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 895 Guardian Druid LF hc/mythic guildfeel free to contact Moist#21486 for more questions if interested. 2/25/2017 03:42:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Hunter LFG2 huntes LFG899 BM hunter896 BM hunter/ 895 MM hunterTimes available & time zone: Mostly flexible, 8 - 2 PST (Can't Raid Thus )Server preference: FlexibleFaction preference: AllianceHardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-harcoreCurrent progression/experience: 8/10H 10/10N NHLooking to H/M NH progression raidingBtag : Lanora#11904 2/25/2017 03:42:01 Unknown Unknown    
 910 Fire Mage LF Cutting Edge Guild10/10H NH. I am 898 equipped with BiS legendaries, 4 set, and 53 traits (close to 54). I have not had the time to raid consistently since the expansion came out. I am now comfortable with my work schedule to dedicate to 2-3 nights of raiding. I can only raid on a combination of the following days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday/Monday between 7-12 central.Will only join Horde guild. Please list realm ... 2/25/2017 03:36:02 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 895 DH Looking for Guild/Raid SpotExperienced player looking to get back into guild raiding. PvP and High pop server a plus.Looking for a main raid spot. East coast friendly preferred. Will server transfer.Recon#1412 for more details.Thank you 2/25/2017 03:00:05 Unknown Unknown    
 890 Fire Mage LF GuildBecause of my work schedule I am looking for a good raid guild that raids around 6pm-9pm central if possible. I start at 10pm central. I am looking for a guild who loves to do mythic+ and some PVP. I am really sick of pugging raids and mythic+. Willing to go horde if It means joining the right guild. I would really like to get in heroic nighthold. 2/24/2017 23:54:01 Unknown Unknown    
 893 Mage LF new team 8/10HGreetings! 892 Mage looking for a new team for further progression into Nighthold. Right now I am fire because I have the two BIS, but I'm willing to go other specs. Currently raid Tues/Thurs 8-11 ST which is MST. I'm looking for a semi-hardcore guild that's dedicated on raid nights, but also does stuff outside raid. Times available & time zone: 7:30 - 11:00 MST Server preference: KelThuzad, ... 2/24/2017 21:36:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage LF 2 Day Raiding Guild with SundaysHello, I am an 858 mage looking to dip into some Normal and Heroic Nighthold. I am 32 and work an overtime schedule (45-50 hours), so the best raid slots for me are 1 weekday and a Sunday night. I know that will work super well for me and couldn't rightfully commit to a schedule that has 3 weekdays. I want to sign up for a team for long term raiding on into 7.2 and beyond.My mage hasn't been 110 ... 2/24/2017 21:18:01 Unknown Unknown    
 880 Brewmaster Monk LF Mythic RaidingTrying to get back into mythic raiding was 10/13 M HFC, Vitaflow#1101 to contact 2/24/2017 21:12:02 Unknown Unknown    
 898 Fury Warrior LF Raiding GuildHey guys, I'm an 898 Fury Warrior looking for a weekday Raiding Guild. I have cleared all of Heroic Nighthold, and have been playing the game regularly since Cata. I'm on Stormscale. Let me know if you guys need a good DPS for your raids. Thanks! 2/24/2017 21:06:03 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 901/907 54 trait Ret pally LF Guild1. Times available & time zone: 6:00 PST or later start on weekdays (8:00pm CST). Could go until 11:00pm PST (12:00AM CST) at the latest.2. Server preference: PvE preferred3. Faction preference: Alliance preferred unless the horde guild is one I simply can't ignore4. Semi-hardcore guild preferred - Would prefer a 2 night a week raid schedule (weekdays). A third day would be doable. I can not ... 2/24/2017 20:24:04 Unknown Unknown    
 Elm sham looking for sun/mon raidlooking for a sun/mon raid team ilevl 6567/7 H and 5/10 H on main but woek changing my days and i wanna start dpsing so i am trying to gear this toon for my new raid home 2/24/2017 20:06:02 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 900il Warlock LF Mythic GuildHello!I play all 3 warlock specs and am looking for an Alliance raiding guild to push Mythic with.I am available all days of the week, but prefer a weeknight raiding guild. I am available from 7:00pm to 11:00pm ESTEXPERIENCENighthold: 10/10 Normal, HeroicTOV: 3/3 Normal, HeroicEmerald Nightmare: 7/7 Normal, Heroic, MythicI have been Mythic level raiding since Pandaria. I have fully cleared ... 2/24/2017 20:06:01 Unknown Unknown    
 891/903 Hunter looking for Heroic RaidingTimes available & time zone: After 6pm PST weekdays, typically all day weekend availabilityServer preference: Windrunner/DarrowmereFaction preference: AllianceIntensity:Semi-hardcore/casual, I'm interested in grouping multiple times a week, would prefer a guild that does off-hour/off-day dungeons and such as well for general gear and character maintenance. Alt-Friendly/room for social members ... 2/24/2017 19:54:02 Unknown Unknown    
 880 DH LF Mythic Guild1. Times available & time zone: 7pm-12pm MST (some leeway) any day.2. Server preference: Just not PvP unless its one-sided.3. Faction preference: Horde4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore5. Current progression/experience: 4/7m (while it was current)6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: Btag: Pitoua #16698. Anything else: Came back from a break, I do ALOT of M+, and ... 2/24/2017 19:30:02 Unknown Unknown    
 897 Equip MM hunter LF guildHey, I've been in a semi-casual guild with my friends since legion launch but I'm looking for something more hardcore raiding oriented. I'm interested in mythic progression but that isn't going to happen with my current situation. available & time zone: Tuesday/Friday-Sunday (all day) Monday/Wednesday (after 5:40 PM PST) ... 2/24/2017 18:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 4/10M 898/911 Enhance Shaman LF GuildExperienced top 150 US raider. (Since MoP when I started raiding) And looking to stay in around that ranking or better.Currently Alliance Sargeras but willing to transfer for the right guild. Will most likely not be interested in transferring for anything lower then 4/10M. Able to provide good logs. Recently got huge legendary upgrade so even better logs will be coming.College student with ... 2/24/2017 18:42:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for guild898 equip Havoc Demon HunterCurrent progression 7/7 my EN. 10/10 h, 3/10 Mythic NH looking for guild. 2/24/2017 18:42:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]901(eq) Druidtank LF Mythic NH weekendraids!Hey I am searching for a guild that is currently progressing mythic NH or has plans towards doing so!I am an experienced tank and I got my BiS defensive legendaries already! Though my workhours limits me from having high attendance during weekdays, but it is possible from time to time.Catch me up here or ingame for further questions!Necro#2669 2/24/2017 18:06:02 Horde Unknown    
 A Stormscale - 880 Brewmaster LF Heroic GuildLooking for a Heroic Progression Guild I'm 9/10 Heroic and know all fights. 2/24/2017 18:06:02 Unknown Unknown    
 890 shadow priest LF late night guildCurrently 7/10 H, guild isnt progessing like i would prefer. I work late, so the hours need to taylor to that, anything around 9-10PST start time would be best, here are my NH logs 2/24/2017 16:30:03 Unknown Unknown    
 DK looking for raid guild.Hi , im looking for a raid guild for Mythic progression in NH. Im a Social, good player that played this game since Vanilla (from time to time) :)if YOU need a Frost DK, that can Raid Wedn, Thur and Sundays (1930-2300 + )i got 7/7 M EN, 2/3 M ToV and 1/10 M NH progression.I can fraction change or realm change if needed./Love ... 2/24/2017 16:30:03 Unknown Unknown    
 878 Prot Pala OR 882 MM Hunter LF Heroic/Mythic Guild.Hey People! :) I am currently looking for a Heroic/Mythic raiding guild. I have raided Solidly since Cataclysm where I was maining a Protection Warrior and consider myself a strong + reliable raider.My experience this expansion is 7/7HC EN, 3/3HC ToV 9/10N Nighthold. (Due to some Real Life Stuff that happened havent had chance to go HC yet)I`ve had very bad luck this expansion with guilds ... 2/24/2017 16:30:02 Unknown Unknown   PaH
 Multiple Classes LF raiding guildI currently am playing a Fury Warrior 870lvl. But my old main was an 887 ele shaman. I am wanting to swap over to my Warrior as a main. I have 10/10N 5/10H NH, 7/7H 4/7M EN experience this expac. I also have a ww monk, vengance DH i would consider playing if needed by the guild. 2/24/2017 16:00:05 Unknown Unknown    
 891 Frost dk 6/10H NH xp LF Raid TeamIma 891 Frost dk looking for a new raid team i have 6/10H NH xp on my Dh can link you the name if you'd like, looking for rids times such as 8-11 est or sooner weekdays, or weekends same thing or after midnight can add my bnet Dead#1849 if you have any questions. 2/24/2017 14:54:02 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 907 Resto Shaman | LF Raiding GuildHello Everyone,I am an 898 equipped Resto Shaman that is looking for a mythic raiding guild. My alt is an 883 Vengeance DH. My availability is as follows: Monday, Wednesday, and FridayPST: 10:30 AM - 4:30 PMCST: 12:30 PM - 6:30 PMEST: 1:30 PM - 7:30 PMTuesday and ThursdayPST: 08:00 AM - 11:30 AMCST: 10:00 AM - 1:30 PMEST: 11:00 AM - 2:30 PMI'm very competitive, so your guild should be like ... 2/24/2017 14:24:02 Unknown Unknown    
 900 Equipped BM HUNTER LF (A) GUILDLooking for a raiding guild that raids Thursday and Friday and is progressing into mythic Nighthold with results. Currently 10/10H willing to server change to anything except Oceanic.*Edit: Equipped ilvl just keeps going higher and higher gotta keep changing title :l 2/24/2017 14:18:03 Unknown Unknown    
 898 10/10H tank Lf guildWilling to transfer servers and factions to start raiding mythics. Add my battle tag, battlepantz#11956 2/24/2017 14:18:02 Unknown Unknown    
 7/7M 2/3M 3/10M Player LF guild as Blood DK.Hey, as the title says, I'm currently looking for a guild.Any questions - feel free to add my battletag; Corsen#21627.If you want vouches for me as a player, let me know and I'll sort that out, got players in top 100 guilds I've played with in past expansions, and in Legion, who are willing to vouch for me.I played Hunter up until last week, reason for not wanting to raid as hunter any more is ... 2/24/2017 14:06:05 Unknown Unknown    
 looking for a guildHelloI'm looking for a well populated guild who does dungeons, raids and pvp please send me a invitation to your guild if you need a warrior dps. thx 2/24/2017 14:06:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Guardian druid ilvl 897/905 LF guild(9/10hc)Looking for a guild that i can prog in Mythic NH with, my best tries on guldan hc are 13%. i will prefer an alliance guild. 2/24/2017 14:06:02 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 875 Mage LF WEEKEND guildHi, I'm a 875ilvl Fire Mage looking for a guild that raids on the weekends from 6pm to 9pm EST. I would also like if you are at least 9/10 normal with pulls on Gul' Dan. Please leave a response or add me and I'll get back to you.Btag: JPM11S#1264 2/24/2017 14:06:01 Unknown Unknown    
 881 fire mage looking for late night guildlooking for a guild that starts around 9pm pst that is clearing nh on normal and is close to clearing it on heroicsmitz#1326 add me if you want to chat 2/24/2017 14:00:03 Unknown Unknown    
 871/874 SV Hunt 890/897 Rogue LF Wknd GuildAvailability: 8pm-12am CSTServer/Faction: Any A link to my rogue's armory.Looking for a semi-hardcore guild, would like to see mythic progression but its not crucial. I would be happy with just heroic content. Rogue is assassination with 30 points in weapon (althought my legendaries are horrid). I am willing to play MM (artifact is only very ... 2/24/2017 14:00:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for old family guildHey there, I'm currently looking for a old guild thats been around for a long time where I can settle down in and hopefully befriend some new faces. I'm 28 years old so I don't really have that much time anymore to raid and progress. I do raid when I find the time however. I value a guild that has a nice atmosphere, friendly members and is unlikely to disband anytime soon. A casual "home" that is ... 2/24/2017 13:48:04 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy priest lf guild in outland!Hi i am a a 21 year old holy priest now lf a guild to raid with. As i work night i can't raid during the normal week days so i am looking for a guild who raids during the weekends (friday-sunday).I am an old Wotlk raider and i cleared everything during that time. As many others i am now back in legion and have been raiding everything and am currently on nighthold hc 3/10 with clear on normal ... 2/24/2017 13:48:03 Unknown Unknown    
 894 Spriest 10/10hm lf MythicAS it states I'm 894 equip I'm 10/10hm just my guild is not cutting it anymore I need ppl to compete with and who really want to progress and know their class I can raid any days really but prefer tues wed thurs cannot start til at least 930cst or 730 pst or 1030est I have logs and I can link my armory as well please pst me on my Btag Carlbowkrem#1284ps I might have some friends that want to come ... 2/24/2017 13:42:08 Unknown Unknown    
 895 Resto Druid looking for guildI'm currently looking for a new guild too call home. Happy to change servers / factions. I'm looking for a stable raiding guild, which progresses at a steady rate.A bit of Background about my raiding experience.Vanilla - ZG/AQ20/MC/BWL/AQ40 (-c'thun) and a few in Naxx down (on my warrior)TBC - Druid was main - Cleared all raids inc Sunwell 1st week post mu'ru nerfWOTLK - Cleared all raids, ... 2/24/2017 13:42:07 Unknown Unknown    
 Enhancement Shaman LF Late night or Weekend guild891 Enhancement Shaman10/10 Normal3/10 HC7/7 HCLots of raiding experience from previous expansions.LF a guild that raids from 21:30 (or later) on Weekdays, or early on Weekends. 2/24/2017 13:42:06 Unknown Unknown    
 1/10M Balance druid LF guildI have found where I am going. Thank you all to the guild that gave their time to chat, it was a pleasure. Best of luck on finding your people! 2/24/2017 13:42:06 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 900ilvl Resto druid looking for guildAs the title says im looking for stable competitive raiding environment where progress happens at a steady rate i've been raiding as rogue the whole tbc , wolk and cata ( first content ) managed to cleared almost everything pre nerf , including ragnaros 25 hc as a resto shaman ,came back to play during HFC and managed to clear itMy current progress atm is 3/10 MHere is my ... 2/24/2017 13:42:06 Horde Unknown    
 902 Vengeance DH LF guild (4/10m exp)HiI'm looking for a guild to raid nighthold mythic with. I'm rerolling from my 4/10M prot paladin to my vengeance DH, so i'm in need of a new tank spot. Your faction/server doesn't matter, but i prefer horde. I'd prefer guilds who are near the same progress as me. My paladin:'ve been tanking in every tier since the firelands, so i'm ... 2/24/2017 13:42:05 Unknown Unknown    
 4/10 N 874 Prot Pally LF Raiding Guild1. Times available & time zone: Anytime between 7pm-12am EST, any day of the week.2. Server preference: Stormrage3. Faction preference: Alliance4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Harcore5. Current progression/experience: 7/7 Heroic EN 4/10 N NH6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: Furyoflight#119628. Anything else: I've mained this toon since i started ... 2/24/2017 13:42:05 Unknown Unknown    
 prot paladin ilvl 900 lf a new home06 FebHelloMy name is tankadïnAs you can see i like to tankI like to do it a lotI'm looking for a guild that has a common goalMy goals are to clear all the raiding contend in the gameAlso on nonraiding days mythic plus alt raids just an active guild,whit lots of people to play whitI am a fast learner and i do enjoy some serious progressThere are ofc no prob whit joking aroundIf you after reading ... 2/24/2017 13:42:05 Unknown Unknown    
 901 WW Monk, LF Mythic RaidingHello.I'm currently 2/10M and I'm looking for a new home.I am available most nights after 7:30 EST but would prefer raids that start at 9:30 or later. sure to change the tabs to Windwalker :pI am willing to server transfer and faction change. 2/24/2017 13:42:04 Unknown Unknown    
 4 Veterans Looking for Mythic Guild.Hi friends!We are 4 veterans looking for a mythic raiding guild. We have all raided on and off since vanilla and consider ourselves very strong raiders.Our experience this expansion is 7/7m EN, 3/3h ToV 10/10h Nighthold.We've had very bad luck this expansion with guilds disbanding due to lack of recruits.Our group consists of:Druid Healer: ... 2/24/2017 13:42:04 Unknown Unknown    
 871/874 SV/MM Hunter LF Weekend GuildAvailability: 8pm-12am CSTServer/Faction: Any A link to my rogue's armory.Looking for a semi-hardcore guild, would like to see mythic progression but its not crucial. I would be happy with just heroic content. Rogue is assassination with 30 points in weapon (althought my legendaries are horrid). I am willing to play MM (artifact is only very ... 2/24/2017 13:42:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Top players lf guild 900ilvl2x 900ilvl friends lf guild togetherele sham 10/10hcfrost mage 5/10Msend us offers there and leave your btag 2/24/2017 13:42:03 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 900ilvl Experienced Prot War LF Morning/Late Night RaidsHi Everyone, I'm an experienced Prot Warrior on Area-52 currently looking for a morning or late night raid team. (Weekday start time 8am-11am EST, or after 1am EST) Would be interested in rolling as Arms or Fury for the right fit, some gear still needed for those specs though.I've recently had to retire from my current raid team do to a change of schedule, and I'm looking for a core raid spot to ... 2/24/2017 01:00:00 Horde PvE    
 903 MM hunter LF guildHello.I am a 903 MM hunter looking for a guild that raids 3/4Nights a week. Current Progression is 3/10M NH. Have logs and can talk on discord/mumble/vent.Turkkish#1340 is my btag. Looking for mythic guilds 2/23/2017 19:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 [H] Holy Pala LF Late Evening Raiding Guild (Can Move Realms)Hello,I'm looking for a guild that raids horde side, 22:00 ST onwards.2-3 nights is fine per week and I'm happy to move servers.I'm currently 853 ilvl after coming back from a break and deciding to reroll holy paladin as my main.My old priest main is mythic experienced in Emerald Nightmare so I'm not a bad raider or anything but just had to leave the game for other duties at the time.Very social ... 2/23/2017 08:24:00 Horde PvP    

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