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 (H) 415 7/9 M Havoc DH and S Priest LF Late Night Guild<p>Experienced DH and Shadow Priest, every cutting edge except KJ (two tanks quit during prog got him to 3%) looking for a guild. We are both Horde and would prefer to stay that way.Experienced raiders who has recently had a massive life shift happen and need to raid later night than currently raiding. Looking to raid no more than 3 nights a week and later than 8pm CST (willing to go as late as ... 4/16/2019 02:48:00 Unknown Unknown   DhPr
 3/9M BoD Veng DH (CE in Uldir + Legion) LF Raiding Guild<p>Looking for a mythic progression guild with good vibes. Ive been raiding pretty consistently through all of Legion and just took a hiatus for work related reasons (new job, bad shifts but all fixed now) and am getting back into the game. Looking for a group that doesn’t take itself super seriously (I play a meme spec) but still gets shlt done. Was a pretty heavy mythic+ player for a bit so I’m ... 4/15/2019 23:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 5/9M BoD & CE 415 BDK & 413 DH LFG<p>Due to roster issues our guild decided to discontinue raiding. We’re currently looking for a new raiding guild that is either 5/9M or further progressed. We are currently 5/9M with some pulls on KR and previous CE in Uldir.</p><p>Current Exp:9/9H 5/9M BOD8/8 M Uldir</p><p>Realid: Wednezday#1133 or Doomdozzer#1996</p> 4/15/2019 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for guild (stormrage NA)<p>Hello returning player here just now lvling my brewmaster to 120 trying to catch up, I’m looking for a new guild, social very active. Also interested in doing raids and M+Dungeons eventually. If you have a very active and family friend guild like this please let me know, thanks! </p> 4/15/2019 22:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 3/9M 411 Shadow priest LF alliance guild<p>I’m looking to head back over to alliance, i have lots of mythic experience an mythic dung xp, was 3100 IO last xpac. You may add my Btag Packersfan18 #1516</p> 4/15/2019 21:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 417 5/9M Blood DK LF Mythic Guild<p>I’ll I’m 5/9M with Phase 3 attempts on Rastakhan. I’ve been raiding since BC and tanking on my DK since Cata. I consider myself a skilled player who knows how to play my class to it’s potential, while providing excellent logs. The guild I’m in has officially broken up. It was a combination of people quitting the game, not showing up, raiders under-performing and drama in general. This caused ... 4/15/2019 21:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 4/9M Holy Paladin - Read Raid Times - LF Late Night Guilds!<p>Past top 20 world 408 Holy paladin.4/9M BoD10/11M Antorus with a 0% Wipe on Argus.</p><p>In WoTLK I was in a #4 US/#14 World Guild, Just looking to get back into progression raiding. I am a well seasoned raider with great mechanics.</p><p>Looking for a raiding guild that starts at 11pm CST or later.</p><p>Feel free to add me at Bru#1527</p> 4/15/2019 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 410 Ret/Prot paladin LF late night/weekend guild<p>Looking for a guild to raid with starting after 9:30 P.M. PST weekdays or anytime weekend. I am looking strictly for an alliance guild as I’d like to stay alliance on this toon. I have experience up to Jaina P2 on mythic and can provide logs. You can add me at Neon#1450. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post!</p> 4/15/2019 20:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 8/9 M 415 resto sham or Mw monk LFG<p>Title says it all. I’m looking for a new guild. I’m ideally looking for 9/9 - as at this point I dont think i can do another 100+ pulls on jaina. ( I’m at over 450+ pulls and 30+ hours on her now at this point) I’ve been playing on and off since December of release and am a former top 50 US player. I have been playing both a resto shaman, AND a mw-er monk for my former guild. ( so my kills are ... 4/15/2019 19:00:00 Unknown Unknown   SMo
 390 Blood DK LF a home<p>390 Blood DK with UH offspec, I can tank any m+ and am looking to get into raids. My server is Frostmane</p> 4/15/2019 18:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 416 7/9M Blood Dk lf Raid Team<p>Hello friends, last week my guild of two years had to unfortunately disband because of almost half of our core team leaving at the same time and most of our officer core burning out. I was a raid leader for our guild and one of the few that were trying to hold it together.</p><p>I am a serious raider that is always trying to push the limits of my skill and constantly striving for improvement. ... 4/15/2019 16:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 405 Fury Warrior LF Mythic Raiding Guild<p>Hey all,</p><p>I returned to the game at the start of BfA, raided for a bit in Ulidr and even found myself co-leading a guild. We made it to 4/8 Mythic before our numbers waned too low to continue progressing.</p><p>Since then I have just been bouncing around some casual guilds, playing with old real life friends but not really smashing much (any?) difficult content.</p><p>I am a very ... 4/15/2019 16:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning vanilla player looking for day raiding guild<p>Hey folks! Long time player, but I’ve been playing very casually for BFA. Luckily I now have plenty of time during the day to raid and am looking for a guild that raids either late night (post 12 am) or during the day. I personally love to play any healing or range dps class. If you raid 2+ daysa a week and need another dedicated player give me a shout at #ryo#12327. I always show up to ... 4/15/2019 15:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [Ysondre] H Heal priest 400ilvl lf guilde<p>Yo je recherche une guilde active pour pve hl et raid, dispo seulement les samedis dimanche pour raider sinon co à peu près tout les jours entre 11h-15 et 1h-4h</p> 4/15/2019 14:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 392 prot warrior lfg Area-52 server<p>392 prot warrior lfg on the Area-52 server looking to do mythic plus and progression content available Thursday Friday for raiding let me know thanks</p> 4/15/2019 14:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Prot pally and resto druid LF raid team<p>I am a 372 resto druid but can play all 4 specs. I also have a 361 disc priest and a DH. He is a 370 prot pally who also has a DK, DH and hunter. We have tanked together in the past however I don’t mind having to go heals or even DPS. We are trying to stay alliance but we can swap servers for the right group. We prefer to raid between 730 pm and midnight central on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or ... 4/15/2019 13:48:00 Unknown Unknown   DPa
 Holy Priest looking for Casual Weekend guild. (Open to Transfer)<p>I work graveyard shifts, with one weekday available. I’m looking for a casual guild on a populated server with cool opening minded people that like to chat.</p><p>I was mostly in PVP and never raided pre-BC. Currently working on my ilvl to start doing heroics.</p> 4/15/2019 13:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 1800cr Ret LF pvp guild<p>Title says it all, I’m USeast Alliance Stormrage Ret paladin 409.8ilvl I’m not tryna queue for “yolo RBGs” because half the people in there are 340ilvl and they’re literally playing ARAM… Looking for a real guild that runs RBGs or Arena style game play.</p> 4/15/2019 13:12:00 Unknown PvP    
 MW Monk LF Morning Raiding GuildI’m currently looking for a raiding guild to progress Uldir content. I’ve only healed in BFA and ilvl369 I’m currently 8/8H and 2/8M I’m looking for raid times that range from 7am-12pm EST Attendance won’t be an issue within these time frames. Battle Tag: CrazyMike#1656 4/15/2019 13:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] BDK / Havoc DH 1/9M LF Guild<p>410 Blood DK / 403 havoc looking for heroic / mythic(preferred) progression. Available 8PM pdt +.</p><p>Also looking for a m+ team, currently 1.4k IO on DK and 1.1K on Havoc.</p><p>Currently on eonar, realm transfer is not a problem.</p> 4/15/2019 13:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 4/8M H/Ret Paladin LF [A]Available anytime preferably late-night PST time-zone4/8M Uldir 10/11M Antorus [Antorus Character]Highly prefer alliance able to faction / server transfer easily, higher population servers prefered. Last guild fell apart due to raid leader not having the time anymore to commit to raid leading, was healing officer in past guild.I do not ... 4/15/2019 13:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 New Player Looking For GuildNew Player Looking for a Horde Allience Prefer Hunter, Monk, or Druid but can play other classes as well (there still lvl 1 )Reply if interested in helping :3 ty 4/15/2019 13:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 390 BM Monk 385 H Pally LF Casual Raid Team<p>Came back to the game a week ago, Was fully geared from uldir and just started catching up. The start of this Xpac burned me out so I had to step away for sometime. Im looking for casual raiding guild I’m in my low 30’s I don’t want to deal with teenage drama. I play a bunch of different games as well. Im willing to transfer if its a good fit. Chromatic#11317</p> 4/15/2019 13:00:00 Unknown Unknown   MoPa
 Aff/Demo/Destro Lock 8/9M [A] [H] [Sargeras] LF prog guild<p>raided and did M+ as Demo in 8.0 and tried after nerf but just couldn’t seem to pull the same numbers so danced between aff and destro. I know all the fights in BoD though since the patch my parses arent the best and are not a clear representation of my skill. I have no problem riding the bench, I just want to be in a guild that raids twice a week and is active in M+</p> 4/15/2019 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Player LF Mythic Focused Guild<p>I main a Fury Warrior and have been playing since 2004. Currently my job has made it difficult to to find a mythic guild to progress with. I am EST and can work up to 1130pm at times, I would love to find a guild to fit into and push for CEs with</p> 4/15/2019 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 9/9 M Top 100 R. Shaman LF guild<p>Hi!</p><p>I am on the hunt for a new guild to raid with.</p><p>Here are some specifications that I would prefer:</p><p>Raid 2 to 3 times per weekI live in CST and would prefer to finish raids no later than 11 CST.Horde preferredWould really prefer to stay in a Top 100 raiding situation (re-progging Jaina sounds terrible).</p><p>If you have any questions feel free to let me know! I am an open ... 4/15/2019 12:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 7/9M Rogue LF CE Guild<p>Going to keep this short.</p><p>Contact: Dominiko#5315 (Discord) / Dominiko#1777 (Bnet)Time Availability: 7:00 PM PST - 11:00 PM PSTDay Available: T-W-TH-SUNItem Level: 412 Outlaw / 409 AssassinationProgress: 7/9M with experience on Stormwall</p><p>Logs are on Warcraft Logs (Dominiko @ Illidan)</p> 4/15/2019 12:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 7/9M 415 BM Hunter LF CE Guild<p>Keeping it short and sweet.</p><p>Battle Tag: Murgy#11437Discord: Murgy#3168Days Available: M-T-W-TH-F-SUNTimes Available: 9pm - 1am CSTItem Level: 415 Equipped (BM)Progress: 7/9M with experience on Stormwall</p><p>Logs are on Warcraft Logs (Murgy @ Illidan)</p> 4/15/2019 11:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [h] 5/9m bod 414 bdk & 413 dh lfg<p>Due to roster issues our guild decided to discontinue raiding. We’re currently looking for a new raiding guild that is either 5/9M or further progressed. We are currently 5/9M with some pulls on KR and previous CE in Uldir.</p><p>Current Exp:9/9H 5/9M BOD8/8 M Uldir</p><p>Preferred Times:</p><p>Tues 9:30 p.m. - 1 a.m. CSTWeds 9:30 p.m. - 1 a.m. CSTThurs 9:30 p.m. - 1 a.m. CST</p><p>Realid: ... 4/15/2019 10:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Group of 5 LF fri/sat guild<p>Hi there!So first, we’re looking for a guild that raids fri/sat and sometime between 8pm-1am EST. We’re all 8/9H and 1/9M experience (a couple 9/9) and have past mythic experience (5/11M Antoras). We’re willing to transfer, but would like to stay on horde.</p><p>All we want is to be apart of a progression-minded team that wants to have fun. Our main focus is enjoying ourselves on the weekend ... 4/15/2019 09:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 410 Vengeance Demon Hunter LF Raiding Home<p>410 VDH Silvik - Firetree Server1/9M BoD (pugged, tanked)8/9H BoD (pugged, tanked)9/9N BoD (pugged, tanked)</p><p>———————————————</p><p>Looking for:</p><p>I’m currently looking for a Mythic Progression guild that’s in need of Tank either for primary spot or in a reserve Tank capacity (3rd tank). Guild must always have Heroic Raid content on farm pretty early (AOTC). I’m also only looking to ... 4/15/2019 08:48:00 Unknown Unknown   DhH
 [H] Balance/Resto druid LF Casual guild<p>Hi there,</p><p>yea iknow what you think what does a lvl 35 druid looking for a guild for but dont let it fool you. im a returning player looking for a friendly guild to smash some content with. i have experiance in all levels of raiding. but now i just want to enjoy myself in a stress free envoirment. and doing all sorts of content. form Raiding to pvp.just contact me on bnet if you have ... 4/15/2019 08:36:00 Horde Unknown    
 398 Dh Havoc LF Raiding Guild<p>I’m a returning player to wow and I would like to find a chill, fun and mature horde raiding guild to call home. My raiding experience is 9/9 N and 5/9 H. I do know my class very well and I strive to be the best at my class and have fun doing so. As I am a competitor on the damage meters I do try to learn the events as I go, and keep it fun and non-toxic.</p><p>I’d really like to find a guild ... 4/15/2019 05:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Horde LF Horde Guild<p>Hi all, i am looking for a semi casual guild. I am quite a noob when it comes to optimizing my characters when it comes to performance. Would love to join a guild/community that would have me and help me with my progression. So i can join the guild/community in raiding etc.</p> 4/15/2019 02:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 1 Healer, 2 RDPS and 2 MDPS 4/9M LF Raid<p>Hey guys, us 5 are all looking for a late weeknight raiding guild that takes progression seriously. I am a Disc/Holy Priest (can play another healer if needed). We have a Warlock, Ele Shaman, Fury Warrior and Ret Paladin. Below are our names if you want to look up logs. (We are all from Zul’Jin)</p><p>Priest - ParíshealtonLock - ThirdpartyShaman - KrakisWarrior - OrthaniaPaladin - ... 4/15/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 7/9M Exp Rogue and Healer LF home- late night<p>Hello,</p><p>We are two friends looking to continue to play together. We took a lengthy break from the raiding scene, as were previous top 10 US for several tiers. We are looking for a guild that raids around 9:30CST-1CST, Tues-Thurs/Sun. Rogue is able to play multiple specs, healer would prefer to play restortation druid or shaman and able to dps when needed.</p><p>Happy hunting!</p> 4/15/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 410 MW Monk LF Guild<p>Looking for a progression guild that works with my work schedule. A guild that raids on Sunday, Monday, Tuesdays.</p><p>Currently 1/9m AOTC.</p> 4/14/2019 23:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 398 Prot Pally looking for guild<p>Short and sweat version:</p><p>I’m Looking for a guild that is horde and raids weekdays. My progress last tier was 5/8M. This tier I am 4/9H via pugs. A Lot of guilds I joined fell apart and that led me to take a break. I’m mythic caliber tank And would like to join a guild that focuses on mythic progression.</p><p>Im willing to transfer servers. I can answer any questions you may ... 4/14/2019 23:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 416 Holy/Disc Priest and 411 DH Lf 7-10 est guild<p>416 Holy/Disc Priest and 411 DH LF 7-10 est guild. We are both 4/9M. Look for a guild that is plan on clear mythic. Have a hard cut off at 10pm est.</p><p>For any questions please contact:RtardU#1677</p> 4/14/2019 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown   DhPr
 8/9 Destro/Demo lock LF Mythic raid guild<p>Alli or Horde dosent matter to me, looking for a guild with potential going into the new raid tier.</p> 4/14/2019 21:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 8/9M frost mage LF mythic guild<p>hello I am 8/9m frost mage looking for 8/9m or 9/9m guild to progress with in the up coming tiers. I prefer 7 est to 11 est or something around there 2/3 nights aweek. i am also willing to play boomkin/spriest/ele or what ever range the guild needs. i have a few cutting edges experience. HFC CE EN CE and antorus CE… didn’t raid much in uldir still got 6/8m. also like pushing M+ raiderio 2400. ... 4/14/2019 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Ravencrest (or any realm) - Looking for WPvP guild, or PvP guild that also does WPvP<p>Looking for a dedicated active WPvP guild. Will move realm if I have to. I don’t do much else other than WPvP, occasional random bg.</p><p>If your guild is for PvP in general, and you do WPvP, that could work too! As long as there’s group WPvP going on at least semi-regularly.</p><p>If your guild is focused on Arena/Bg, not what I’m looking for, I will only disappoint you </p> 4/14/2019 20:24:00 Alliance PvP    
 Returning AOTC hunter LF Sunday evening/night Horde raiding guild<p>Just coming back after a 2 month-ish break from the game. I want to play again but not commit too much time to a raiding schedule. I’m looking for mythic or at least aotc raiding (full heroic clears) on Sunday evenings or night. Between 6pm and 11pm eastern time would be ideal for me.</p><p>I have aotc in every tier since I started raiding in Highmaul, and have multiple tiers of Cutting Edge ... 4/14/2019 20:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 408ilvl Hpal LF guild on alliance<p>i`m trying to find a good/dec guild to progress with on alliance my toon is named Trust-Drenden right now ive dome some of heroic/mythic but haven’t been able to find something yet I love doing keys and I have alot of free time anything works for me tbh. add me if ur interested. " willing to transfer realms ofc" Shawna#11557</p> 4/14/2019 18:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 7/9M Mage OR Shaman 1600io LF LATE NIGHT!<p>Work schedule changing need to find a late night raid, the very earliest I can muster attendance would be 10:30 central if you raid any earlier then this you are just wasting the life span of your CTRL + V keys.</p><p>Previous top 10 raiding experience all though I havnt raided at that level since Mists of Pandaria I still have plenty of talent left in my WoW lifetime. I can play Mage or any ... 4/14/2019 17:12:00 Unknown Unknown   SM
 4/9M DH wth 406 boomy/resto druid alt LF guild<p>looking for a guild that is at least 4/9M and raids between 9:30 EST no later than 1 am EST. I can raid during any days of the week.</p> 4/14/2019 16:36:00 Unknown Unknown   DhD
 406 Holy Pal & DK tank/BM hunter LFR<p>Hello.</p><p>We both have been pugging heroic the last few weeks and looking for a new home prior to 8.2. We are both AOTC and 3/9M experience. Looking for Two nights a week, starting at 9 eastern on Horde. I have raid healing experience dating back to Vanilla. My friend is willing to tank or RDPS. We are also active in m+ and pvp. CE is not required and not looking to ride the bench in an ... 4/14/2019 16:00:00 Unknown Unknown   DkH
 Tank and Healer LFG Morning raiding<p>Myself and my wife are looking for a new guild that focuses on raiding in the morning(Mythic progression preferred). We’re available 8am-1pm CST. We just completed 9/9 H and 1/9 M due to change at work we are needing to find a new group. We have been playing for ten years and can play just about everything. I currently main a Prot Warrior but I have all tanks just about geared around 390+ and ... 4/14/2019 15:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning lock lF guild Ilvl 383<p>Coming back after a few months break. Looking to get back into the swing of things. A little time to catch up and will be good as new. I also enjoy running mythic + and occasional pvp battleground.</p><p>Best available times are 8-11pm EST, Mon-Fri. Also willing to look at Sat or Sun depending on times.</p><p>Currently chilling on Bleeding Hollow. Willing to transfer and faction ... 4/14/2019 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 (A) Ragnaros - Looking for AoTc Guild<p>Returned to WoW after a few months break, looking for a guild to raid with </p> 4/14/2019 15:00:00 Alliance Unknown    

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