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 AoTC/CE Hunter 422 LF Late night raiding guild<p>Hey I’m looking for a Wednesday/Thursday/Friday guild or a late night guild as that is what my work schedule allows. Something that starts a 12cst is perfect.</p><p>I am AoTC for the new raid. I have logs for it as well.</p><p>8/8 M6/9 M Had to stop raiding with my team this tier from my work scheduling changing from a new job.Was playing Shadow Priest, will be playing BM Hunter with DH as a ... 7/13/2019 18:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 407 Hunter LF Mid-Day Raiding Guild<p>Have years of raiding experience(you can check my character profile), stopped raiding hardcore halfway through legion due to work schedule. I work midnight shift so I’m looking for a guild that raids anywhere between 4-9pm EST</p><p>Days don’t matter, just time.</p><p>Looking for a guild that clears heroic and progresses through Mythic.</p> 7/13/2019 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 407 Hunter LF Mid-Day Raiding Guild<p>Have years of raiding experience(you can check my character profile), stopped raiding hardcore halfway through legion due to work schedule. I work midnight shift so I’m looking for a guild that raids anywhere between 4-9pm EST</p><p>Days don’t matter, just time.</p><p>Looking for a guild that clears heroic and progresses through Mythic.</p> 7/13/2019 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage looking for new M raiding guild A or H<p>Hi there -</p><p>I’m looking for a new raiding guild on A or H, preferably on an east coast server/raiding time. Sometime after 7:30 EST and preferably nothing later than about 12-12:30 am EST would be best. I’d be more than happy to transfer servers and to horde.</p><p>I’m an experienced raider, this past tier I kind of got back into raiding on my mage in BoD. However now that EP is out and ... 7/13/2019 17:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 (H) 417 Disc/Holy Priest LF H/M Raiding Guild<p>Hey there! Looking for a raiding guild (preferably on Zul’jin, but considering swapping server) Looking for a guild for H/M Eternal Palace. 2-3 nights per weeks.</p><p>Can play Disc and Holy. 417 ilvl. Experienced in Mythic Raiding.</p><p>Thank you!</p> 7/13/2019 16:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 (H) Warlock LF Raiding Guild<p>Currently, 406 Warlock LF Fri/Sat PST raiding guild. Coming back from a hiatus, was 8/8H 3/8M Uldir. Took a break for personal reasons, but now I am coming back for T.E.P. Currently, I am on Mal’Ganis, but will xfer if I find the right fit. GhostDragon#1173199</p> 7/13/2019 16:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 MW Monk LF Guild<p>Hey there! Currently sitting at 400 ilv, had a late start to the expansion due to a long break when BfA was released and now looking to get back into the game!Willing to transfer to another high populated server, but ALLIANCE ONLY please!</p><p>What Im looking for in a guild:</p><p>Friendly community</p><p>Active in Discord/in Game</p><p>Plays other games outside of WoW</p><p>Days/Time ... 7/13/2019 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 414 Feral Looking for Mythic+ group<p>Hello,</p><p>I’m looking for a dedicated small group/guild for running mythic+ in season 3. I work 2nd shift (I usually play late mornings and late nights) and have been pugging my way so far but the game is a lot more fun when you play with people you know. I’m currently on Illidan but have no attachment to it.</p><p>I’ve been playing the same feral since Vanilla, and have a solid pvp ... 7/13/2019 14:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Healer Looking for a home<p>Hello. I just recently returned to the game a few weeks ago. Prior to that i have raided very hardcore since vanilla. MOst recent raiding Xp was 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 3/3 M ToV, 10/10 M Nighthold, 7/9 M ToS. all pre nerfs. Before that i cleared every raid since release within US top 100. I am willing to heal on either resto shaman, MW monk, Resto druid, or Hpally. I have been back on game ... 7/13/2019 14:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Hunter LF daytime raiding guild<p>As title says LF raiding daytime [ 11am RT - 8/9pm RT ] guild , I know most guilds have raid time right after 7/8pm but I can’t raid in this time frame, wish I could. Realm change is a possibility. Any info will be appreciated.#Flynn2448</p> 7/13/2019 13:36:00 Alliance Unknown    
 [H] Havoc DH LF Morning Raiding/Keys Guild<p>417 DH (Prior to 8.2) LF a guild that raids 6-11AM EST time frame. Slightly above average player managed to get 6/9M and 1.4k IO with my lousy free time due to working nights, and then giving up and gearing a bunch of alts through 10+ keys.</p><p>Have tanking experience, though I’d have to brush up on Vengence tanking not sure if 8.2 has made them completely viable as I’ve been passive leading ... 7/13/2019 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 3/8 M Resto / Balance Druid LF guild<p>Hi there, resto / balance druid lf guild. Want to play as resto, but if the raid times are ideal for me i’d consider raiding as balance. Played as a monk last season. My monk was called Yelt on The Maelstrom server.</p><p>My battletag (yelt#2864)</p> 7/13/2019 10:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 415 bdk/uhdk lf mythic raiding guild<p>Looking for mythic raiding guild. I would perfer alliance and am able to raid anytime that ends before 8pm CST. I have misc mythic raiding exp throughout my wow career. I am also willing to play other classes and im fairly quick to gear.</p> 7/13/2019 09:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [Classic] Looking for casual daytime guild for classic<p>Looking for a casual daytime guild</p><p>Faction: AllianceServer Type: PVPTimes Available: M-F DaytimeClass: Druid (Feral Tank) / Rogue</p><p>I am looking for a casual raiding guild that will be raiding during the day. I am not going to be rushing to 60 and want to experience leveling and running dungeons while relaxing to 60. Not really looking for progression raiding, but would like to raid ... 7/13/2019 09:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a guild Malf/Trollbane (ALLIANCE)<p>Hello everybody I am looking for a guild that is interested in having a tank for mythic keystones. I’m very new to mythic keystones and would love to learn how to do high mythic keystones around +10 or higher. I’m currently vengeance demon hunter 406 ilvl and the highest keystone I’ve done was a +6 underrot in 22 minutes. I’ve played MMO’s my entire life so if there are specific strats or ... 7/13/2019 08:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 409 DH LF Late Night<p>Hey all I am currently looking for a late night guild preferably starting after 9-10 CST</p><p>I am AoTC BoD, and currently 2/8 Normal on this char and 7/8 Normal on my other character.</p><p>Previous CE Players coming back from a break but willing to put in the work to catch back up.</p><p>Please add Demondots#1245 on Btag or Outlaw#0034 on discord</p> 7/13/2019 05:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
  New guild looking for active members for mythic+ and core raid group<p> We are a new guild on Tichondrius recruiting max players for new content, mythic+ dungeons, and raiding.</p><p>Accepting casual players, as well as those looking for progression. All roles currently needed.</p><p>We are a semi casual guild that likes to have fun and enjoys each other’s company. We like to help each other and rude behavior is not tolerated. We want to incorporate more members ... 7/13/2019 03:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 415 Ele/Resto Shaman LF Casual/Semi-Hardcore Guild<p>As the title says, I am searching for a guild. I am looking for something that isn’t too hardcore, more on the casual side. Just wanting to clear normal/heroic and maybe dip my toes in mythic with a fun, laid back group of people.</p><p>Would prefer a guild that raids 2 days a week for 6-8 hours</p><p>I have a good amount of experience raiding, having raided almost every tier in WoW on some ... 7/13/2019 02:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy Priest looking for casual raiding guild<p>Looking for a guild that will at least clear heroics. I have not raided sense WOD as I am a returning player. I would like to be on a PST server but not required. I also would like to raid after 8PM PST so 11PM EST if east coast time. I only heal do not play DPS spec at all period so if your looking for a healer that plays DPS also thats not me. I am at this point sitting on zul jin server ... 7/13/2019 02:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] ~417 Havoc DH and ~417 Holy Priest LF H/M Raiding Guild<p>Hello all! We are two self-motivated Warcraft loving players looking for a raiding guild that both fits our raid times and can clear content with regularity.</p><p>We’ve both played together for a few years and have achieved AoTC through pugging the entire time, we feel ready to try and take raiding a little more seriously while still focusing on enjoying the game and would like to find ... 7/13/2019 01:12:00 Unknown Unknown   DhPr
 Returning Heroic 400 Fury Warr LF Raiding Guild Tues / Wed Evening EST Raid Times<p>Server : Thrall-US-Horde</p><p>Armory Link :""</p><p>Warcraft Logs : note I skipped BoD / CoS)</p><p>Hello! I’m a returning player who fell off after Uldir. I am looking for a heroic raiding guild who raids during the evening hours(preferable any time after 8) on Tuesday ... 7/13/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 417 Prot/Ret Pally Returning 8/9M 2200 iO player LF guild<p>This is very straight forward… I quit cause raiding with 3 Toons got in the way of my real life. I am now sticking with 1 Toon and I’m looking for a serious guild but not interested in raiding 15 hours a week. My times I am available are anything past 10 CST – YES LATE NIGHT!!! Check my BoD logs I mostly tanked and I have no problem bringing big dick DPS to the table. PS I WILL TRANSFER ... 7/13/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/8h exp feral lf team pref alliance<p>Neck 58, 423 ilvlGut is the name, server is stormrage faction is alliance.</p><p>Skiid#11883</p> 7/13/2019 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Returning Hpally looking for a raiding guild<p>Hi everyone,</p><p>I’m a returning Holy Paladin (stopped after patch 7.1) and currently in needs of a raiding guild.</p><p>My Background:I started at the end of MoP, but only really got into raiding during WoD. I am very dedicated and focused. I can work well under pressure if required.</p><p>(I have tons of logs if you can look them up. I can’t seem to find them, though… except for Emerald ... 7/12/2019 23:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 416 Prot Pali LF Mythic Guild<p>I am multiclass tank looking for a Mythic Raiding guild. I was 3/9M in BoD before I took a break. I have achieved CE before. I currently main a Prot Pali. If interested add me on Btag: Death#16550</p> 7/12/2019 23:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 (A) Fury Warrior LF H/M EST Raiding Guild<p>Hello all, I’m a fury warrior and looking for a Heroic/Mythic EST raiding guild. Prefer start time around 8 pmish. I’m currently 414 ilvl and 55 neck level.</p><p>Battle Tag: HagenAltedc#1738</p> 7/12/2019 22:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 418 Resto Druid LF Raid Group<p>Hello there! I’m a serious player looking for a serious raiding guild. Excellent healer or dps with exceptional skill to enhance your raid group. I have numerous toons that I wouldn’t mind maining for this 8.2 patch! (All Horde!)Toons: 417 Resto Druid. 412 Demonology Warlock. 410 Shadow/Holy Priest. 407 Beast Mastery Hunter. 402 Outlaw Rogue. 399 Frost Mage. 402 Holy Paladin. 380 Resto ... 7/12/2019 20:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 420ilvl dps war lf mythic raiding guild<p>Logs available via Warcraft Logs.</p><p>Looking for a guild that raids after 8 PM PST. 9/9N EP 3/9H EP. Previous exp 7/8M Uldir. 4/9M BoD (breaked for 8.1.5). No more than 3 nights a week, please. Mature atmosphere preferred.</p><p>Any further questions contact me at Greencard#1738</p> 7/12/2019 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 413 Returning Hunter LF Guild<p>Hello,</p><p>I am a returning player. I have come to the forums a few times in the past while school was still going for me, in hopes of finding a good fit but thus far I have not found a guild that worked for me.</p><p>Now that school is out though I have far more free time and I am looking to get back into Mythic raiding.</p><p>I have not actively raided in a progression setting since Tomb ... 7/12/2019 19:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Looking for a Hardcore/Semi-hardcore raiding guild<p>Veteran 421 ilvl mage / 56.2 neck level</p><p>Cutting edge uldir8/9M (was in a 9/9M cutting edge guild previous tier)7/8HC looking for a hardcore guild to raid with fresh this tier</p><p>Frosty#21149 for more info/logs</p> 7/12/2019 18:48:00 Alliance Unknown    
 [H] Returning player looking for guild on Tarren Mill<p>Hi there! I’m not great at typing anything cohesive so I’m gonna give it my best shot.I had to make a post because I couldn’t find any guilds that raid on the days that match my schedule (understandable)</p><p>I’m free to raid on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday pretty exclusively and I’m even open to early morning or late night raiding.</p><p>I come back to WoW quite a bit but haven’t raided at ... 7/12/2019 18:24:00 Horde Unknown    
 408 Assa rogue LF Raiding guild<p>Hi Everyone,</p><p>I am looking for a raiding guild. I have great raiding knowled. AOTC Jaina and have downed 7/8 bosses on Eternal Palace.</p><p>I am looking for a weekly raiding guild. EST time.</p><p>You may contact me here or my Bnet:Kaleidoscope#1726</p><p>Many thanks!</p> 7/12/2019 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Ilvl 399 Warrior LFGuild<p>Returning player looking for a Horde guild. Looking to raid in the early evening any day but Tuesdays and Saturdays. I have a ton of mythic raiding experience. If you have questions add me on Bnet: Aceofblades#11930 or discord: ace#5568.</p> 7/12/2019 18:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 9/9m BoD Shadow Priest dps Lf Raiding Guild<p>~417ilvl shadow priest looking for a raiding guild.</p><p>I have extensive experience raiding, with my most recent accomplishments being 9/9M BoD, 8/8M Uldir, 11/11M Antorus.</p><p>I am looking for a chill guild. The one that clears heroic, maybe mythic, and has an active atmosphere. Weekly M+, guild events, etc, for example.</p><p>I play Shadow but also have competitive Holy/Disc sets, always ... 7/12/2019 17:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 (H) 419 BM/WW monk main w/ more classes to offer LFG<p>hello , i am currently horde on bleeding hollow but i am open to server xfer and even switching to alliance if need be. im looking for either a weekend raiding guild F/SAT/SUN or a weekday guild ending before 10pm EST. i play many classes. i currently have my monk BM/WW at 419 a demon hunter 410 havoc/veng , prot warrior at 400 and a outlaw rogue at 405. with all classes at 120 and open to ... 7/12/2019 17:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 419 Rogue and 418 Boomkin LF Guild<p>We’re two players that are currently 5/8H EP, we are looking for a horde mythic progression raiding guild that raids during the week, not the weekend. We are located in EST, so that time zone is preference. For more information please add my btag Sum#1532</p> 7/12/2019 17:00:00 Unknown Unknown   RD
 406 Resto Druid | open to switching factions, LF guild<p>Howdy, I’m a ilvl 406 Night Elf Resto Druid on Silver Hand looking for a guild!</p><p>I’m EAST COAST and work a 9-5 so 7:30pm- Midnight Mon-Thurs are my peak times!</p><p>I’ve experienced every level of guild from hardcore AQ40 progression runs with bizarre loot systems to the most casual players and I guess right now I’m looking for something in the middle. Definitely want a guild who ... 7/12/2019 16:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning ilvl 400 Warrior LFGuild<p>As the title says, I’ve returned to the game after about a six month leave. Looking for a normal/heroic guild to chill with. Maybe push into mythic if the circumstances are right. Looking to raid on wed/thurs evenings from 6p-10p est. I have tons of raid experience, from wrath to BfDA. Add me on Bnet at Aceofblades#11930 or Ace#5568 on discord if you’re interested. Would also prefer to stay ... 7/12/2019 16:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning 418 Rshaman 7/8 H EP Looking For CE guild<p>I am a returning CE player who took a break at the start of the expansion. Since how good elemental/restoration were last tier, my guild, Union on Kalcegos has plenty of shaman and no room for me, so I am looking for a new home.</p><p>I am also willing to go dps on fights when needed and am gearing up a holy paladin that I am interested in playing an as alt.</p><p>I am from the east coast so I ... 7/12/2019 15:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 426 Dps DK LF CE guild on Ravencrest<p>Hey!</p><p>Experienced, BoD 9/9M, EP 7/8HC unholy dk LF CE level raiding guild from ravencrest with 3 raids a week.</p> 7/12/2019 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Shadow priest LF raid guild<p>Hello, im currently in search of a decent friendly raiding guild, I have decent past raid experience and im just looking to join a semi core raiding guild that is looking to progress in eternal palace, im flexible with dates and times but for more info please add my btag @ AshyBoy#2285, (Prefer if you are on ravencrest alliance).</p> 7/12/2019 15:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Afflic Warlock LF Weekend Raiding Guild<p>Hello friends, I am a returning player to BFA and find myself in need of a new raiding guild. The last guild I was a part of was great with awesome people but with my work schedule I am no longer able to meet raid times during the week and I am aware that most guilds that raid seriously do so in the week and at times that I am usually at work.</p><p>I know that it may be a bit of a reach, but ... 7/12/2019 14:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H-Draenor] Returning Rogue/Priest LFG<p>I returned to the game for this patch and I am looking for a guild to call home.</p><p>Currently playing DPS but have a brewmaster available and can happily switch to healing.</p><p>Previously a healing officer in a guild MoP - WoD.Healed both MoP and WoD challenge modes.</p><p>Bnet: Morph#2449Discord: Morphz#9350</p> 7/12/2019 14:48:00 Horde Unknown   RPr
 Experienced 419ilvl DH looking for late night raiding Guild<p>As the title says. Looking for a relaxed and fun Guild to progress on Mythic level. Our Guild sadly disbanded last tier when we where progressing on Jaina. Exp on Mythic is 8/9 first tier and 7/8 second tier. Due to work i cant raid before 23.00/23.30 server time . If the right Guild shows up i am willing to server/facrion change my character. Got a mage alt but hes not that good geared yet ... 7/12/2019 14:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 407 Destro Warlock looking for raiding guild<p>Hello,</p><p>I took a break from raiding for the first part of BFA and am looking to get back into it.</p><p>In Legion I did mainly heroic raiding as a demonology warlock and was fairly good at it, out performing affliction warlocks who at the time were pretty strong.</p><p>In MoP and WoD I was a more hardcore raider focusing on Mythic raiding. I got Cutting Edge Garrosh before the raid ... 7/12/2019 14:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Ex Top 30 US raider lf guild hunter/boomkin<p>Hi,</p><p>I am trying to get back into the game and am looking for a raiding guild to do so with. I am returning to the game from a break during BoD and CoS. I was not enjoying the game and decided to pursue other things in my life.</p><p>I have top 30 US kills during Uldir and have other top 100 US kills in past xpacs. I am looking for a guild that would like to raid in the top 100 US while ... 7/12/2019 13:36:00 Unknown Unknown   DH
 Tank or DPS LF CE<p>Available Times: 7pm-2am EST</p><p>SPECS</p>HavocWWFrost DKAny Tank<p>For various log linkswowprogress. com/character/us/kil-jaeden/Examples</p><p>NOTE: Alliance Guilds are PAID XFER ONLY</p><p>Contact</p>Discord: Examples#3876B-Net: PureExamples#1479 7/12/2019 13:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 424ilvl DH LF high end raiding guild<p>I am currently looking for some higher progression, I am 5/9M, 7/8N, 5/8H and 1780io. Preferably on dalaran but I would consider swapping.</p> 7/12/2019 12:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for cross faction guild (A/H) (Area 52 and Stormrage preferred)<p>Hello. I recently returned to the game and as there are branching storylines to this expansion, for the first time I am interested in playing both at the same time. Not really hardcore. In the past I’ve done heroic, but never wanted to go farther. I am currently leveling some of the new allied races on either side and was hoping to find a guild to cater to both sides. I am currently on area 52 ... 7/12/2019 11:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Horde Hyjal - Looking for guild<p>I am a casual player with a 406 resto druid. Looking for a guild on Hyjal for Horde that is active, fun, friendly as I enjoy completing mythics and raiding</p> 7/12/2019 11:24:00 Unknown Unknown    

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