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 [H] Disc Priest LF an RBG or a 10 key guildI'm pretty sick of pugs these days so I'm hoping to find a good RBG guild or a guild that can run +10 keys. I'm on tichondrius and don't got the $$ for a server transfer. I'm a good disc priest :). 11/10/2018 09:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 381ilvl 6/8m LF Mythic Raiding GuildHello, 6/8M ret pally, looking for a mythic raiding guild with equal or one boss lower progression. I have about 30 pulls on mythrax as well. Wow progress - Logs - time would work, preferably 3-4 days. Hoping to get in contact with a guild soon, thanks! 11/10/2018 08:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 H/A Tank LF guild.Hi there, after clearing HM with my guild the attendance dropped like flies and I'm currently looking for another to keep progressing and have fun every week.In a nutshell, I'm an old returning player; raider in Vanilla and TBC stopped in Trial of the Crusader (Wotlk raiding killed my interest) that all it wants to do is tanking.I can't link previous expansions mythic logs but I can assure you ... 11/10/2018 06:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 looking for early AM raid guildim a 346 survival hunter i took a break and now im back, looking for a guild that raids in the early morning during the week est, looking for a guild that is mature and has a sense of humour that i can call home, primarily one that is doing heroic, im currently trying to catch up in ilvl so i can join soon or join next raid if i cant catch up in time, i am willing to transfer server but not ... 11/10/2018 04:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 365 Restodruid/ 358 Havoc DH LF raiding guild365 resto druid/ 358 havoc DH lf weekend raiding guild (one person, 2 chars.)Bleeding Hollow (but open to server swap)Available: Mon AND Friday 4pm-12pm , Sat. 5-12pm, Sunday from 11-4 pm pacificCurrently 7/8H (on DH), but know the fights to finish H.Feel free to Reply here or add me on Bnet: johnpaul001#1991Discord: Restosexual#1551 11/10/2018 03:48:01 Unknown Unknown   DhD
 3/8M Hpal/Druid LFGVeteran player looking for a new raid team with at least similar progression. Unfortunately my recent guild did not fit well with me so here I am searching for a new home. I'm primarily looking for a guild that is in need of a Hpal i'm 375, however I do have some alternative characters I could play if needed, BM/WW Monk 375, and a Resto/Boomy Druid 345 still gearing up.Here are some details of ... 11/10/2018 01:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 2/8M BRM LF GUILDHello All! I've currently found myself in search of a guild due to conflicting progression intentions. I am in search of a guild that has around or higher prog and aims for CE each raid tier. I am a full time college student so therefor my schedule can change due to exams etc. but that has not been an issue yet. Feel free to contact me or post your guild down below, thank you for your ... 11/10/2018 01:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 381 bm hunter looking for ce guildThe guild i'm currently in I really like but recruitment has been stale and there doesn't seem to be any guild activity during off nights. We struggle to get a group together for heroic night now. I'm looking for times between 6:30p- 10:30p Central. M-F. New on hunter this expansionenh shaman legion logs 11/10/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 4/8m exp 375 dh havoc LF mythic guildAs the title states, I am 3/8 mythic with pulls on vectis mythic. I prefer raid on DH but will raid on ret paladin if needed. I was 8/11 mythic antorus. would like to clear mythic before end of expansion. Must be same guild progression or higher. My times are 6pm eastern to 2 am eastern. You can contact me at codywinslow#1525 in game. Thank you for reading my post. I do have logs and I do push ... 11/10/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 364 arms warrior LF weekend raidI'll keep it simple, went 5/8M on a different toon before going to warrior, LF a weekend raiding guild. 11/10/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 3/8 mtyhic 4/8 mythic exp lf mythic guild3/8 mythic 4/8 mythic exp 378 ret pally or 375 DH havoc LF mythic raiding guild alliance. Dh name is sinesaii on proudmoore. Paladin name is Sinetic on proudmoore. contact on Btag codywinslow#1525 most be same or higher progression. I am able raid any nite from 5pm to 1am eastern time zone. 11/09/2018 23:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 AotC, 2/8M Player looking for Unicorn guildHi I'm looking for a guild with a real strong community that hopefully I could fit into. People and community that I get along with mean more than being cutting edge to me right now. Im in a pretty good guild now but its pretty clique-ish and the personalities are not really a match. Looking for a mature guild (every guild says this in recruiting). Im in my late 30's, Looking for people around ... 11/09/2018 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 378 rogue 2/8M LF mythic teamCurrent guild had roster issues so kind of fell apart, will transfer server/faction, looking for a positive minded committed guild to push mythic with. Looking to raid anywhere from 8-9pm EST throgh 11pm-12am EST 2-3 nights a week. 11/09/2018 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]Priest heals LF afternoon/late night Mythic/M guildilvl 376, 8/8HC 1/8M Disc/Holy priest LF late afternoon/ late night guild/team for Mythic raiding or pushing 10+ keys. I prefer Disc but I'm willing to respec Holy for raids if required by the fight/ raid comp.Available times (slightly flexible):Mon-Thurs 15:00-18:00 STFri-Sat 22:00-01:00 STI prefer to run Fri/Sat nights only, with maybe one additional weekday afternoon, but I'm open to ... 11/09/2018 21:36:00 Horde Unknown    
 Mythic raider LF Competitive Mythic guildAs the title suggest, I am looking for a competitive guild to push into 8.1 with. I took a break at the start of Uldir for the birth of my child and now I am back. I am currently looking for a guild much like my own that I am in now. One that has already cleared Uldir on Mythic and is relaxing, farming, and readjusting rosters. I can raid any day of the week, but I prefer not to raid on the ... 11/09/2018 20:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Tank and Rdps LF Raiding HomeBrewmaster (has DK and Pally tanks as well) and Boomkin (has mage and lock as well) looking for raid team with a more relaxed raid schedule (2 days a week). Both 8/8H and 2/8M. Both have long time raid experience with many CE and server firsts between them. Looking for a home, not just a guild. Wanting to find a place with a social and friendly atmosphere who don't take themselves so seriously ... 11/09/2018 19:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Rogue lf mythic group. 15 keysSoulBreakDOG#2413 all info in pm. playtime like 5-7 hours \ day 11/09/2018 19:00:01 Alliance Unknown    
 [A or H] 378 Restoration Druid LF Guild 3/8m Simply put, I have been through the trudge of guilds dying due to Uldir/Class Balance/Not really being into WoW for the long haul since about the start of the expansion… I am hoping to find a place that fits a few requirements:Ideally Tues-Thurs (any combination)10:00 EST (7:00 PM PST) start time or later3/8 Mythic or more (Zek’voz dead, dead, dead!)M+ Community of interested people in-guildI am ... 11/09/2018 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for mythic raiding horde guild!Hello! Me (378 WW monk) and my friend (375 MW monk) are together looking for a mythic raiding horde guild on a relatively high pop server.We are both currently 2/8 MM with tons of pulls on both Vectis and Zek (only real reason we aint 4/8 is really because of the !@#$ty raid team we were in earlier).We have lots of previous raiding exp aswell as previous mythic raiding exp (9/11 MM antorus) ... 11/09/2018 18:48:01 Horde Unknown    
 3/8 M players looking for Mythic Guild.About:We are 5 raiders that have been raiding together for the past 1.5 - 2 expansions. Our guild unfortunately has recently decided to stop raiding Mythic, and we are looking to continue doing so.Vúlcan-Thrall -------- Elemental ShamanDimmist-Thrall ------ Mistweaver MonkDrjava-Thrall -------- Brewmaster MonkUnsanè-Thrall ------- Fury WarriorMalreyness-Thrall -- Holy ... 11/09/2018 18:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 372 DH Tank LF Active Raiding Guild372 Demon Hunter Tank LF Active raiding guild plzI am 8/8 Norm and 8/8 Heroic and Mythic Mother Kill expI am willing to server transfer for the right guild I am always willing to learn new things if need be and I am very active usually on right when I get home from work witch is 4 PM mountain time so I can raid any time after that if there is any questions feel free to ask and I will answer them ... 11/09/2018 18:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 370 enh shaman looking for mythic raiding..Hi, as the title states I am looking for a mature guild. My work schedule forces me to only raid at later hours. Specifically 11pm CST and willing to go as late as 4am CST. I AM 8/8H and looking to progress mythic and future content. I am competent and when it comes to raiding very punctual so I can be reliable for EVERY raid. I am on my phone right now and can get you links to logs and ... 11/09/2018 18:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Tank LF Heroic/Mythic GuildPosting on a junk character for now until I have some more kills under my belt- I'm an old mythic raider looking for a new guild EU side. I'm originally from the US servers and raided Hellfire mythic, killing Archi and landing ourselves in the top 500 of guilds before taking a break at the beginning of Legion, switching to EU and raiding heroic until BFA. Currently 8/8N and 4/8H with the guild ... 11/09/2018 18:00:01 Horde Unknown    
 Mw monk LF m team!Hey guys!!As title says i'm looking for a steady and lit group to farm Mythic+ higher keys atm i am Ilv 373 MW monk at 1050 r io +-here is my link; know my !@#$ i know what to do!Now im just looking for a good group to get higher and higher!More info about me personally?Im 26 Yr old dude from belgium! I got a flexible job but i can play a few hrs ... 11/09/2018 17:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Multiple class Player looking for a new guildHello Guild's I am in looking for a secondary guild as my first is bound to but not really active right now. So I am looking for another guild that is more active to do Dungeons, Mystics, Raiding and maybe even PvP, battleground or Arena runs. Currently I have just about every class in my character selection at your disposal, I will either join a guild with either alliance or Horde. Here are the ... 11/09/2018 17:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 373ilvl R Druid Looking for M Weekend GuildLooking for a guild to progress with on the weekends.I’m open to server transfer for the right guild. I’m really interested in starting Mythic Raiding! Link: Availability: Friday-Saturday and Sunday ... 11/09/2018 17:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]374 boomkin 3/8M LFlate night WEEKENDLooking for a guild to progress with on the weekends.I’m open to server transfer for the right guild. I’m really interested in starting Mythic Raiding! Link: Availability: Friday-Saturday and Sunday ... 11/09/2018 17:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 3/8 M Healer LF Mythic Raiding guild.As the title suggests. I'm looking for a new guild as mine disbanded while I was on holiday. can transfer to any realm/faction. If you're a guild that needs a healer/player who's experienced at playing at a high level then feel to message me on battlenet or discord and I'd be happy to discuss/Apply to your guild! I'm flexible and have ... 11/09/2018 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 MM Hunter LF Progression Raiding Guild1. Times available & time zone: I am available from 7PM until 2AM (PST). I would prefer to raid during the weekdays (M, T, W, Th) maybe 2 or 3 days a week.2. Server preference: Tichondrius (but willing to transfer to any server if I find a perfect fit)3. Faction preference: Horde4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore to casual (as long as the guild is progression oriented and aims to ... 11/09/2018 16:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 375 Hunter lf Mythic raiding guildIm looking for active mythic raiding guild 2-3 times a week, I got 8/8 hc and 2/8 mythic. mythic logs but there's a reason to it.Open to server transfer.Jackmeister #2433 11/09/2018 15:36:01 Horde Unknown    
 14 year WoW veteran LF adult guildI've been struggling to enjoy this game as I see many new players getting kicked from groups for a single mistake in low level dungeons and players are becoming incredibly dismissive of others and I don't care for that at all. 1. Times available & time zone: I'm a reporter and I just moved to Canada so I am available all the time because I don't have permission to work yet. 2. Server ... 11/09/2018 15:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 382 Blood/UH DK LF Guild 3/8M 2 ppleHello potential guildmates, I am looking for a guild to join with my 2 IRL friends. We are all 3/8M and the guild we have been raiding with recently stopped raiding. We are looking for a guild that is pushing mythic content, hopefully similar to us. Our schedule when it comes to raiding would be weekdays or weekends, 6pm-11pm EST. Please do not spam with guild recruitment post. Our logs are ... 11/09/2018 15:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 7/8m Multi-tank LF new home.CE ATBT - 11/11mTOS - 7/9m - Guild disbanded NH - 8/10m - New Guild formed 1 month before ToSCE ToV - 3/3m CE EN - 7/7mAnyway, got a 385 Brewmaster and 380 BDKCurrently gearing up my 370 Prot Pally, already revered with CoA.Would love a 3 Night raiding guild that start no earlier than 10pm EST.Feel free to leave your Bnet/Discord and I'll definitely get in touch.Thanks for your time. 11/09/2018 15:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 (A) 380 Vanilla Ret LF guildHey!Im currently looking for a new guild to continue rading in since my previous guild died becasue lack of active players.Played this same char since Vanilla and raided with it in every expansion and tier since, always with solid longtime friends around me which now sadly have moved on to other games. Will post additional info about myself if anyone is intrested.Atm im 380 ilvl, lvl 31 neck and ... 11/09/2018 14:36:01 Alliance Unknown    
 7/8 M Ilvl 380 Balance Druid LFGHello, as the states I am Balance Druid that is currently looking for a new raid team. Unfortunately my current guild has decided to stop raiding, that has led me here to find a place to raid hopefully for the foreseeable future. What I am looking for in a guild is one that raids preferably 2-3 days a week where the goal is to clear all mythic content while it is still relevant in a timely ... 11/09/2018 14:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 350 dpswar lf raiding guild on IllidanHaven't raided in this exp yet but i i had some mythic kills in antorus and i usually parsed in purple.AvailabilityWednesday 6-11PmTuesday 6-11PmFriday 6-11PmSat/Sun 5-9pm 11/09/2018 13:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 375 hunter and h priest LF M guild5/8M experienced hunter and holy priest LF a solid guild. We are interested in progressing but not at the expense of running with a unfriendly, cold guild. Really looking for the right fit preferably 2/8M or above. Not willing to transfer horde. Time frame is between 7 and 11 est monday to thursday, whatever time fri and sat, sundays unavailable in eveningadd oreok4#1633 if you want to ... 11/09/2018 13:00:01 Unknown Unknown   PrH
 372 Enh Shaman LF Mythic GuildTitle says it all. Current guild feel apart and am looking for a new home to raid with.My previous raiding experience can be found here: I am looking for: Horde ONLYActive ServerSunday - Thursday7pm - 11pm CST2 or 3 days a week Mythic Raiding GuildRelaxed AtmosphereIf interested I can be contacted via battle net at MFKDGAF#1843 ... 11/09/2018 12:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 4 Orange Parsers LF CE Minded GuildHey all. My name is Joschmo and I am representing 4 friends that are looking to earn CE this tier and in future tiers. We are currently 3/8M but we believe we are easily CE players numbers wise and mechanically. We do understand it may be tough to include 4 new players but we also believe we can massively contribute to most guilds without any attitude issues. You can expect us to run M+, ... 11/09/2018 12:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H, US] Group LFGuild for 8.1A few friends and I are looking to join a guild for 8.1. We are currently raiding at 3/8M.Classes:MageDPS WarriorResto DruidMistweaver MonkWe prefer to raid twice a week in the Tuesday-Thursday window. 11/09/2018 12:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 377 Prot pally looking for Mythic guildHey there, due to my current guild calling it quits due to attendance I am looking for a new home to raid in. I am 377 prot, 376 ret and 2/8M with 6% wipes on zekvos. I am looking for a late night guild, raiding 10pm EST or later on any days except Wed. I strive to hold a very high attendance rate as well as performance and am looking for a group who expects the same from their raiders. I am open ... 11/09/2018 11:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 375 Mage 3/8M LF GLooking for a horde guild that raids 9 hours a week on weekdays. Capable of playing all specs at a mythic level. Warcraftlogs profile: vectis logs: 11/09/2018 11:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 376 DH LF Weeknight Raiding Guild1. Weeknights 8-12. Server preference: Stormrage3. Faction preference: Alliance4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore5. Current progression/experience: Raid leader for 3/8M guild6. Recent logs (if available): Contact info: Gordie#113478. Anything else: 376 DH looking for either a 4/8 guild or 3/8 with solid progression. 11/09/2018 10:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Warrior LF PVP guild374 Ilvl, 1630cr RBGs. Have a mic, looking for a nice guild that does a lot of pvp. Please reach out to me if you can fit that 11/09/2018 08:12:00 Unknown PvP    
 [H] Bm Hunter 366 ilvl lf guildHello friends.I'm a 366 Hunter looking for a friendly guild to raid with and do mythic+.My raiding times would be Monday and Friday 19 CET and on the weekends any time would be good.Have a stable connection and a working microphone (even tho I'm shy about using it).Languages - English / Serbian / ItalianWhen it comes to raiding experience i started with minor raiding in BC and doing doing all the ... 11/09/2018 08:00:01 Horde Unknown    
 Looking for a guildnew player looking for a guild on Stormreaver i have a lvl 120 warlock IL 309. i am new to wow looking for a helpful guild who is active in Discord. hit me up thanks 11/09/2018 03:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 380 frost dk lf g100% guild first mythic parses, 99% cutting edge achieve parses, all orange mythic parses, rank 1 frost dk on sargeras by io, can meet any raid times, full time wow player, experience in mythic progression environment. looking for a serious mythic raiding group, goals are cutting edge for all content, very easy to get along with, faction/server change are not a ... 11/09/2018 02:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A]/[H] 380 paladin LF mythic raiding guild.Paladin looking for guild, Please read all below before contacting me.I've done the best I can to answer any & all questions you may have for me. P.S. I've alts ranging from 340-360 I'm willing to gear up & play over ret if required.About me: I'm 21 years old, work from home & love playing World of Warcraft, Overwatch & other video games. I collect all t-mogs, battle pets & ... 11/09/2018 02:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 shadow Priest / MW Monk LF guild.Hello. I am currently looking for a guild. I Can switch servers!I currently play a MW monk and a shadow / disc priest. Also have a frost / fire mage , ret pally Looking to Raid , PVP , anything else and have fun!I am available evening preferably any time after 6-7 to late.hope to hear from anyoneb-net : AJM#11336 11/09/2018 02:00:00 Unknown Unknown   MoPr
 380 7/8 M Arms Warrior LF Mythic Guild380 Arms Warrior Looking For a Mythic GuildCurrently 7/8 MAlso have a 370+ Rogue ALT for ZULLooking for Minimum 5/8 GuildLooking for 2-4 Nights 6-12 Hours8:30-12:30 EST Time frame please leave your Bnet or Application Page 11/09/2018 02:00:00 Unknown Unknown    

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