengeancePaladin: ProtectionMy guild stopped raiding Mythic modes in 2015, and I have been playing ... 8/11/2018 23:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 WW LF (ideally) Fri/Sat M Raid GuildI currently can't raid from 6pm-11pm cst on sundays, or from 7pm-10pm mon-thu although I'm usually available any time outside that, which is why I am looking gor a fri/sat guild. My current exp is 3/11m killed, with some pulls on eonar. I am expecting to have to transfer realms, and would prefer to do so after trialing/earning a raid slot, and am not wanting to faction swap (currently alliance), ... 8/11/2018 22:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Rogue looking for Mythic GuildI want to take advantage of everything BfA has to offer, I am looking for a guild that wants the same.I will consistently perform at the top of our raids. My attendance will be near perfect unless an emergency happens.The only caveat is that raid times must be 5-9PM PST or after 11PM PST. Preferably M-TH.Server change isnt an issue. Just want a group that's going to go in, down bosses and not ... 8/11/2018 21:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 {H-WrA} Warlock LF Raiding/RP GuildAs the title says, I'm looking for a guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server that does both raiding and roleplaying (not at the same time, of course).I'm not a FOTM reroller, I've mained warlock since patch 2.3 (not *this* warlock, though), and though I don't have a lot of raiding experience, I'm good at following directions, and not causing drama (especially over loot).The best hours for me are ... 8/11/2018 20:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Fury/Arms/Prot Warr LF Social Raiding GuildAs the title suggests, I am looking for an active and social raiding guild on Alliance for BfA. Ideally a two day week Guild, but I'd be happy with three too. I'm happy to play all three warrior specs. I plan to alt a Feral/Balance Druid and Rogue too.Ideally the guild will be active outside of raids too with Mplus, Islands, PvP etc.Feel free to hit me up here if interested. 8/11/2018 19:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Priest looking for Latenight (A)Looking for a late night guild for mythic or heroic raiding for BFA.I plan on maining a Priest in BFA, as it is the class I have played since Vanilla. I prefer to holy heal in raids, though I have off-speced shadow in the past. I have mythic Legion experience into Nighthold, when my guild couldn't stay together due to scheduling issues and we stopped raiding for the rest of the expansion.I'm ... 8/11/2018 19:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for Casual GuildI've been on and off WoW for about 2 years but just recently hardcore got into it. I'd like to join a guild. I'm looking for more casual preferably; old raids, mount runs, leveling, questing. That being said I'd like to do BFA content but I'm not going to pull staying up for 24 hours to level and do everything at once like 90% of others are doing. As I am a more inexperienced player, I have ... 8/11/2018 18:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage/Monk/Shaman LF Raiding GuildIm hoping to get back into raiding with BFA. I have been playing since launch and have 14 toons at 110, though i prefer frost mage, any monk spec or resto shaman. I am hoping to find a mature early morning raiding guild on Kel'Thuzad. Please let me know. 8/11/2018 18:24:01 Unknown Unknown   SMMo
 Very new player looking for guildIm very new to the game coming for the BFA expansion. That would be my first time really PLAYING wow. Im very fresh, im only a 177 ilvl ww monk but im looking for a guild to do things like dungeons and raids with once i get geared and im willing to learn the raids and listen.. I would like it to be noob friendly. So if there are any guilds like that i would love to joinUS (im est but it doesn't ... 8/11/2018 18:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 New player looking for guildIm very new to the game coming for the BFA expansion. That would be my first time really PLAYING wow. I'm very fresh, im only a 177 ilvl ww monk but im looking for a guild to do things like dungeons and raids with once i get geared and im willing to learn the raids and listen.. I would like it to be noob friendly. So if there are any guilds like that i would love to joinUS (est but it doesn't ... 8/11/2018 18:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Player LF Wed/Thur Raiding GuildI've played off and on since classic. Started raiding in the end of BC but ramped into Wrath. Mostly pugged raids in all the xpac's after that never really finding a solid raid guild for me on my current server. Going into BFA I'm looking to transfer 3 of my characters with me to a another server. -DK blood and frost-Priest Holy but have been testing out disc-Paladin Prot or HolyPrefer Alliance ... 8/11/2018 15:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy Paladin LFG for BfAOur current guild's raid leader and guild master has decided to leave resulting in a grim outcome for a dedicated group for BfA. This comes at a difficult time as the expansion is 48 hours away. Looking for a quick turn around to hit the ground running come Monday.About MeI'm a previous top 10 US Holy paladin who's been taking it easy and PUGing most of the way through Legion after taking some ... 8/11/2018 15:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 BM Hunter looking for raiding guildHello.Im a semi-new player looking for a semi-serious raiding guild. I began playing wow about a year ago and have found raiding to be without a doubt the best part of the game. I do have raiding experience from other MMOs i've played over the years, so i also tend to understand the mechanics and tactics of bosses pretty quickly.What i mean by 'semi' serious guild is that i dont want to be in a ... 8/11/2018 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Warrior | LF 2day raidingGreetings.I've recently started playing again after a short break (Injury), and i want to, hopefully, find a nice bunch of people to start of BfA strong with.Character:My warrior (which i have been playing as main since vanilla) is currently 250 ilvl and has done various mythic (and heroic when it was pre mythic) raids.Currently i have him on Draenor Horde, but server and faction does not matter. ... 8/11/2018 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Brand New Player lf GuildAs the title suggests new to the game as a whole currently playing a Gnome Warlock and enjoying every minute of it.Im from UK so my timezone is GMT.Looking for a relaxed helpful environment to learn the game in - hit me up on here or in game . 8/11/2018 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Emerald Dream Horde- Looking for GuildI've been playing this game since BC, and I feel like I've missed out greatly because I never got into doing modern raid content. I'd only ever do PUGS for a previous patchs raid.I want to change that with BFA. My goal is to do each tier of raiding while its current, as well as get into Mythic+ dungeons. I'm looking for a casual guild that will help me introduce myself into this content. I'm ... 8/11/2018 14:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 DPS/Off-Tank LFG 7pm-10pm ESTDPS/Off-Tank Warrior LFG 7pm-10pm ESTDidn't raid in legion due to rl schedule. Interested in raiding that doesn't go any later than 10pm EST. Would prefer to start 7est or earlier.Thanks 8/11/2018 14:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 US-Dalaran: Pally LF socially active guildWill likely be playing a Pally in BFA, though I might run a DK or Warlock instead/in addition. Somewhat undecided. Not currently interested in trying to be a main tank, even if I stick to Pally.I'll likely raid and at least dabble in pvp once I'm 120, but in the meantime I'm looking for a social guild. Specifically, one that actively uses voice chat socially, not just for raiding or when playing ... 8/11/2018 14:24:00 Unknown Unknown    

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