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 Looking for EST Raid GuildPrimarily looking to tank for the rest of the expansion pack. I am currently 10/11N and 3/11 Heroic ATB. Heroic kills on High command, Imonar, Varimathras, and pulls on Coven. With that being said there are limited tank spots and some other specs might be better. I do have a few other toons I would be willing to play.Freshly boosted Paladin ( do have tank experience from Mists) and would ... 2/19/2018 13:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Couple looking for Danish speaking social guild(This has to be done in english since we are not allowed to type posts in any other language)Hey all that may read this,We're a real life couple who have played this game for a very long time, since original release infact. We've been in every bracket possible within the game, progression raider, hardcore server 1st right through to a filthy casual.However we're in a difficult position currently ... 2/19/2018 13:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 5/11M Resto druid LF Mythic GuildHello,I am looking for a new guild as my current team raids too late; prefer to raid 2 nights a week, weekend highly preferred. Availability - 8:30 PM EST to 12am ESTVanilla player with 10+ years experience as a healer, former top 50 raider. I took a break during most of Legion, former progression is 5/9M ToS and currently 5/11 M Ant.Faction changing is not an issue, I really want to return to ... 2/19/2018 13:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Group of 3 LF Raiding GuildJust as the title says, we are a group of 3 looking for a raiding guild for Normal and Heroic with the possibility of trying out mythic. We are a group of friends who've played together for years, with one starting in Cataclysm, myself in Mists of Pandaria and the other beginning in Warlords of Draenor. But that hasn't stopped us from getting alot of raiding experience in the meantime, starting ... 2/19/2018 13:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 (posting on alt)[H] 938 Disc Priest LFGPosting this as an alt as to not rock the boat back home.1. Times available & time zone: CST, typically 7pm-9pm Mon-Thurs, Friday 7:30pm-midnight, Saturday & Sunday varying (depends on IRL happenings)2. Server preference: Blade's Edge/Thunderhorn - I'm not paying for a transfer3. Faction preference: Horde - I'm not paying for a transfer4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual. I'm a ... 2/19/2018 13:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 889 Holy Priest LF GuildLooking for guild to do raids with.Working towards getting to 940 already have Velen's Future SightArea 52 Horde 2/19/2018 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 963 DH 4/11 M LF guildLooking for a guild that is still moving along in mythic antorus and is in need of a dps. Currently available anytime after 5:30 pst. Feel free to add me via battle net bohica1#1502 2/19/2018 12:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11M exp 971 Tank/DPS lf guildAvailable Sun,Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs after 8est. Unavailable Fri-SatFaction preference: HordeHardcore/Semi-HardcoreCurrent progression/experience: 5/11M killed 6/11 experienceLooking for guild to push for cutting edge and push into BFA with.Can be a 3rd tank. Competitive in dps if that's main role.DK Tank 971-bis legos frost 966-bis ... 2/19/2018 11:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 964 blood dk LF new homeCurrently looking for a new raiding guild for progressive raiding. looking to get into mythic as well. im 9/11 heroic. been playing since beta. Have dedication and drive and willingness to become better than i am. Im looking for something at 8pm for raids. i currently live in arizona so it has to be something that works with mountain time. later the better. thanks for your timekhoneycutt1439 ... 2/19/2018 11:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 968 aff lock lfgHi I'm Lokie a 968 affliction Warlock looking for a mythic raiding guild unfortunately I have no experience in mythic raiding because my guild chooses not to do it but I want to I'm looking for a mythic guild to join preferred said times would be said starting around 730-8pm EST thanks for taking the time to read this and if your interested in me comment or add me david71275#1353 and I'll ... 2/19/2018 10:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 955 ilvl Holy priest looking for a homeI am a 955 iLvl holy priest who has been playing WoW since vanilla. I have a wide range of raiding experience ranging from Molten Core back in the vanilla days to Antorus. Moved servers and faction recently.I am looking for a guild that I can call home. Preferably a guild that raids HC or Mythic content and who progresses at a good pace. As I do have a very busy work/gym/home schedule I am ... 2/19/2018 09:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 11/11H Hunter LF Weekend Morning Mythic GuildHi,My guild currently is falling apart and I am looking for a new one to push Mythic.I am a professional with young kids and sometimes have family obligations as well as business trips. Weekend mornings work best for me. I am frequently on during the week in the evenings to push Mythic+ dungeons or do non-progression raiding.Class/Spec: BM HunterFaction: ALLIANCE Cleared: 11/11H ABTBtag: ... 2/19/2018 09:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 970 Disc Priest(5/11M) LF Tues/Thursday GuildHello, I am currently 5/11M with quite a few pulls on Imonar and play disc priest on Mal'ganis. I have a shadow OS that I can play decently and also have holy ready to go for specific fights. I am looking for a Tuesday/Thursday guild that raids a little later(~8-9EST to 12-1). If you have any questions, the easiest way to contact me is via discord @Slated#4502 . You can also add my Btag ... 2/19/2018 09:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for PVP GuildI'm a returning player that watched my main servers economy take a nosedive causing my guild to dissolve. Was looking for a fresh start willing to start up on any server just want some good people to do any kind of PVP with. 2/19/2018 08:00:00 Unknown PvP    
 959 Outlaw Rogue LFGClass: RogueMain-spec: OutlawOff-spec: AssassinFaction: HordeServer: Raid Time: anytime after 7pm PST, anydayI would like to become a core raider of a guild beginning Mythic Antorus. 2/19/2018 07:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11 Enh Shaman LF Weekend Mythic Guild965 Enhancement Shaman looking for a new home. Currently 6/11 M (Kin to 25%)Looking for a mythic weekend guild that intends to get Cutting Edge. (Mythic Logs) (Heroic Logs)Contact Info:Shadowstorm#199538Discord: Shadowfury#6128 2/19/2018 04:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11M exp Multi-Class Tank/dps lfgAvailable Sun,Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs after 8est. Unavailable Fri-SatFaction preference: HordeHardcore/Semi-HardcoreCurrent progression/experience: 5/11M killed 6/11 experienceLooking for guild to push for cutting edge and push into BFA with.Can be a 3rd tank. Competitive in dps if that's main role.DK Tank 971-bis legos frost 966-bis legosDH Dps 962- bis legos Tank 959- bis legosWarrior Tank- 957 bis ... 2/19/2018 04:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 AoTC Raider LF GuildA little about me,I have been playing WoW since BC and took a break right before Cata dropped. I came back a couple months into legion and fell in love with the game again. I was in a top raiding guild back in BC on the Dalaran realm called Black Death. I am looking to join a guild that is active and can get raid content done/M+ but aren’t too hardcore. I currently work the graveyard shift so any ... 2/19/2018 02:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning SPriest LF raiding GuildGoing to keep this short and sweet and can give more info via dm on discord if anyone is interested. Returning vet player, have played on and off since day 1 Vanilla, returning after a break and looking to get back into raiding in WoW. On my DH I was 7/7M EN and 4/9M NH pretty early into the tier before taking a break. I am also a MC/HC raider in FFXIV ongoing so I have never really stepped away ... 2/19/2018 02:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 972 HOLY/DISC priest LF guild BFAHello my name is taibot and I recently just started raiding mythic this xpac, as my older brother got me back into the game. Im currently finishing the tier off with his guild and his friends (7/11M currently) and have been raiding pretty casually this whole xpansion. I'm looking to get into a more hardcore scene with more time on my hands. I'm free for most times and consistently play at the top ... 2/19/2018 02:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11M Hunter LF Weekday TeamHi all, my schedule is looking to change soon so I am looking to see what options are out there to continue Mythic Prog. I am available Monday-Thurs with flexible times, prefer at night though. I don't mind sitting the bench if needed and would like an active guild environment to do Mythic+ with. Here is a link to my logs. Post ... 2/19/2018 01:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 4/11m raider LF guild4/11m exp 968 Unholy DK or 965 Havoc/Veng DH LF late night or Monday, Tuesday, Saturday guild. The three days listed are flexible with times out side of those, looking for something that starts at 10:30 PM PST or later, timers are pretty strict. willing to xfer just not willing to go alliance! btag is Liikus#1153. I can fill multiple dps class rolls and or willing to tank as DH. 2/19/2018 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Alliance - LF Guild on ShadowmoonHi all;After a 7 year holiday from Retail, I have returned to enjoy the Scaled leveling and dungeon scaling for the challenge. My plans are to level my Tank Warrior - Snydly, My DPS Mage - Drellis, and My Healer Priest - Dalizstar to level 110 over the next 3 months.I am looking for an active Alliance guild with Discord to have some fun and laugh along the way. PST or reply below. Thanks 2/19/2018 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 963 Blood DK 4/11M LF Mythic GuildCharacter Name: Ultròn - Stormreaver (alt 1 4 9 for o)Spec: Blood MS, UH OSRaiding Exp: M EN 7/7M (CE), M ToV 3/3M (CE), M NH 10/10M (CE), M ToS 6/9M, M ABT 4/11MRaider Bio: I have frequently raided with top tier players during the legion expansion but came to a hault during Mythic ToS 5 months ago. I had to leave raiding to deal with a real life issue that is resolved. Upon returning a month ... 2/18/2018 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 950 Fury Warrior LF Raid GuildHello. I'm looking for a weeknight raid guild starting at or slightly after 9pm EST. I have many parses in heroic in the 90th percentile for my ilvl. I also have a few mythic bosses under my belt. If interested reply to this post. 2/18/2018 22:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 969 Fire Mage LF Mythic Raid GuildHi Everyone,Currently I'm in an Alliance mythic raiding guild on Magtheridon and I'd like to make a switch. It's not that I don't have a great guild (I really do!), it's just that because of the make up of our current team, I don't always get to run on raid nights, leaving me behind on progression.About me: My main spec is fire, with frost as my off spec. I'm 75+ traits in both specs and can ... 2/18/2018 22:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Tank LF M raiding guildHey guys like the title says im looking for a M raiding guild for either my Blood DK or Brewmaster Monk, I am currently 2/11M Exp my raid team just disbanded cause we werent able to keep a solid roster up and having attendance problems. My preferred raid times are anytime after 6pm CST but cant raid past 11pm CST due to the need for that silly thing called sleep so i can function at my deadend ... 2/18/2018 21:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 906 Frost DK US Darkwood Looking for GuildI took some time off and got seperated from the guild i was in.I'm looking for a mature gamer guild that's ok with helping me re-learn the game and get back into it!I'm mostly active EST night time after work and available most of the day on weekends!I am looking to do dungeons / raiding and can run PVPI'm still new at learning the whole Mythic Dungeons etc.Thank you for your consideration! 2/18/2018 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 MW Monk LF raid teamI'm a long time raider looking for a raid/mythic+ guild. Currently at 5/11 Mythic w/ previous ToS 6/9 Mythic xp. My availability is anytime after 6pm to midnight est everyday. Prefer a guild w/ close to my xp, I live on wow most days so feel free to message me. As an added bonus I can reset bosses and sometimes dps, but that's not safe to let me in melee. Sinerjist#1686 -- ... 2/18/2018 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning player looking for legacy guildAny serverAny FactionJust looking for a solid, active, legacy guild. 2/18/2018 21:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 957 11/11H Hunter LF GuildHi,My guild currently is falling apart and I am looking for a new one to push Mythic.I am currently raiding Sat/Sun mornings but would not be opposed to other days/times so long as the guild fits into a good time window for me. I am a professional with young kids and sometimes have family obligations as well as business trips. Weekend mornings and weekday evenings after 8pm Pacific work best ... 2/18/2018 20:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 954 Hunter LF Friday/Saturday raiding guildAs the title suggests, I am currently looking for a raiding guild that raids Friday and Saturday nights in the US as I am currently overseas. I know there are not many fri/sat raiding guilds so while I would rather stay on Tichondrius, I will xfer for the right fit. I’m also not opposed to doing mythic but a heroic only group is fine too. 2/18/2018 20:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 972 Fire mage LF Guild 9/11mLooking for a guild that is 8 or 9/11 mythic. Must end raid time by 10:30 ESTAny days are open. Just kind of looking right now to see what is out there.Add me on bnet: Kapt#1857 2/18/2018 19:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 944 Resto Druid LF GuildHi all! I'm looking for either a weekend raiding guild (Fri/Sat) pretty much any time, or a guild during the week (Tues/Thurs) 8-11pm est. Currently have 2 resto druids one is alliance, ( the other is horde ( Both are about the same item level and around the same ... 2/18/2018 18:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 962lock/969 rogue LF M guild sun/monWe are looking for mythic guild that raids on sunday/monday with at least 6/11M progression.My lock's logs : rogue's logs : main characters raid on A52 (9/11M guild). We are looking for a different guild for our alts since our main guild doesn't do split runs and we are able to ... 2/18/2018 17:24:00 Unknown Unknown   RWk
 951 Rdruid 8/11 Heroic LF guild (Horde)Coming back after a 3 year break. Looking for a weekend raiding guild. Nasrii#1515 is my battletag. Hit me up in-game. 2/18/2018 16:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for GuildI am on the proudmoore server and am looking for a guild that would be up for legacy raids. I'm going back to old dungeons and raids for achievements and mounts and would love some friends to play with :) 2/18/2018 16:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 5/11M Warlock LF M GuildCurrently 5/11 Mythic. I am looking for a guild wanting to progress and possibly make cutting edge. I have been a long term mythic raider. I can make most times and days. 2/18/2018 16:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Lock LF N-ABTHello all,Ill keep it short. I am a returning player, i had a resto druid got him to 950 am 8/11 heroic but rerolled and started a lock, just looking for a guild thats still progressing and wants to have fun, Able to raid Monday-thursday after 5pm pst hit me up at Snomelc#11967 2/18/2018 16:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 ilvl 880 Warr LF Guild (Akama)Looking for a fun and friendly guild. Played back in Vanilla and WoTLK. Want to do everything the game has to offer. Love PvE more than PvP but enjoy both. I do like to be on Discord and chat with guild mates. Did just recently return still pretty new to how Legion works. Been playing MMORPG's since 1999. Thank you and have a great day. 2/18/2018 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 All-Druid guild (Horde) Looking for Officer!Hi!Over the years there have been many requests for a Druids of the Beast branch, but for a Horde guild. Right now, a lot of us on Alliance side, have alts on Horde.However, we're looking for a committed officers, who main a Horde druid, interested in growing and maintaining the branch of the horde guild, as we would like, not only alts, but also main-druids in our Horde guild. It will become an ... 2/18/2018 15:00:01 Horde Unknown    
 949 resto druid LF progression guildWilling to raid any day only hours I'm not available are from 3:30pm est till about 11pm est. Have raid lead exp. and built a few raid teams. Great team player and willing to learn anything. 8/11 H so far 2/18/2018 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 944 Fire Mage LF H Raid guildJust got back into the game, been playing for two months now, i quit back in cata. I'm a quick learner with lots to give. Willing to switch servers. I am interested in heroic antorus and maybe progression on mythic antorus. Would prefer thu/fri/sat/sunday raid nights, or earlier ending raid nights during the week as I work at 4 am est from mon-thursday. add my bt dawsonj33#1539 2/18/2018 14:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Husband/Wife team looking for guild homeTwo new gamers (3 weeks) husband/wife team looking for guild home. We've already bounced around on several servers between Alliance and Horde looking for a right fit and found out that we were doing it backwards. Find a guild then follow to that server. Wife is most comfortable as Hunter or ranged dps. I've taken a liking to the priest role but can play pretty much any class. We play 3-4 hours ... 2/18/2018 13:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/11m XP Ret LF weekend mythic guildI am a 965 Ret looking for a 5/11m+ guild with a solid roster. Currently JUST looking for a weekend guild 2 or 3 days. A lot of my logs are with me in prot due to my guild always missing a tank.Logs: interested post down below or add me on discord: Whammer41#4591 2/18/2018 13:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 960 DH Lf Raiding/ Friendly communityHello,i am a 960 havoc demon hunter who is looking to find a new raid and hopefully a new home or friendly community to play with. That said what i am looking for is very specific so here we go. My availability is weekdays( not weekends) 6:30 to 11 PST time, i have experience from many different raid tiers as ive been playing since vanilla but in legion im AOTC ToS and currently 8/11 H Antorus. ... 2/18/2018 12:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 952 Mage looking for weekday raiding guild952 Mage looking for weekday raiding guild. Have been raiding since 2006.Would be prefer horde but willing to switch for the right guild please contact me on my battle tag at Karmakey#11318. Have a great day :) 2/18/2018 12:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 970 Guardian Druid/965 Blood DK LF New Home (H)Hey guys, I am currently on the looking to step down from mythic content and instead just enjoy the casual side of things within WoW (ideally an 11/11 HC guild).As the title suggests, I have 5/11 Mythic experience as a tank and would prefer to remain in that role as either a Guardian Druid or Blood DK but I am open to other specs too! I am looking to make a fresh start and with that, hopefully ... 2/18/2018 12:36:00 Horde Unknown   DkD
 945 Frost DK LF Raiding GuildHi, I recently started playing again after a break and I'm looking for a raiding guild to finish heroics and start into mythics.Would prefer to stay Horde.Previous raiding experience available upon request.[Availability]5:30 EST - 11:30 EST, 7 Days a week.Treach#11245 for any questions. 2/18/2018 12:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Ret Pally looking for a homeRet Pally looking for Mature casual guild on Winterhoof. Not a raider, may do occasional dungeon if I am not busy with rl. I am social, but not fond of drama. 2/18/2018 12:36:00 Unknown Unknown    

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