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 Returning Player LF GuildHi. I'm a returning player from back in the Lich King days looking to get back into the game. Have (back in the day) end game content experience raiding and etc... With all of the changes I might as well be classified as a new player to the game now though.I'm looking for a good group of players building up towards end game content. Want to be apart of the growth process of the group moving ... 7/17/2018 23:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for Alliance War Mode GuildI confess that I have only done peaceful PvE before, but the new "War Mode" has intrigued me.What would it be like to really work as a team with guild-mates, not only in dungeons but even for questing, to be safe if the Horde Attacks? (And to pounce, if we find the Horde vulnerable!)I have three characters on Lightbringer server (Paladin, Rogue, Warlock) and would happily devote one of them to a ... 7/17/2018 22:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A][US][Aegwynn] Returning player lfguild1. Times available & time zone: California, PST/PDT - I don't really have a set time frame due to my work schedule, so I play whenever I can ( mostly on the weekends ).2. Server preference: Normal/PvP servers only. Aegwynn cluster if possible ( Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar ). But I can transfer to any server, not really tied down to anything.3. Faction ... 7/17/2018 22:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Returning Warlock LF 2/3 day Mythic guildI am returning to WoW for BFA and am looking for a new team to push mythic. I can't raid on Wednesdays and will want to stay horde. I'm on EST schedule. I started back in BC clearing everything (except Muru/KJ)Wrath I pushed top 20 US with Spike Flail before eventually leaving due to us stopping and finishing the tier elsewhere. Took Cata/Mop off. Came back for WoD with Spike Flail and again ... 7/17/2018 22:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Prot/Fury Warrior LF Raid GuildHello, I am a Prot/Fury warrior looking for a new guild to progress through BFA. I am looking for some evening raid times for the east coast along with some possible RP. Have AOC for all legion content and have main tanked all of legion. Alliance contact:Nihilluss#1366 7/17/2018 20:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11M 241 Blood DK/ Veng DH LF GuildHi, I am currently looking for a guild for BFA raiding since my last one stopped raiding a few months ago. I have a 241 Blood DK and Veng DH about the same ilvl. I also play prot paladin and Guardian druid: Times available & time zone: Available ... 7/17/2018 20:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Holy Pala looking for GuildGreetings,as i got back to WoW shortly befor the new expansion i am looking for a guild to raid and eventually pvp with.Prefering a "hardcore" guild that aims to raid 3-5 times a week, progressing and aiming to clear mythic.Im a fullfletched Holy Paladin ive been playing Holy since vanilla and would like to continue to heal my raid as one but i would be willing to swap to resto druid or even ... 7/17/2018 19:12:01 Horde Unknown    
 Mythic radier lf guild for bfaHey all my main was a ww monk in legion and im looking to swap to Enh/ele for BFA. Mainly looking to play on horde but can be on any server. im pretty flexible with times but id prefer to raid weekdays. Hit me up on Discord @ grokkc#0455 ( will provide logs and everything when you message me!) 7/17/2018 17:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Tank LF a guild for BFAI am looking for a spot for pally tank. I play since 2008, mostly as tank, but I really enjoy to play hunter sometimes. Last few years I tried to do not miss Ahead of the Curve achievements, I love raids and myth+, my ranks are usually purple, sometimes orange, and mostly I appreciate good relationships between people. Unfortunately in my recent guild core players tired of WoW and switched to ... 7/17/2018 16:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 11/11m Prot Pally Main LFGTLDR down at the bottom.Left previous guild due to relationship, and unfortunately, turned out the relationship itself didn't work out either. Anyway, looking for an established Guild for BFA.970s Prot Pally Main with 960-980s Bear/DK/BrM/War alt, can off spec on all toon, except for War.Was Bear Main for Antorus due to guild's request.Pretty flexible between these toons, but at this point I'd ... 7/17/2018 16:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy Pally 9/11 M LF Late night guild.Hello, I'm looking for a new guild to raid with for the BfA due to my current guild breaking up. I was 9/11M last tier till burn out. Started Raiding in BC and raided till Heroic LK, came back this expansion. Also have 110 Destro/Affliction Warlock that i raided with and a 110 Resto Druid and Disc Priest. Looking for a Late Night 8pm PST or later Tues/Wed/Thur. id prefer 2 nights but can do 3 ... 7/17/2018 16:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Mythic Raider LF Raiding Guild.Mythic Raider LF Raiding Guild.Hello my name is Neil and I'm looking for a guild for BFA. I haven't raided much in the last couple Tiers but I have a lot of experience as I have raided since Black Temple only skipping a few raid tiers. In Legion I was 7/7 M , 3/3 M 9/10 M and then 2/9 M as I stopped raiding. If you want to verify my raid experience look up my alt Neiling on Aerie peak (Druid ... 7/17/2018 16:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Boomkin on Thrall, LF casual homeAll my friends mainly play Horde nowadays, hence Thrall, but I'll be playing both factions this go around especially since this druid is my original toon and I've neglected playing him for too long.Anyway, I intend to play more casually on the alliance side of things but certainly I want to raid at some point and even get back into pvp of some sort. Might even convince a few of my more open ... 7/17/2018 16:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Rogue LF guild for BFAHello, I am a returning player looking to find a new raiding guild to push progression in BfA. The times that I am avaiable are 7pm EST to 1 am EST from Mon - Thurs. I was 7/7m 3/3m 10/10m and took a break at the end of ToS. I am looking for a guild that is capable to clear content well its current. My btag is Zelph#11383. Look forward to hear from potential guilds. 7/17/2018 16:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Fairly new player looking for a guild to take them in.I am pretty new to WoW, been playing for around 4 months now and am really enjoying the game. That much so I have already purchased BfA. I am the type of person that really commits to things I am interested in, this has led me to research heavily into WoW, resulting in understandings of my class and game mechanics as a whole. Whilst I truely am enjoying WoW I am finding myself really struggling ... 7/17/2018 15:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 RDPS LF Eastcoast Mythic progression guild(H)Returning Heroic raider looking to break into mythic.Looking for East coast Mythic progression guild. Preferably one that raids about 6pm ET.Looking to main hunter for bfa. looking to have main alt mage/warlock. Looking to raid 2 to 3 times a week. Not willing to faction change. Cant raid on weekends 7/17/2018 14:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 US Stormrage 967 Warlock LFG for BFAHey everyone, I’m looking for a fun, close knit group to join as a CORE raider. I’m not a fan of sitting on the bench, and I’m more than confident I can crack a roster spot. I’d like to only raid 2 days a week, either Tues/Wed/Thurs and no later than 11:30 EST. I’m opening to transfer for the right fit. I am an AOTC/Cutting Edge raider, and would like to be able to continue to do so in BFA.I’m a ... 7/17/2018 13:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a casual guild, Argent Dawn EU (Found one)(Found a guild) 7/17/2018 12:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Hpally LF raid team for BfAClass/Spec: Holy PallyFaction: Alliance onlyCleared: 11/11 H and 5/11M ABT. Was 6/9 ToS M, 5/10 NH M.Btag: Manxie#11459Armory: I have nothing recent but I can link what I have if you are interested in meAVAILIBILITY Monday through Thursday after 7pm EST til midnight EST, After 9pm EST for Sundays. Can not do Friday/Saturday.I ... 7/17/2018 12:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 New player looking for guildLooking for a guild of new players that use discord and be willing to show how to play wow. Daily player doing quests to level several toons, I have settle on Hunter Human. 7/17/2018 11:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 10/11M 978 DK lfgCurrently looking for the progression or higher to start the new xpac off.As it says I am 10/11M with a dozen sub 10% pull on Argus. I play frost and UH main spec and can off tank as blood or even Main tank. Looking for a semi hardcore guild that is focused on downing content and getting AoTC in BfA. Looking for something Tues/Thurs but will consider other options at this time.You can reach me on ... 7/17/2018 11:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Warrior Tank LF Mythic Raid guildVery little tanking experience but a very fast learner, I want to be a tank this expansion, and started learning it at the end of legion, however I do have experience raiding. I can raid after 9:30 CST. If you want to talk you can drop your info here or add me on battlenetMythic#1596 7/17/2018 10:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 11/11 M players looking for guild.We are a group of a few mythic raiders looking for a new guild. Most of us have finished all tiers on mythic difficulty this xpac and some us with previous xpacs as well. There are around 2-4 of us looking to raid on mythic level, along side a few friends that are just fine with doing heroic raiding. We are a flexible group and don't mind sitting. Our group will be looking to be doing mythic plus ... 7/17/2018 10:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A][Stormrage] 5/11M All tanks LF GuildHi, my name is Dylan, and I go by Billa.I am looking for a Mythic guild in BFA, I am 5/11M.I have all 6 tanks at level 110 and I am able to play all of them at a high level, whatever tank you need will be faction changed to alliance and moved to Stormrage US.I also have all 12 classes at 110, and I can offspec DPS if you dont need me to tank on a certain fight.Raid times that work for me are ... 7/17/2018 09:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H/A] (Any Server) 2 Friends LF BFA Raiding GuildHi there!After casually playing WoW for the last couple of years, we , 2 friends want to pick up raiding again which we enjoyed so much from Vanilla up to WOTLK. (Hardcore and Semi)Obviously we both have our real life obligations, so there is only one major criteria.Which are our raid days :- Wednesday & SundayAs you can see we are very flexible, and wanting to enjoy the raid experience ... 7/17/2018 08:00:01 Alliance Unknown    
 10/11 M multi class tank LF weekend GuildHey there! Like the topic says I have 4 tanks I've played throughout Legion. My Druid is the most geared around 971 my blood dk is 970, monk and paladin are 960. I focus on gearing and playing around 4 tanks per expansion, and I play whatever is needed for that fight.My schedule isn't great during the weekday I would be able to raid Monday - Thursday from 5pm est to 10pm est. For the weekend, ... 7/17/2018 07:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] HEALER LF RAIDING GUILD - CHABER OF ASPECTHello everyone, I'm a decent healer (main: Holy Pala, alt: Resto Druid, i'll add asap the Resto Shaman to my class pool). I'm looking for a raiding guild for BfA that raids in the evening from the 9pm server time.Contact me in game or in the comments below.Have a nice day 7/17/2018 06:24:00 Horde Unknown    
 Fire Mage LF GuildHey! I’m an 908 ilvl fire mage looking for a decent raiding guild. I’d prefer to raid on week days late night. I’m also working on leveling a demon hunter to have a tank spec. Currently a casual raider with some heroic raiding under my belt but would like to get more involved in some end-game content, especially with BFA around the corner. I’ve been playing on and off since vanilla, and got into ... 7/17/2018 03:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking For a Weekend Guild!Hello everyone! I'll try and keep this short and sweet =) I'm looking for a Heroic Raiding guild that is active on weekends. Since I'm a medical student I don't have nearly as much time to play as I used to; however, I still want to enjoy this game with a consistent group of friends! I hope to join a smaller, tight-knit guild that focuses on the same aspects of the game that I enjoy.My ... 7/17/2018 02:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 950 VENGEANGE LF WEEKEND MYTHIC HOMEI am new to Dh but not to tanking, I've mained a tank since Wraith of the Lich King. I stopped tanking because i wanted a new experience in wow. It was a fun time, i just want to get back to my roots. I'm 2/11M experienced raider in Antourus. I want to run with a fun and consistent group of people and make good memories. I don't need CE to be happy. I want to progress into Mythic content. Want to ... 7/17/2018 02:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 lLooking for Guild (Emerald Dream, H1. Times available & time zone: 9pm-1am EST (Willing to play on CST or PST if they match up roughly with the EST times)2. Server preference: Emerald Dream3. Faction preference: HordeLooking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild. I would prefer a two day a week guild, I am fine with any days during the week except for Friday and Saturday. I play Warrior and Elemental Shaman. I am very laid back ... 7/17/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a Guild for BFAHi all I am looking for a new guild for the start of BFA. I have been playing since 2006, right before BC launched. I am looking for a smaller, tight knit group for dungeons and raiding. A learning group, not hard core. =) Casual and just all around good people with a sense of humor! I am on Silver Hand and I main a Frost Mage (not this one, lol) I am alliance through and through, although ... 7/16/2018 23:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Restro/Ele Sham LF GuildRestro or Ele Sham LF Night raiding guild for BFA, Pref hours of or in between 6-9 PST (9-12 EST) 7/16/2018 22:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] LF Raiding guild on silvermoon[A] LF Raiding guild on silvermoonI played on the us servers for legion got cutting edge Gul'dan and Xavius. Unfortunately during Tomb of Sargeras my guild fell apart and i decided to switch to my native eu servers but with the legendary and artifact system i decided to wait for bfa.Things I promise to bring to the guild. I will show up on time with everything i need to every raid. I will ... 7/16/2018 22:12:01 Alliance Unknown    
 Elemental Sham LF GuildI am an Elemental Shaman currently looking for a guild.Due to not wanting to spend money right now, I am only interested in guilds currently on Lightbringer. I want to join a guild that raids often, but isn't entirely consumed by Mythic pro level quality. I am also wanting to try to get into Mythic+, but don't really have a lot of past experience with it. I do want to raid as much as possible, ... 7/16/2018 22:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] LF Casual / Raiding GuildHi :)About me:- I am newer player that started in WoD.- 27y. o. male living in UK, working as Chef so weekend days are off limits for me.- Can play Warrior, Pally, DK, Shammy, Mage, so I am willing to fit.- Can tank, heal or dps - with experience in this exact order.- Am playing on Burning Legion tho I want to change server, so that's an option.- I like rock, emo rock the most.- I speak English / ... 7/16/2018 21:24:01 Horde Unknown    
 Holy Priest LF guildHoly Priest 966 - 4/9 Mythic ToS - 11/11 H Antorus - 1/11 Mythic Antorus I'm really looking for an active guild that’s into Mythic progression for BFA. Currently on Stonemaul but I'm willing to change server. My schedule is open and hoping to find somewhere to grow and progress with. I don't have logs since I haven't raided in a while.ã 7/16/2018 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Top 100 Experienced Tank LF GuildHi i'm Beavz a returning player after a years break looking for a guild who need a Tank for BfA.Have multi class and role experience at a high level with logs to back it up (will link below).I am willing to play any tank spec your guild requires and will have alts of the other tank classes as I see fit for the upcoming raid bosses. Any class I pick up will be researched and kept up to date and ... 7/16/2018 19:12:00 Horde Unknown    
 Melee DPS looking for a guilddidnt play much through legion and thusly, have no friends and no guild! so im looking to join one in preparation for BFA 7/16/2018 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Monk LF Alliance GuildHello, and thank you for looking at my post! My TL;DR is that I am looking for an Alliance guild that can clear roughly 50% of a Mythic raid tier before the next raid is launched while maintaining a 2-night schedule. I can raid Monday – Thursday, with a preference for completing before 11:00 PM EST. I cannot raid Friday-Sunday and cannot raid later than 11:30 PM EST. If you’re still ... 7/16/2018 18:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Stormrage - LF Raiding Guild1. Available: Thursday - Saturday Evenings and Sunday - Wednesday Early Evenings2. Server preference: Stormrage3. Faction preference: Alliance4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Hardcore5. Current progression/experience: Raided all of BC and WotLK, then stopped playing came back this expansion and have cleared up to Heroic Antorus.7. Contact info: Contact me here or ingame. 8. Anything else: ... 7/16/2018 18:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning LF Mythic Progression GuildReturning Player looking to get back into a top end Mythic Progression guild for BFA.I haven't been able to raid at a competitive level for awhile due to my previous job, however i am trying to get back into the swing of things and get back to pushing for realm firsts / US rankings like i used to before MOP. My schedule is wide open so virtually any times/days can work.Willing to play what is ... 7/16/2018 16:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 5/11 M Tank - LF Mythic Raid Team BFAHello All,I have recently just returned to the game after a few month break and I am looking for a team to raid with in BFA. I am looking for a 2 - 3 night competent mythic raid team that can push CE without having to put in 500 pulls to learn a boss. I have raided "mythic" content at one level or another since TBC (Sunwell) and consider myself very situationally aware and pick up strats fast.My ... 7/16/2018 16:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Boomkin LFG BFAAs the title states I am a returning Boomkin Looking for a Mythic level Raiding Guild Preferably top 200 US. I have been playing WoW since Vanilla of 04 in that time I have cleared all content that blizzard had to offer. I am EST so I am looking for an EST guild that Raids no later than MIDNIGHT EST for further interest please add my Btag Resoguy#1905 7/16/2018 16:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning LF Semi Casual GuildI am just returning after not playing 5+ years and I am just looking for people to play with. I used to raid quite a bit back in the day but honestly am now just trying to learn all the new content. 7/16/2018 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Resto Shaman LF Mythic BFA GuildTitle says it all really.I am 22 and I currently play Resto Shaman. I have not raided much this exp due to work and University.I am looking to join an active community and progress and push hard.Have WoW experience dating back 11 ish years. Realistically looking for 3 raid days minimum a week.If you have anything available then shoot me a reply or add me on battle net - Arby#21302Thanks! 7/16/2018 14:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for casual friendly guildHeyI am looking for a friendly casual guild with nice people and a good community atmosphere. I enjoy casual raiding (normal and heroic), mythic+, achievements, mounts, trans mog etc. and would like to find laid back people to do these things with who just want to enjoy the game not take it too seriously and have other life commitments outside the game. I have characters on both horde and ... 7/16/2018 13:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning horde player LF guildHey there, Returning Horde player looking for a heroic raid progression guild that’s family friendly. Prefer raid times to be after 7:30-8pm mountain time and flexible for jumping in and out when possible. Would bring over a DK, Priest, Shaman, Hunter and level up a Warrior and Druid. Any more info required let me know. 7/16/2018 12:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Looking for raiding guild EST. DPSI will sever change for a guild but not faction change. I have a little mythic exp. I am 3/11 for Tomb of Sargeras on a fire mage/ Brewmaster monk he was my main. Until I realized that I liked melee a lot more than range. I like Mythic+ as well, I will be pushing mythic+ along with mythic raiding on this toon. I am planning to main fury but if I join a mythic guild and if arms is better Dps for ... 7/16/2018 12:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 11/11 M Lock LF BFA GuildI am looking for a guild with a positive environment that is focused on mythic progress at an efficient pace. 1. Times available & time zone: Sunday-Thursday - would like to end before 12am PST2. Server preference: Any3. Faction preference: Currently Alliance but would consider horde for the right situation4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore/semi hardcore5. Current ... 7/16/2018 10:00:01 Unknown Unknown    

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