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 7/8M DH/DK Looking for guild<p>Recently my guild has disbanded due to members leaving while on Azshara prog, that being said I’m looking for a new guild to raid with for the foreseeable future, I’m not picky on faction I will transfer and faction change if needed</p><p>Btag Nastasty#1990Disc Zmeu#5273</p> 11/13/2019 23:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning player looking for a guild<p>Hi everybody!I had to leave wow a year ago for personal RL stuff and right now I am returning as a casual player. I am a rather laid back player that loves hanging out, working in raids and collecting items, especially mounts. I’m looking for a guild that keeps up to date with content and just really chill in general</p><p>The last time I played was before the first BFA raid so I am a little ... 11/13/2019 21:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 5/8 M Resto Shaman LF 2 day raiding guild<p>Ran a CE guild since the start of ICC and decided to “retire” from raid leading and running a guild in BFA. Seems that the last two guilds that I joined have fallen apart for various reasons. LF a drama free two weekend raiding guild. Alliance or Horde</p><p>Bnet: taeyang#1955discord: taeyx#7002</p> 11/13/2019 20:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [EU ALLY] Blood DK tank Looking for raiding Guild<p>Hello,</p><p>I took a 2 year break from wow and have finally got back into playing it again, I’m currently 421 item level, I used to raid mythic tier around 2-3 days a week.</p><p>I’m currently seeking an Alliance raiding guild that’s very active, social and runs at least two weekly raids Heroic or Mythic, I’m prepared to start at the bottom and work my way up.</p><p>if your seeking a ... 11/13/2019 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A]Proudmoore - Frost DK LF Sun/Mon Guild<p>I’m currently a frost death knight playing Alliance on Proudmoore server. I just got back into retail and am looking to get back into raiding.</p><p>I am currently looking for either a sunday or monday or tuesday(any combination of those days) raiding guild that I can join and become friends with. I am looking for a guild that raids in the evening time, that starts at either 8p or 9p(server ... 11/13/2019 19:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 5/8 Ele/Resto Shaman LF Guild<p>5/8 Elemental/Resto Shaman looking to continue progress in mythic Eternal Palace and onward. The group I’m in made really good progress early on including killing Ashvane prenerf but has essentially fallen apart leaving me looking for a new place to raid and call home. I would like to find a place on the alliance side that still has goals to work towards CE and raids weeknights from 6-9ish ... 11/13/2019 19:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning warlock lf clan on dalaran<p>A fairly new player, playing warlock on Dalaran. Would love some people to play with and make friendships with. Not sure how to put my character to that one on here, but I am a level 39 warlock (as or writing this) and would love to see where i can get!</p> 11/13/2019 19:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 7/8M exp 442 Blood DK LFG for 8.3<p>Greetings and thank you for taking the time to check out my forum post. I am currently looking for a guild for 8.3 as I have basically stopped raiding in retail and have been playing more classic. I am willing to come back to retail before then but my main drive is the 8.3 content. I am almost 70 on my neck and should have it by then end of the week just from doing random world quests. I have ... 11/13/2019 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Boomkin [446 ilvl] LF mythic raiding guild 7pm - 11pm EST<p>Hi gang, I’m Shiz, looking for a mythic raiding guild.</p><p>A little bit about my wow career.</p><p>I have been playing wow and raiding since WotLK. During that entire time I have been in the same guild. I’ve also progressed on every boss that has come out since Ulduar. My guild was fairly casual, always getting AoTC but only downing a few mythic bosses each tier.</p><p>What I am looking ... 11/13/2019 18:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [EU] Warlock 5/8 EP looking for early evening raiding guild<p>Hello, I’m a warlock on Silvermoon EU looking for an early evening raiding guild (any guild that raids before 19:00 server time will be considered)</p><p>I’m okay with transferring servers.</p><p>Currently I have 5/8 mythic eternal palace experience but because my current guild raids at a time late for me it’s hard for me to commit and perform well consistently.</p><p>I’m a WoW veteran and ... 11/13/2019 18:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 HP Healer 426 LF weekend raiding guild<p>Hey all,</p><p>Just like the title says I am looking to join a weekend raiding guild. Ideally, Saturday Sunday or Friday Saturday around 8 or 9 MST start time would be great. I have not raided a ton in WoW but I have done raid leading in other games and would love to learn more in WoW. I have done 8/8 N EP and looking forward to jumping into Heroic.</p><p>Shoot me a message if I might sound ... 11/13/2019 17:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 5/8 Rogue Returning After Short Break - Consistent CE - Good Logs - LF 7-11 PSTish & Two Nights<p>FOR LINKS, REMOVE “PERIOD” AFTER HTTP</p><p>Character Tiorda - RogueArmory http.s:// http.s:// Faction: HordeDesired Progress 7/8M or betterDesired Hours 6:30-11PSTish / Two nights only / Sun - ThursContact Bnet: ... 11/13/2019 17:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 438 lvl Mage Looking for Alliance, Mythic Raiding guild<p>Looking for Mythic Alliance raiding guild 6 pm-11 pm PST.I am Item level 438 and have completed 8/8H AOTC looking to get into Mythic progression.Willing to Transfer immediately for the right guild.</p><p>Thank You.</p> 11/13/2019 14:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 New warlock looking for a guild bloodhoof<p>New to the game, looking to find a guild to level with and eventually raid with.</p> 11/13/2019 14:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 444 Balance Druid LF Mythic Home<p>Looking for a Tuesday and Thursday Raiding guild that starts around 9EST if interested add my btag Resoguy#1905</p> 11/13/2019 13:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 442 holy priest/430 mw monk 4/8 mythic lfg<p>Hey im currently a 442 holy priest with a 430 mw monk I used to main whos 4 /8 mythic lfg i would prefer to stay horde and have night time raids 6-1030 raid times are fine with me .</p> 11/13/2019 13:12:00 Unknown Unknown   MoPr
 [A or H] 1/8M|AOTC 430 Fury/Prot War LFG<p>IDEALLY schedule includes 1 day on weekends, but open minded</p><p>Hello! Trying to find a new home for my needed craving to raid. I used to raid hard core back in the days of WOTLK, BC, Cata, etc. Have high end older achievements including: “Light of Dawn”, “Astral Walker”, and “of the Nightfall”.</p><p>BFA expansion’s experience:</p>Uldir: 4/8 Mythic and AOTCBOD: 8/8H AOTCEP: 1/8M and ... 11/13/2019 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking For Guild<p>Hello!</p><p>My two friends and I are currently looking for a guild on Area 52. I play a hpal currently and my friends play dps. A guild that raided a little earlier than usual would be preferable.</p> 11/13/2019 12:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H][US][Thrall] 444 Rdruid and 437 Hpally LFG<p>Two accounts looking to stay together. Currently 3/8M, not interested in lower progression. Raid times fairly open but cannot run anything past 1:30am server. We are “mature” and been raiding for a long time. We do not mind wiping to progression. We do not want to server xfer</p><p>444 ilvl RDruid (Can boomer OK and has 437ilvl boomer set) - RIO Score 1100+</p><p>437 ilvl Hpally RIO Score ... 11/13/2019 12:12:00 Unknown Unknown   DPa
 Looking for an Alliance guild on Silvermoon<p>What i’m looking for is a guild that is social and does content with each other (raids, M+ etc), nothing hardcore though.</p> 11/13/2019 12:00:00 Alliance Unknown    
 444 Tank LF Late Night 11pm+ EST Mythic Raiding Home<p>As Title Says, Late Night Consistent Player with Availability between 11pm-5am EST.</p><p>Leave your guild adverts if you’re recruiting for main roster or even a bench spot. Preferably long standing guilds.</p><p>Alliance or Horde, Willing to Server Xfer.</p> 11/13/2019 11:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Paladin looking for guild [Casual, PVP, Mythic dungeons)<p>Currently spec’d Holy, but could change on a whim. Looking for a fairly casual guild for PvP, Mythic dungeons and world PvP. I work Grave shift in the US so I usually play early morning (7AM MST, 2PM GMT) but sometimes I’m on in the evening before work. More active on the weekends.</p><p>Not much else to say, I’m pretty relaxed and just looking to have fun with some of the small group content, ... 11/13/2019 05:00:00 Unknown PvP    
 Super Casual LF guild<p>Super Casual Player LF a guild to start raiding normal\heroic next expansion andi am new too the game and learning new things all the time.hopefully it’s okay that i am starting new on your server</p><p>Discord: VegasKid#4079</p> 11/13/2019 03:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for PvP Guild<p>A group of friends and i are looking for a PvP/ World PvP Guild. Cant seem to find anyone willing to join us in other Guilds.Server: Aggramar US</p> 11/13/2019 01:48:00 Unknown PvP    
 ~430 Fury/Prot Offspec Warrior LF Weekday Heroic/Mythic Guild<p>About Me:I came back about 2 months or so ago and completely caught my main (rogue) up. I recently decided that I want to catch a warrior up and look for a second guild to raid with and be current. Some of my friends also recently came back so I’m more than likely moving this character to alliance so I can play with them. I pride myself on improvement and being current with theorycrafts around ... 11/12/2019 23:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Former Mythic Raider LF Guild<p>Hello,</p><p>I hope you are having a nice night. I will keep this short and sweet to make it easy for you &amp; me!</p><p>Was a mythic raider all through Legion and Uldir during BFA prior to my departure from the game.</p><p>Looking to focus on Heroic raiding and M+, as I am not really into Mythic raiding anymore. Would be happy to sit on the bench and fill in if needed.</p><p>I have a 335 ... 11/12/2019 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a guild<p>Not looking to do end game raiding for a long while, haven’t played for years and am basically starting over. Just miss the green chat and socialization. I’m older and recovering from a stroke so I tend to not use voice chat as my speech is effected by aphasia, however I am intelligent and know how to follow raid directions lol. Don’t mind starting over on a new server as I have heirlooms</p> 11/12/2019 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 406 Resto shammy LFG<p>Greetings FriendsI am a 406 resto shaman coming back from a short hiatus. I am currently looking for a Heroic or better raid team to enjoy the game with. I know my gear is a bit low but I’m currently working my behind off to improve it and get it up to par.I have been raiding since Wrath as many different classes and specs, but i have always excelled as a healer. Past few expansions I have ... 11/12/2019 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 450ilvl 8/8M Brm Monk LF Hardcore<p>Howdy,</p><p>Looking for a competitive raid group to push top US rankings! My availability is anytime after 7pm CST(1st day/week of new raid can be more open). I also have a 440 Havoc alt but am prepared to reroll any class for alt.</p><p>Bnet/Disc: Valspara#1976</p> 11/12/2019 21:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A - Demon Soul] Female player LF active guild - I play 15+ hours a day<p>[A][DEMON SOUL]</p><p>WILL NOT DO A FACTION CHANGE</p><p>I am looking for a guild to join on my lvl 88 Shadow Priest and lvl 42 Arcane Mage. I am wanting something that has an established guild bank, discord server, decent mix between both men and women players, and plenty of ACTIVE/DAILY members. I seem to notice I am running into longer and longer dungeon queue waits so I am hoping to be ... 11/12/2019 21:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 60 Resto Druid Looking For Guild<p>Hello!</p><p>I recently transferred to Earthfury to raid with a few friends, but in the end, the guild they joined does not need another resto druid.</p><p>I was a hardcore mythic player during Legion/BFA, but I have always been a vanilla player at heart and I put the time needed into this game to be a successful player. (I am always raid ready)</p><p>I am available to raid during the nights ... 11/12/2019 21:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Returning Prot Warrior, LF Guild<p>Good evening everyone!</p><p>So I took a leave of absence and I’m looking for a new guild. My Neck is 57 and I’m almost 400 ilvl. I have experience raiding going back to wrath just looking for a new home. I’m Alliance on Dalvengyr so I’m pretty sure there are some connected realms. While I’m prot I would be willing to switch to dps if that’s what was in demand as looking at the frontpage it ... 11/12/2019 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy Pally and Warlock Looking for guild<p>Me and my warlock buddy are coming back after a hiatus from how awful the start of BfA felt.</p><p>Basically we are both mythic raiders I have a few cutting edge achievements and logs from Uldir Mythic. As for my lock friend he unfortunately doesn’t have any logs.For character names you can look us both up as Moredottz-Tichondrius and Morzhan-Mal’ganis.</p><p>For Logs on Uldir, you can find ... 11/12/2019 18:48:00 Unknown Unknown   PaWk
 Looking for mature/fun/casual guild<p>Hello! Holly priest here on Zul’jin that is looking for a new home. I’ve been playing since 2004 and I have raid experience. I’m not in a position to raid right now due to family and work but that may change. I would love to be part of a social and fun group of people.</p><p>Jada Blood Elf Priest&lt;Zul’jin&gt;</p> 11/12/2019 18:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for guild<p>Good day everyone</p><p>Looking to get into a casual guild. Possibly looking to raid. I main as a Pally Healer but could perform other tasks if necessary. I have friends RL that I could possibly recruit if I feel the guild would be a good fit.</p><p>Thank you for your time!</p><p>120 Belf PaladinRealm Feathermoon</p> 11/12/2019 18:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Lock LF late-night weekdays mythic progression guild<p>hello, i usually use affliction for raid and switch demon/destro for m+. (il447 and HoA70). my husband is a paladin. He can dps and tank for raid. (i level448 and HoA70).we are 3/8M EP so far. tried Lady Ashvence couple times. Because of work schedules changed, we are LF 2 weekdays mythic progression guild. prefer the late-night raid time, 11pm-2am EST. we are prepared and keeping pushing high ... 11/12/2019 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Healer looking for a progression guild<p>Hi all my name is josh but people know me as pum. As you all know classic has messed up a lot of guilds and progression has come to a halt for me I am looking for a mythic progression guild with mature people. I am on the east coast so I would prefer a 2 days a week raiding guild that doesn’t even raid weekends and ends anytime before 12. I main a mistweaver Which is my love but I play all ... 11/12/2019 16:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
  [A/H] Returning player looking for friendly raiding guild to call home!<p>Hi there!Name’s Pete, 25 years old and from Norway. I’m looking to get back into WoW, and would love to find a lovely guild that raids to join. Whichever server, I’m fine with moving. Used to be completely devoted to Alliance in the past, but giving Horde a proper go this time around, or sticking to Alliance. It really depends.</p><p>I currently plan on maining Shaman (Elemental + Resto), and ... 11/12/2019 15:48:00 Alliance Unknown    
 Hpally LF guild<p>Hello!</p><p>I’m a former raider looking for a guild to progress with in EP and moving into 8.3 &amp; Shadowlands</p><p>I play mainly a holy Paladin currently at 423 ilvl</p><p>Preferably looking for NA EST raiding guild that would accept me into their squad where I can learn and help out in raid progression.</p><p>Willing to server transfer if I have too, not looking for an alliance guild, no ... 11/12/2019 14:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Outland (H) - LF Casual Mythic+ & Raiding Guild<p>I’m relatively new to BFA. I’m a returning player from Vanilla, BC &amp; WOTLK. I’ve rolled as a protection warrior and have been doing mythic 10+ weekly. I would be interested in casual raiding but currently only tanked 8/8 in raid finder. I’m at ilevel 436, play casually but mainly on weekend evenings and am based in the UK. Thanks!</p> 11/12/2019 14:36:00 Horde Unknown    
 Returning player LF a chill guild<p>As the title would imply, I’m just a returning player looking a for a guild to have some fun with, I’m not all too experienced, but i love to learn and grow. So, yeah! Hope to hear from someone soon, and get to know the community more! See you soon!</p> 11/12/2019 14:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Two Returners LF Good Guild<p>Hello, my friend and I are currently looking to return to WoW and are both interested in mythic+ content and raiding as well.</p><p>A little about us:</p><p>We are both mythic caliber raiders who have had our fair share of mythic experience with a few cutting edge achieves along the way. Been playing since the release of vanilla, took a break during the last expansion and put some time in to ... 11/12/2019 14:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 4/8M druid lf guild (A) Stormrage<p>Hello , im a Druid main Resto / balance , but i play pretty much all specs i have 4 different azerite set and off set for each spec , i progressed 4/8 Mythic and experienced , im looking for a guild not a late night one but around 6pm or 7 pm , can be raiding 3 days a week doesn’t matter which days , i’m free always i can show up any days , I’m looking for a guild with the same progress or ... 11/12/2019 13:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] -Thrall- Resto druid looking for AoTC & M+ guild<p>What im looking for is a guild that raids either once per week or doesnt require full attendance. I dont look to raid very much especially with my coming work schedule, but would like a shot at some of the raid gear and chance at titan forges.</p><p>A little about me: 433 EquippedJust came back from a break about 2 weeks ago.2k healer for m+ in season 2 and was 7/9M BoD. I look to mainly just ... 11/12/2019 11:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for rp guild. Moonguard<p>Hi all,</p><p>I’m recently returned to wow and looking for an RP guild to join on moon guard… I have lots of experience but I am a bit rusty.</p><p>I’m looking for an alliance guild. Otherwise I’m open to anything !</p><p>I have a ne hunter.</p><p>I go to the hubs and hang out but nobody ever seems to want to interact and all seem to be in groups.</p><p>Hope to hear from someone!</p> 11/12/2019 11:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for friendly Turalyon Raiding Guild EU<p>Hi. I’m an on/off WOW player from South Africa (Euro time zones) for many years now. I have mostly avoided raiding and quested my way through WOW. I have a guild which I’ve used as a role play device with friends that no longer play the game. I would love to join a guild that is reasonably forgiving and friendly who could help me get good at the raiding scene. I have an Item level 400 balance ... 11/12/2019 08:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Returning Hpally looking for HC guild<p>Hello there, my name is Vynlann or Vinlann.</p><p>First about what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a heroic focused guild, who might dabble with mythic, but is just a laid back group of friends that raids a couple nights a week, has no hard requirements about how you play, but still expects you to play within good performing reason. Every guild is gonna have the low performers and star ... 11/12/2019 02:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 5/8M Exp DK LF Raid guild<p>Have 2 440+ toons and have 5/8M Exp Looking for a new raid guild to call home. Trying to swap mains. Will swap servers not looking to swap Factions.</p> 11/11/2019 23:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for Alliance Guild<p>Hello. I thought I found a home but it didnt work out, so now I am looking for an Alliance guild again, preferably on Lightbringer or Shadowsong because those are where my high level toons are. I am a BM Hunter main and a Frost / Blood DK alt, though I am currently about to relevel another DK because I love them that much haha. Would like to work my way into the Heroic Raiding scene as either ... 11/11/2019 22:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 2 Mythic Healers LF Casual Mythic raiding!<p>Hello all! My real life best friend and I have been gaming together since 2012, and after the “Classic” and “Roster Boss” hit our last guild - we are searing for a new home. We are currently 4/8M in Eternal Palace and have 100+ wipes on Orgozoa.</p><p>What all do we have to offer? Oh, do we have a list for you!!</p><p>447 Holy Priest (with a 443 Shadow off-spec) - Max alchemy and enchanting ... 11/11/2019 21:48:00 Unknown Unknown    

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