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 [A] Silvermoon - Blood DK LF BFA Mythic Raiding GuildReturning wow player with lots of experience in tanking is looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is willing to progress the same I do.My goal is to have a main tank/off tank raiding spot where on certain fights i could go dps. I do not prefer the latter.Min/maxing and knowing my class inside out are therefore some of my prioties as well as learning new fights as fast as i can with a ... 6/05/2018 18:24:00 Alliance Unknown    
 Tank lf Raiding guildBM monk looking for a tank position. 9/11m xp when i was raiding in January add me nick#1251 6/05/2018 16:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 New Player (DPS) LF Helpful GuildHello! I played WoW briefly during BC, but got turned off by the level grind. I just boosted a BM Hunter with a friend, hoping to give the game another shot.I've been doing LFR raids, heroic dungeons, and world quests to acclimate myself to controls and my spec, but find myself bored without a challenge or group to play with.I'm looking for an active guild, friendly to noobs, that would help me ... 6/05/2018 16:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a new player freindly guild - Draenor EUHi!New player here, looking to get started with raiding. I am looking for a guild in the Draenor EU realm. I am a casual player with a 8am-15pm job. This would be my first guild so it is important the guild is New Player friendlyKind Regards Riyer. 6/05/2018 15:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage/DH player LF new guild/homeI am in need of a guild that can keep me on the bench as a back up raider since my work schedule is absolute rubbish. Iwould prefer a guild that is actively running M+ dungeons and primarily raids Saturday and Sunday. 6/05/2018 14:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Argent Dawn - Looking for Guild for BfA!Hey there!I am looking for a Guild for Battle for Azeroth to play Mythic+ and Raid casually (1-2 Days a week).My Current main is a Vengeance Demon Hunter, though I do plan to swap over to Restoration/Balance Druid in Battle for Azeroth (Mainly because I just got said druid to 110 and need to gear her up).I would also like the guild to be somewhat social, though not too big. A guild Discord Server ... 6/05/2018 14:48:00 Alliance Unknown    
 10/11M Mage LF Raid Team (Mostly for BFA)Hello! I'm an Ex Cutting Edge Competing raider looking to finally get in a raid guild this xpack. I started of Legion getting screwed with what team I had and have yet to actually find a spot in a team, only making bench spots due to my lack of gear. Finally found a home, that broke apart at Mythic Argus. You'd need to really convince me to come back for the rest of this xpack as I only have like ... 6/05/2018 14:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 10/11M 976 Hpriest LF Guild for Legion BFAHi all! Our guild is now calling it, so I'm looking for a new home for the rest of Legion, and more importantly for BFA!Seeking a core healer spot for my hpriest, raiding 2-3 days/week, starting ~ 8pm CST or later.Ideally your guild is 10/11M, if not 11/11M. We got Argus to 1% last week (that guild log was deleted), so I do have experience to help with that. Logs: ... 6/05/2018 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Retuning Feral/Resto OS Druid LF Raiding Guild!Hello there! :)As the title says, I'm a returning player looking for a Raiding Guild after taking a break after my Guild imploded during Mythic Emerald Nightmare. I have plenty of raiding experience, but that will be up to you to find out if it is indeed true or not. I decided to return to get back into the raiding scene, chill out, have fun and possibly make friends along the way. Now at the end ... 6/05/2018 12:00:01 Alliance Unknown    
 BDK/Veng DH LFGhello, i am currently looking for a guild to raid with once BFA starts, figured start looking now. i currently work nights 10PMCST-7AMCST which is why i could not raid with most guilds at the moment. come august im back on days and will be getting a new day job in october so i can raid from august on normally. i have taken a break from raiding since ToS due to my schedule. i still push high keys ... 6/05/2018 12:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Feral Druid LF Guild for Mythic Raiding For BFAHello everyone, I'm looking for a raiding guild for BFA. I'm mainly looking for a EST raiding guild and if possible twice a week, considering next semester college will be a bit rough on me and I really don't like missing raid nights. I can also make mornings if that's what your raiding schedule is like. About myself: I started playing WoW less than a year ago, I've always been a very competitive ... 6/05/2018 12:00:00 Unknown PvE    
 10/11m (3% Argus) Healer H/D Priest LF CE guildHey, I'm Ben, a 19 year old Holy/Disc Priest with all healers and tanks as my offspecs. I'm looking for a solid, reliable raiding guild that I can call home. I have previously been in multiple world 300-500 raiding scenarios and have a lot of experience with mythic bosses. I have both tanked and healed argus, so I'd be able to perform both in a satisfactory manner if required to. here are some ... 6/05/2018 10:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 MMS/BM Hunter looking for Early Morning Raiding Guild<Deleted> 6/05/2018 10:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Rogue looking for mythic teamHi, any guild groups short afew members i can join on the regular for mythic antorus without joining the guilds? im a 972 rogue done upto imonar and guild stopped raiding :(. linked my logs below. im a quick learner and take instruction well. 6/05/2018 07:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for an Illidan guildLookin' to join an active and social guild for leveling and a great time. Been playin' up till now solo, it's just gotten so boring and I really don't want that to be part of the new experience. Played FFXIV for a good long while and decided it's time to finally try out WoW, so super excited to meet some cool people and learn the system. 6/05/2018 05:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Druid/Monk Player looking for BfA Mythic GuildHey all,Let's start with an introduction,My name is Luntho, I've been playing and maining a Druid since early TBC which i guess is around 12 years now? I grew up in England, so played on EU servers up until my move to the US last year. I've been playing endgame content as much as i can, to include mythic, or the equivalent difficulty, in every expansion apart from Cataclysm.I'm a 25 year old male ... 6/05/2018 05:48:00 Unknown PvE   DMo
 962 Alliance / 950 Horde Boomy LF GuildHi Everyone. Seems with BFA around the corner it's hard to find a guild that's still raiding or even still around.I have a long history of raiding and have been around since vanilla. I still would like to tackle a few more bosses in Antorus, but I do want to find that perfect home before BFA rolls out.Here is some previous experience:7/7M Emerald Nightmare3/3H TOV5/10M Nighthold9/9H Tomb of ... 6/05/2018 02:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] [Area 52] Couple looking for guild.Looking for something a little more than casual raiding, but would like a community of people to play with. We're still leveling, but would like to eventually raid. No Sunday raids and raid times must be at least 7 PST (10 EST). We are experienced players but have been out of WoW for a couple years. 6/05/2018 02:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 949 Frost DK LF GuildWould like to find a a Mythic raiding guild.Have a strong Legion Mythic background been "casually" Raiding Mythic since MoP. Would like to stay on alliance. Would like to find a guild that pushes high keys and does other things outside of raiding hours and days open. Open to all offers.Logs : Suffocates#1332 6/05/2018 01:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning player LF friends/guildI have been playing WoW on and off the past couple of years and haven't been able to find anyone to play with. I'm still learning and haven't raided before but I definitely want to try with the right group of people, but mostly just want people to talk to and hang out with and do any content with (both pvp and pve).I currently play on on proudmoore as alliance, but happy to change server or roll ... 6/05/2018 01:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Returning feral Druid LF home for BFACompetent Feral druid LF a home for BFA. I use to progressive raid in Cata and MoP but took a hiatus for WoD and most of this xpac (recently resubbed). Willing to play Feral or Rogue for BFA. I can make most raid times so my schedule is very flexible. I show up on time and do my job. I'm pretty quiet and keep to myself. Looking for more a close knit guild, open to anything!Hmu in game! Dill#11300 6/05/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 974 Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guildilvl 974 Restoration (Trait 79) / 972 Elemental (Trait 75) Shaman looking for more serious raiding guild. Wanting to finish up Mythic ATB and also raid throughout BFA.Raid Availability: (Late Night) 9-10pm Mountain, Days off are currently Tuesday's and Wednesdays. May change in the near future due to changing jobs, will try and keep it late night ... 6/05/2018 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Fury War LF Casual GuildRelatively new player looking for a chill guild with cool people willing to help me learn more and play with. 6/04/2018 23:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 1/11M 961 Ret Pally LF Raiding guildNever raided with a guild, been a GM of a casual guild I made with friends for 2 years now, ready to move on. 6/04/2018 20:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 10/11 Mythic Raider LFGuild for BFAMythic raider. My guild broke off during Mythic Argus Progression.Looking for a cutting edge raiding guild for BFA.I have like 4 days left of my sub but I'll be good for bfa.Mage - Hunter - Paladin on Alliance SideEvery class but Mage and Paladin on Horde side.Most horde characters on Zul'jin and mage on Proudmoore.I'd prefer to not spend $1000000 on transferring [removed] this coming xpack so I ... 6/04/2018 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 920 Rogue LF helping guild-US-RavencrestI am recently back in to the game (Since WOTLK) and i am really just looking for a guild on the ravencrest server that will take me in, and let me tag along. trying to progress further, but at this point solo/Pugs aren't really doing it. Just hoping to find a guild that will take me under their wing for a bit, help me truly learn the dungeon and raid mechanics, and help me gear up for BFA 6/04/2018 17:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 (A) LF Raiding GuildMy name is Alex ive been playing WoW since the end of BC i have 8 level 110s tanks healers and dps most of them fairly geared im looking for a raiding guild on Alliance for raid times 11pm Centeral since i work in the restruant business and work either early mornings or late nights. My battle tag is Facerollkeys#1556 6/04/2018 17:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 DD DH Looking for a solid raiding grpDD DH Looking for a solid raiding grp, recently returned to game been playing BFA beta and will be maining my DH. Looking for a grp that raids Fri/Sat late night preferably or Sat/Sun early mornings. Been playing since Vanilla, mature no drama looking for the same. Simply reply to post or chat me in-game if interested. 6/04/2018 16:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Husband/Wife LF New Guild/Realm (Alliance)My wife and I are looking for a new Server with a mature semi-casual raiding guild, I am Experienced in most tanking/healing classes, and am willing to roll a new toon to fit the needs of the guild. She is a less experienced raider who would prefer to heal/Ranged DPS as needed.I have played WoW off and on for around 12 years. I raided heavily through Wrath and Cata, and had minimal raid ... 6/04/2018 16:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for Guild PvEHey all, I'm looking for a guild on the Draenor server to help me progress in the game. I am new to wow but have managed to get my character to level 73 as a blood elf mage. I am interested in pve. I am 29 years old and live in the UKMy battletag is Neophyte#21953This is a noob question regarding servers. Why do guilds choose to play on servers with low/medium population and not the high ones?. 6/04/2018 16:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 Healer/Tank LF raiding guild for Legion / BFAHi my name is Alex, I'm 22 and looking to join a wow community.1. Times available & time zone: EST - All 2. Server preference: Tichondrius 3. Faction preference: Horde4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi, I play a lot just inexperienced 5. Current progression/experience: a few LFR's6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: Here or BT: AyoMiner #15408. Anything else: Always trying to ... 6/04/2018 16:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Kazzak Priest Looking for guild to raid/do m Hey all,I'm still a newbie to WoW - I started in early April. I wish to start doing heroic/mythical raids and higher m+ dungeons ( my current max is +7 ).A bit about me: I'm 26, live in Germany and work in the pc gaming industry. I'm available everyday 19-24 CEST.For more info add me on bnet, pm in game or just bump this thread.Cheers! 6/04/2018 15:36:00 Horde Unknown    
 Experienced Player LF Guild.Hey guys, i have recently returned to WoW from a 5 month break due to a change of jobs. I'm looking for a guild for the remainder of legion or to join a team ready for BFA.I have played beta for over 7 days in game playtime.I've tested the Uldir raid on normal/heroic/mythic with top 300 world guilds on Beta and would be a good asset going into BFA.Shortly after, i killed mistress, which was a top ... 6/04/2018 15:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Druid/Monk looking for Mythic BfA GuildHey all,Let's start with an introduction,My name is Luntho, I've been playing and maining a Druid since early TBC which i guess is around 12 years now? I grew up in England, so played on EU servers up until my move to the US last year. I've been playing endgame content as much as i can, to include mythic, or the equivalent difficulty, in every expansion apart from Cataclysm.I'm a 25 year old male ... 6/04/2018 14:36:00 Unknown Unknown   DMo
 blood dk looking for raiding guildHello all! ill keep it short and to the point. About MeI took a break after clearing heroic ABT and am looking to get back in the swing of things before BFA launches in a couple months. Im an experienced raider, who is dedicated to the team and killing things. I play my class very well, and am an excellent tank. I have heroic clears of all legion raids, and a few mythic kills sprinkled in there ... 6/04/2018 12:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 (H) 970 Hpal / MW LF raiding guildLF guild, raid times after 9 EST, not weekends. Just looking to pass the time til BFA with some chill people- most of my friends quit.Run high keys regularly, looking for active discord.Only play healers. Have 960+ Rdruid, Rsham, MW, and Discpriest too.Staying horde, can rtransfer if i have to.LF guild, raid times after 9 EST, not weekends. Just looking to pass the time til BFA with some chill ... 6/04/2018 11:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 8 110S LF Raiding GuildI have 8 different level 110s most of them geared im looking for a raiding guild to join that raids around 11pm Centeral time i work in a restraunt on the west coast so i work mostly mornings or late nights but ive always had fun raiding with people im very good at learning raid mechanics i have many characters ranging from tanks to healers to dps 6/04/2018 04:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Ex mythic raider LF latenight M guildHeroic raided in MOP on rogue aswell as Mythic EN on rogue. Tough schedule makes it hard to raid during days so late night raiding is all i can do. 960ish atm EDIT: I am PST so prefer pst time zone raiding times 6/04/2018 03:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 941 Lock LF Raiding/Mythic guildLooking for a raiding guild that raids from 9pm server time, pref on a Monday and Wednesday. (def not a tuesday) have experience of raiding in the past but haven't done any current raiding in legion. Looking for a mature guild wanting to progress through and run mythic + as well and then hit BFA. Any server/faction as can transfer . I'm 32 so preference is for older like minded croneys ! 6/04/2018 02:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Havoc DH - LFG RaidingHey there i am looking for a raiding guild that can match my days and timesAny guild on any level of raid progression doesn't bother me at all so feel free to hit me up[Important Information]I am a 912 Havoc Demon hunter but i am a mythic raider i have just quit playing my old main as demon hunter is my new mainFor proof and a feel for my raiding capabilities here is my mage ... 6/04/2018 02:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 DH Tank / Shaman Healer LF Active GuildLooking for active and serious guild. (looking to learn)Played a bit in panda, and Wod, but a lot in legion. Hoping to get into raids in preparation for BFA.My schedule is open until fall semester starts so I have a lot of time on my hands. 6/04/2018 02:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 961 ret pally LF raiding guild.Currently 1/11M. Have not been apart of a raiding guild before, I've been a GM of a casual guild I made with friends for 2 years now and I'm ready to move on. 6/04/2018 01:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 931 Undead Holy Priest LF GuildAvailable to raid evenings PST. Looking for a low-key hangout. 6/04/2018 01:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 973 Spriest LF GuildI'm just looking for some people to play the game with, if you raid/mythic+/pvp w/e it is973 equipped tier/bis leggos 75+ perks 968 Holy OS 75+ perks, one bis leggoI need some chill people on alliance preferablyFor guilds looking for raid core I can do anydays but it has to be after 12:15AM EST for start time.Im cool with staying on my realm, but if you want me on your server you have to pay for ... 6/03/2018 23:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Ele/Resto 969/964 Sham LF late M raidAgain, looking for a raid that raids either, Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon with times of 10-2 am EST either 2 or 3 day, however if its on Wednesday it must be 12am EST or later. I can play Elemental or Resto as needed however typically main Elemental. I am currently 3/11 M experience before my raid fell apart. I am looking for an ACTIVE raid position. If my raid days/times lines up with you, please hit me ... 6/03/2018 23:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 970 Hpal or MW LF Raiding guildLF guild, raid times after 9 EST, not weekends. Just looking to pass the time til BFA with some chill people- most of my friends quit.Run high keys regularly, looking for active discord.***would RATHER play 940 MW monk, if looking for tank heals. just needs a couple tier pieces and good to go. Also have a 960 Rsham, Rdruid, and Discpriest. Only play healers. Staying horde, can rtransfer if i have ... 6/03/2018 21:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Brew Tank LF guild - BFA semi-casual N/HC/light MHi,I'm a 25yo guy from Sweden with a positive and calm attitude. I've been taking a raid break pretty much all mid-late legion due to Arena fever combined with life.. I was active in Emerald Nightmare if you want to check logs (played my feral Feedmeffs). BFA I want to switch it up a bit as I've raid healed and dpsed ... 6/03/2018 20:48:01 Horde Unknown    
 Shadow/Holy priest LF guild for BFAShadow/Holy priest LF guild for BFA with Mythic + group - NA servers. 6/03/2018 20:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 952 SPriest LF 2night Mythic/BfAHello All,You read the title. ExperienceI just came back to the game, hence the ilvl and kill deficit in antorus. I last raided on my Rogue during HfC, got cutting edge (realm third guild) and had a few top 5 parses for my realm. I'm currently 11/11 Heroic. I could link you parses on my priest, but I still don't have my 2 necessary legendaries, and I've only been pugging antorus, so they'd ... 6/03/2018 20:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 MW Monk and Unholy DK LF Weekend raidingGreetings! My RL friend and I are looking for a new raiding guild. I raid on a 955 Unholy DK, (Offspec Blood,) and a 957 Moonkin Occasionally. My friend raids on a 964 Mist Walker Monk and occasionally on a 951 Demon Hunter. We are both looking for a weekend raid team on a PVE server. We are also looking for guilds that have a low tolerance for juvenile behavior and guild drama. We are both ... 6/03/2018 20:00:00 Unknown Unknown   DkMo

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