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 967 Enhancement Shaman LFG in MythicsInfo:Hi, I'm Jamby. I play an Enhancement Shaman and have done 11/11H multiple times (and usually in the top for logs). However, I am on Alliance and want to transfer to Horde (been wanting to play Horde for AWHILE now).Time Available:Looking to raid around 2 nights a week (preferably at the beginning of weekly reset around 7pm-12am EST) ... 3/01/2018 13:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 Hunter LF casual late night raid teamReturning player looking for a late night raiding guild on Alliance. Must be from 10pm pst- 1am. I need this specific time due to work and school. If anyone is willing to do this I can also server transfer at some point. I've been playing wow since 2006 off and on. I've mostly been a healer, but switched to dps in WOD. I can go into more detail if you are interested. I'm looking for a casual, but ... 3/01/2018 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 967 Havoc DH 5/11 Mythic lf Raiding Guild.Btag: Mayhem#11713- Please Feel free to add me :)Looking for a Horde, hard-core raiding guild to push Cutting Edge in Antorus with. Currently, I am 5/11 Mythic in Antorus and have Cutting Edge experience, having achieved CE: Xavius back in Emerald Nightmare. I have a enduring work ethic, excellent understanding of my class, and will always show up to raid on-time and ready to work. Looking for a ... 3/01/2018 12:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 959 Healer lf mythic guild, 11/11H11/11H 959 MW monk OR 957 Holy Priest LF guild to run with to progress through mythic content and M+. PM or add Ishtaldea#1366 for more info. 3/01/2018 12:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 969 tank DH 4/11M LF mythic guildHey guys, Looking for a new mythic home. I am currently debating on going warrior or druid for the next expansion, so my main WILL switch. And as a side note, I mained prot warrior since vanilla up to Legion where I changed to DH so the change in mains wouldn't affect my performance.I am only interested in staying Horde. Because zandalari trolls bruh!Preferred raiding times are during the weekday ... 3/01/2018 12:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 933 Arms Warrior LFG Raiding/Mythic Hi, I am looking to do more raiding and mythic + dungeons.I've been looking on my server but it has been difficult. No one is looking or I get no replies for requests.I've been playing since the Vanilla days on and off. I'm available most nights from 7-11pm est, but prefer Friday-Saturday 6pm-12amThanks! 3/01/2018 11:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 934 Feral/Tank Druid LF Weekday AM Raid GuildI am a returning player from Cata. I am looking for a guild that is progressing through Antorus Heroic and eventually Mythic content. My first ever clear through Antorus I only died 4 times when the leader called for a wipe, so I am very capable of surviving while still outputting DPS. My DPS on low movement fights averages out around 1.4M and up and my DPS on heavy movement encouters is 1.1M. ... 3/01/2018 11:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11M Feral druid LF Mythic guildHello. As the title suggests, I am looking for a new guild to progress mythic with. I would prefer a guild with either the same, or more progress than what I currently have, and I am willing to move servers as well as faction change if the right guild comes along. You can find my logs here: you would like to know more about me, feel free to add ... 3/01/2018 11:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 963 Rdruid LFG7/11 Mythic Experience. LF alliance or horde guild. Please leave BattleTags for me to contact. 3/01/2018 10:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy Priest LF M raiding guildHello there, Area 52! New server transfer here! I'm a Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild Would like to find a group to raid Mythic Antorus until new xpac hits. I can raid 2 of the following nights T, W, TH. Also love doing M keys.Experience is almost 2/11M :P (I say almost as we probably would have got that last 2% if we had another pull or 2). Alas, I'm 1/11 on the official charts for this tier. And ... 3/01/2018 10:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 960 feral/bm hunter LF guild11/11H. Horde side only, willing to server xfer(must be PvP). LF weekday raid schedule(i work weekends) 3/01/2018 10:12:01 Unknown Unknown   DH
 967 Shadow/966 Holy Priest 5/11M LF GuildHi! I'm the Raid Leader for <Fallen Have Risen> on Area 52. Unfortunately, it looks like our guild is dying to the roster boss, but I want to continue raiding, so I'm looking for a new home. Here's my logs: ideal candidate for me would be:1. 5/11M or higher. I do not want to reprogress.2. Raid no later than 11 PM EST. This is a HARD ... 3/01/2018 09:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 965 Feral DPS LFG (3/11M)965 Feral Druid Looking For Guild:Hello there,Due to a new job i'm unable to make raid times in my current guild - I am looking to move to any 2 or 3 night a week guild that raids from 20:00 server time. I am a 26 year old Brit with typical British dry humour, looking for a group of like minded players to enjoy content with. I am currently 3/11 mythic but have only raided one night, logs can be ... 3/01/2018 07:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Guardian Druid Tank LF Raiding Guild968 Guardian druid tank81 traits in weapon, barthalis Horde looking for active guild for raiding content and to push high keys. net details : UchihaEyes#6262Currently 2/11 m 3/01/2018 06:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 970 Mage 6/11M Exp LF T/W late nightOnly raided mythic seriously this expansion with my biggest bottleneck being my schedule. Other than that I have a wide range of non-mythic experience in previous expansions.I work full time, GTX 970, 16mb Ram, i7 2700k, about 125mb download speeds, never really have connection issues on my part, typically Comcast' fault(1-3 occurance every 3 months).Raid wise I typically like to volunteer for ... 3/01/2018 05:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 960 WW / Vengeance DH LF HomeHey there, I’m Travis. I’ve been playing wow since wrath and have raided in many top 10 US guilds. I quit the game for a while and have recently returned with a fresh account and mindset to play slightly more casually but still keep some roots with my hardcore past. I would still like to raid some mythic, so hmu. And to run keys ALL DAY ERY DAY. I !@#$ing love pushing m+. Hmu on bnet @ ... 3/01/2018 03:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 961 Resto/Guardian Druid LFG961 Resto Druid or Guardian Druid LFG I'm 11/11 HC and in need of a guild I'm interested in pushing into Mythic I'd prefer to heal but I'm a good tank as well. I've been tanking for a while and I'm trying to switch over to healing as that's what I'm doing for M+ so being able to roll on healing gear in raid as Main spec is awesome lol anyway anyone who is interested please add me Solix#1905 and ... 3/01/2018 03:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 940 G Druid, and other Tank Alts LF GuildLooking for a horde guild, that accomodates from 2-230AM to 4-430AM EST, raid times. Due to work i'm not able to raid any other point. I have experience from BT to WOD. Just recently came back to legion and geared super quickly. All my alts i managed to get to 900+ within three weeks or so.Just looking for a guild that is doing heroic, and moving further into mythic but the key is the raid time ... 3/01/2018 02:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 8/11M 966 MM Hunter LF guildLong story short i cant raid in my current guild, LF guild that isnt extremely casual/hardcore. Need like an in between if that makes sense. Logs are kinda garbo cause i stopped caring to try in this guild. If you want more information hmu. My friends list is full so id rather you hmu on discord. bnet: raqcity#1182discord: Thicker Than a Snickers\#4610armory: ... 3/01/2018 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11m 970 Ret LF guildAs the title states I’m LF a guild ideally raiding between M and Thursday 7:30-11pm est maybe 12pm est. god plenty of raid Experience and can check my logs if needed. Have raided since wrath and always pushed content. Let me know what y’all got. PS will contemplate xfer and please be at least 6/11M.Thx 2/28/2018 23:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 ✨963 MW Monk 1/11M LFG to raid with!✨Henlo! I am looking for a new home to do mythic prog with and go into BFA! I am new to mythic raiding, but I have made it to 1/11M before our guild lost members and couldn't prog further. I'm a very easy going person, with TONS of patience. I learn easily, and love to challenge and improve my skills! - can go horde (can faction change/server change)- can raid most times, anything after 3pm MT, ... 2/28/2018 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Wyrmrest Accord LF RP Guild1. Times available & time zone: Late Afternoon/ Late Evening & CST2. Server preference: Wyrmrest Accord3. Faction preference: Alliance4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi I am a returning player, and I am looking for a RP heavy guild. I am currently reacquainting myself with the current atmosphere and story with a new character, a Human Priest. I am looking for a Guild which has ... 2/28/2018 22:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 965 Ret LF Mythic Raiding GuildDue to a changing in work schedule I am looking for a new raiding guild. faction and server is not a problem. I am currently 11/11H with mythic exp from previous tiers EN 5/7M NH 9/11M ToS 4/9M.Warcraft Logs - - - ... 2/28/2018 22:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 7/11 M Mage looking for new guild!7/11 M Frost mage Looking for a new guild on Silvermoon!Got past Mythic experience aswell13/13 M HFC5/7M TeNCant be bothered to put a good post about this, so add me on Btag if you're interested and I'll provide you with more information etcDenzo#2232 2/28/2018 22:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 970 Tank - 7/11M LFGLooking for a competitive guild in need of a tank to finish out the tier. Have been mythic raiding throughout legion on various toons serving different roles. Consistent top 1-3% performance for Brewmaster in all fights up to this point. Raid Times:M - Th: 6:30 - 10:30 PST (can possibly be as early as ... 2/28/2018 22:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 935 Warrior LOOKING FOR GUILDi love wow and would love to experience more of the game with a guild. I will do anything from mythics+ to raiding (given a time to work with) and would like to find a guild i can stick with through BFA. Thanks and have a good day! 2/28/2018 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Player Wyrmrest Accord LF RP Guild1. Times available & time zone: Late evening/ Late Afternoon & Central Time zone2. Server preference: Wyrmrest Accord (RP)3. Faction preference: Alliance4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi5. Current progression/experience: A number of 60+ Characters (Been a while since playing heavily.) I am a returning player who is starting fresh with a Human Priest, and I am looking for a ... 2/28/2018 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 960 Prot Warrior Tank LF GuildHi all,I'm 11/11H and 1/11M. Looking for a raiding guild. Need a guild that raids on EST time, as I work a 9-5 job. Prefer to raid Alliance. Hoping to find the right family for me out there! 2/28/2018 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 959 5/11 Mythic Frost Mage LF MythicsHello,My guild has been fighting the roster boss for pretty much over a month. I have recently swapped over from my Fury Warrior to my Original main which is my mage. I have logs from this Tier as well as last expansion to show my competency. My logs for my item ... 2/28/2018 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11 Rsham/RDruid LF a new homeWe both are 6/11M and great raiders here are links to our logs. both have really solid parses keep in mind i main resto so don't look at elle logs but I'm more then willing to swap elle if need be! ... 2/28/2018 19:00:00 Unknown Unknown   DS
 (H) 6/11 Mythic Resto Druid LF GuildI'm looking for 9 hourish raiding guild with the intent to push and clear mythic raid content (for example Mythic Argus) I am currently on Bleeding Hollow however I am willing to server transfer if needed.Battletag - Kraiza#11771Warcraft logs - IO Score - 2958Contact me through my battletag for any more info. 2/28/2018 18:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 952 Holy pally lf raid guildLf trans friendly raid guild. I am lf something between 9pm - 1am est. or equiv. open to either side. lf for a guild that at least clears heroic but open to more. no bs or drama please I have enough of that IRL. Nemusia#1225 2/28/2018 18:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 930 Ret LF Raiding GuildI am available every day of the week and am most likely able to meet the times for raid. Battletag is Itsmed#1200. 2/28/2018 18:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for Guild.Realm: LightbringerFaction: Alliance only.Raiding times: Flexible, Prefer mornings ( 9am-12pm in-game time)what we're looking for: a casual guild that we can raid with. we want to do more progressive content, and in general have a better, more enjoyable experience when doing group content. we've done a bit of normal antorus from pugs, and mythic+ up to 8 (we are still getting gear to get ... 2/28/2018 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11M 973Resto/elle 975Rdruid LF new homeWe both are 6/11M and great raiders here are links to our logs. both have really solid parses keep in mind i main resto so don't look at elle logs but I'm more then willing to swap elle if need be! ... 2/28/2018 17:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 904 Resto Shaman LFRG904 Resto Shaman looking for Raid GroupWilling to raid Sat/Sun at most in the mornings if possible.Ofblackheart#1714Thanks. 2/28/2018 17:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 974 hunter/967 mage LF new home6/11m exp hunter/mage LF new guild with progression in mind,looking for late night preferably between wed-sun any questions contact me at Pwnykeg#1123 or Battlepants#12267late night being at least 8pm pacific(12am eastern)horde preferred 2/28/2018 17:00:00 Unknown Unknown   MH
 969 Havoc DH lf guildHello, I'm looking for a mythic guild that raids around 2-3 pacific or 5-6 est just anything around that time, as I work graveyard shift.969 Havoc DH 962 Holy paladin962 Feral druid955 warlockall at least 75 traitsKolthis#1950 2/28/2018 16:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 975 9/11M DPS DK LF GuldHi I'm a former top 50 US raider that had to take a step down from progression due to real life things, but now that they are dealt with I'm looking to step up into a more progressive raiding guild/environment. I have excellent mechanical awareness,high dps output, and great knowledge of my class and all of its specs. I have EVERY legendary for all 3 specs and 75+ traits in each spec, I also have ... 2/28/2018 16:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 935 PROT Pally LF Guild[A] Sargeras - Looking for a semi-casual guild, willing to raid up to 3 times a week. I am available Monday - Wednesday + Sunday from 6pm EST > and Thrusday - Friday after 7pm. Would rather not raid on weekends. Currently [N] 11/11, haven't started doing Heroics yet, looking for either a guild or a bit more gear to start doing pubs.Best regards, Flowashop. 2/28/2018 16:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for friendly/leveling/raiding guildLooking for a friendly guild I'm leveling a void elf so I'm not raiding at the moment but I want to when I come to level.I work from home and am on multiple times a day and am looking for friends and people to either level with or at least hang out with on disscord or so.I can even change realms if necessary and level on that realm. 2/28/2018 14:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 956 Hunter LF Mythic GuildGreetings!I am looking for a mythic raiding guild for my hunter. Current Tier experience is 2/11M. However prior to NH, I have cleared everything on mythic difficult while it was current going back to Wrath. Ideal guild will raid 2-3 nights a week and will have the desire/roster/skill to clear each tier while it is current. Do not have a preference on faction, however if you are horde if paid ... 2/28/2018 14:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11 M 972 Rdruid 973 rsham/elle LF new HomeWe both are 6/11M and great raiders here are links to our logs. both have really solid parses keep in mind i main resto so don't look at elle logs but I'm more then willing to swap elle if need be! ... 2/28/2018 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown   DS
 [H] 972 Mythic exp tank Tank LFG80 trait, 972 ilvl Prot Warrior LF raiding group. 4/11 M exp but certainly capable of going all the way. 80-90% self healing on every mythic boss + 3% passive leach for raid group = usually beating healers on fights.LFG that raids anytime between 730p - midnight Eastern. I am also very active in M+ 2/28/2018 12:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 926 Havoc DH LF Casual Raiding GuildHi there I just came back to Legion after a break, and I'm looking for a casual raiding guild that raids 2 nights a week. Outside of LFR I haven't raided, and I'm looking for a place to start out. My DH has 2 legendaries and I'm well acquainted with my skill rotations for the Havoc Spec. I can look up guides to the fights prior to raiding so I don't drag the group down.AllianceServer: ... 2/28/2018 10:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 935 Rogue LF Sat/Sun raidingI am looking for Saturday and Sunday evening raid times. I am a Sub Rogue and I feel I know my class pretty well. 2/28/2018 10:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 963 3/11M Boomkin LFG1. Times available & time zone: 7-11 cst2. Server preference: Any3. Faction preference: Alliance 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore5. Current progression/experience: 3/11M6. Recent logs (if available): Upon request7. Contact info: Leave spam and I will add if interested. 2/28/2018 10:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 959 ww monk LF guildlooking for guild that can raid sun-tues. onlly days I have available. 4/11 progression. 2/28/2018 09:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 9/11m MM hunter LFG9/11m Hunter! looking for Raiding guild. Warlock friend as well if interested in both!Pretty Flexible with dates and times. 2/28/2018 08:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 934 DH (Horde) LF Guild (Silvermoon)Hello, Im a Demon Hunter Looking for and Active friendly guild which raids often and does a lot of guild PvE.. Im an active player and have an aspect of 20hrs game time per week. Thanks. P.S I do not wish to change Realms as Im un-aware of the disadvantages and losses it might bring to My Character. 2/28/2018 07:12:01 Horde Unknown    

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