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 554 Disc priest lf guild- Have disc and holy specs (can pick up shadow if need be)- Group fell apart, so looking for a new home after a short hiatus.- 6/7 normal (know imperator just didnt get kill before hiatus) 2/7 Heroic.- Can be really flexible with raid times as well.- 690 Legendary Ring.Msg me in game - Rayyyy#1741 / RachizzleArmory: in ... 1/25/2015 10:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Warlock LF Raid TeamSeeking a Guild that raids Normal or Heroic 1-2 nights per week, I am flexible with my schedule just not super late, and Horde only. I pull solid numbers, and don't die to badness or fire(that's half the battle, right? lol).I prefer to raid cross realm for now, but would transfer my characters over gradually to be Guild-ed.I prefer a team oriented, positive atmosphere. If you are a jerk or an !@# ... 1/25/2015 10:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 (H) TANK LF GUILD636(and growing) tank LF guild to tankmsg rintinsin#1738 for details 1/25/2015 09:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 668 Ret paladin looking for Progression Guild>As it says i am a Ilvl 668 Ret Paladin looking for a progression guild for up and coming BRF. My current guild is not meeting my expectations on progression, but to avoid drama and hate post in the case they find this I decided to use an alt. Thanks for your understanding.--------------------------------------------------------------------------My current progression is-7/7 Normal HM6/7 ... 1/25/2015 08:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 672 Ret Looking For Mythic GuildHello hello!Experienced paladin here :) Been playing the game since late vanilla and raiding since early b.c.Currently geared as a ret paladin but comfortable playing anything within my tri spec (prot/holy/ret).I am looking for a experienced group to raid mythic content with.Willing to communicate through the voice program of your choice or via Battlenet.Cheers,Rët 1/25/2015 08:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 673 Retribution Paladin looking for guild.Hey everyone,As the title says I am a 673 ret paladin looking for a new hardcore raiding guild. I have 2/7 Mythic experience in Highmaul. I also am competent in my tank off spec (it was previously my main spec) I would prefer to stay in retribution. Willing to server transfer. Also possibly faction swapping as well (I can't believe I just said that.) Anyway just throw me some info and we'll see ... 1/25/2015 05:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 665 Resto Druid LF 12AM EST guildTitle says it all. Im looking for something 7/7h atleast that is running 12AM est. 30k HPS and also willing to transfer since gilneas is dead. 1/25/2015 05:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 655 frost DK looking for weekday progression.Ilvl 655 Dk looking for weekday evening preferably around 9pm-1230am est progression guild on medivh or exodar US realms, I have vent deadly boss mods, Skada, and gtfo, and other class specific addons. I have extensive raiding experience, From BC to recent on multiple toons. 1/25/2015 04:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Glad DPS ilvl 655 LF Late Night Raiding GuildHello!I am looking for a guild which raids from about 10pm to 1 or 2am PST from thursday through saturday. Currently 7/7 Heroic with Mythic Experience. Looking for a guild who is serious about getting stuff done. Thanks! 1/25/2015 04:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 675 bear tank LF Mythic GuildPutting feelers out to see if any guilds are looking for a bear tank or tank in general. I have a 660+ warrior and 630+ pally and dk also very capable of tanking on. prefer mon-thurs but willing to consider weekends. and need raids to end around 12 am est 2/7 mythic exp and 7/7heroic exp. 1/25/2015 04:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 674 Hpal lf new raiding guild674 ilvl 2/7M HM exp Paladin lf new Mythic raiding guild.Current Guild fell apart so now im looking for a new home.Available raid times:Mon-Fri 6-10 PST Sat-Sun Anytime (usually).Btag: QIDS#1148not opposed to faction xferPlz leave Btag below thx :) 1/25/2015 04:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Priest - Illidan - LF Casual RaidingHi There!Recently came back after an extended break, and I'm looking for a 2 night/week raiding guild. I have priest raiding experience dating back to BC, and am a capable, reliable and flexible team member. Currently ilvl 470, willing to play any spec as main with any off-spec. Contact Sigilyph in-game via PST.-Sigilyph 1/25/2015 02:24:00 Unknown PvP    
 667 Arcane Mage LF Mythic 10pm east7/7 H experienceArcane specLooking for an active guild who is driven to progress, with a solid core of dedicated members. It is also important that no one take everything entirely too seriously. I should also say that I do not like wasting time while raiding. I tend to play quite a lot but I am only available to raid consistently at certain times.These time are10pm eastern or later (not later ... 1/25/2015 01:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 675 Holy Pally LF guildHey everyone who's interested in me. I'm an experienced healer looking for a mythic raiding guild who's making decent headway in current content. As follows is previous raiding experience:Vanilla: Started near end of xpac got into MC / BWLBC: Raided all contentWrath: Raided all content up until Ulduar at which I quit then came back to clear Heroic LK.Cata: Joined military came back from ... 1/25/2015 01:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 674 Blood DK LF Mythic GuildI am a 674 Blood DK LF mythic progression. Current guild is 3/7M, but they're not serious about pushing further. The times I prefer are anything before 11 PM EST (All week). Looking for a friendly guild, that has progression on their goal. I prefer groups that are at least 3/7M, so please don;t tell me to join your 6/7H groups.I am Horde, but have an open mind to switch over. Thank you,Xo 1/25/2015 00:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 653 Disc Priest LF Weekend Raid TeamCurrently 1/7M. Looking for a reliable team that wants to progress raiding 2-3 nights per week (Fri/Sat/Sun). 1/25/2015 00:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 667 DPS warrior LF BRF Mythic Guild.Hello everyone! Currently looking to change guild to a more active and progression aimed. Due to this, I wish to keep my character private at this time. Progression in HM - 7/7 N 7/7 H 1/7 M with progression on Tectic and Twins.Available Raid times - Mon-Sun 10pm - 4am PST / 12am - 6am CST / 1am - 7am ESTCannot make any earlier then 10pm PSTPlease leave information here and I will get back to you ... 1/25/2015 00:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 666 Protection Warrior LF Highmaul Mythic Looking for a new home to raid mythic Highmaul content and future raid instances. 7/7 Heroic Highmaul experience and would be willing to xfer servers and potentially faction change if required. Battletag: Bootsy#1237 1/25/2015 00:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]Party of 3 LF Mythic Raiding Guild Fri/SatHi, we are 3/7M exp and are looking for a good late night raiding guild on Friday/Saturday!

671 Resto Druid
669 Holy Pally
670 Fury Warrior

Looking for times around 9:30 (EST) to 2 am (EST)

Please whisper
Uberhealerz#1514, Nitemarez#1869, Cheef#1217
1/24/2015 23:24:00 Horde PvE    
 [A]670 Bear Tank LFG-I can most times, preferably weekends-I am team oriented player-I know my class very well-I am looking for a core spot in a mythic progression guildBTAG: WariorDeath#1172 1/24/2015 23:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 ***Are you looking for a late night guild**Look No Further 6/7N 3/7HWe are Currently LFM to fill out our core 20man team i am looking to build a close knit group and try not have any benchers. Apply now Current raid times as it stands will be set from Tues-Thurs from 11pm-2am.We are seeking skilled and dedicated individuals for our Warlords Of Draenor raid team. What were aiming to do is push into Warlords content at a fun and steady pace ... 1/24/2015 22:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 667 ret pally LFGFirst a little about my self, I was a very active raider up through Ulduar, with realm first on rag, nefarion, cthun, and KT in vanilla. In bc I had raided up though Sunwell. during wrath I was able to get the plagued protodrake with a good group however missed the black protodrake by one lock out. was in a US top 100 guild for ulduar. which is about the time life got in the way and I was unable ... 1/24/2015 22:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 672 Resto druid LF raiding guildLooking for a guild that raid 2-3 days a week, preferably between 6pm-9pm est. currently 7/7H 1/7M with experience on twins. I started raiding in cata, with firelands went 5/7h took a break and came back in mop 14/14 heroic and 5/14 mythic.Logs: me at: Superbucket#1870 1/24/2015 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 662 Ret paladin LF Mythic Horde guildHello, still looking for the right fit-I took my first break from the game in over 8 years back in February after HGarrosh(Prot ) Kill. So I'm looking to get back into competitive raiding for WoD so, as the title reads I am a looking for a Mythic focused guild. I am looking for a horde guild. 3-4 days a week preferred Days preferred Mon-Thurs, and raids that start around 9 EST, guilds with alt ... 1/24/2015 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 667 Rogue LF Late night raiding guildI'm looking to raid on my rogue at late night hours between 1:30am and 6:00am Central Standard Time Monday-Thursday.I have 6/7 heroic HM experience at the time of writing this post.I'm not looking for anything too hardcore, but I can be when needed. My DPS is top notch. If you feel like your guild is a good fit for me hit me up in game or on this thread. Btag is Ricecrispy#1750 1/24/2015 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy paladin looking for mythic raiding guildCurrently 2/7 mythic 675+ ilvl melee dps who is sick and tired of PTR notes and DPS balancing in general. Consistent 90%+ warcraftlogs parses on heroic and mythic kills in HM. Consistent top 200 healing worldoflogs parser throughout SoO as a MW. Due to the above mentioned reasons, I will be rerolling Holy Paladin and am looking for a guild who is willing to believe in my potential, see my raid ... 1/24/2015 20:48:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage looking for Raid GroupI am looking for an adult raiding guild that doesn't raid on Thursdays and is done around 12 cst. I do have some heroic raiding experience from MoP. I was 6-14 SoO heroic pre nerf. Once committed I rarely miss a raid and show up prepared with food, flask, gems, enchants, and knowledge of the fights. 1/24/2015 20:48:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Simply Looking for a Raiding GuildLet me Preface this with giving you my world of warcraft history-Started near the end of Vanilla never made it past Onyxia-In BC Made it to Kara- Raided all through WoTLK (Never Heroic)-Quit the game and lost account info between end of LK and MoP-Started new account during SoO-Made it through SoO as a Paladin Tank-Make DK for WoDand so far in WoD Im 1/7 HM NormalWhat I am looking for is a guild ... 1/24/2015 19:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 661 Lock LF GuildHello! I'm a skilled lock looking for a raiding guild. I started playing WoW again late into the expansion (about 3 weeks ago) and I'm catching up in terms of gear/progression. Currently I'm 661 ilvl and 7/7H after some effort, it's quite hard to PUG heroic Imperator.I know my class well (Proving Grounds wave 44) and I learn fight mechanics very quickly. I have heroic HM logs available on ... 1/24/2015 19:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 659 Boomkin LF Raiding GuildHey there, as the title says, I have a 659 Boomkin with 7/7N and 6/7H experience, and I am looking for a guild that is 7/7N and is at least 5/7H and is starting to progress to mythic. I can only raid Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday after 9 PM PST. I have great knowledge of the fights, my class, and am a very chill person in game and in chat. Willing to of course transfer my character over ... 1/24/2015 19:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for raiding Guild~!I am looking for a raiding guild. The days i am looking for would be Wednesday night thursday/friday/saturday at anytime of the day. I have a 661 ret pally/665 holy or a 655 prot pally/!@#$ty as furry lol. Would like to tank as prot warrior but willing to take pally for heals or dps if needed for guild. im 7/7n 6/7 roic. add me on Real Id if you have guild that is looking Dreadius#1856 1/24/2015 19:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 659 Boomkin LF Raiding GuildHey there, as the title says, I have a 659 Boomkin with 7/7N and 6/7H experience, and I am looking for a guild that is 7/7N and is at least 5/7H and is starting to progress to mythic. I can only raid Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday after 9 PM PST. I have great knowledge of the fights, my class, and am a very chill person in game and in chat. Willing to of course transfer my character over ... 1/24/2015 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 660 mage and 660 hunter LFGMy friend and I are looking to go alliance. we can raid Tuesday Wednesday Thursday anywhere between 7-11 server time (9-1am EST our time zone) please feel free to respond with your post. Note that we are transferring and unless we are guaranteed a spot in a mythic raid group then it is a no go. we are aiming for a guild that is PROGRESSING onto mythic we are venerated raiders and have been since ... 1/24/2015 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown   MH
 RET PALADIN LF HEROIC GUILDHello, I'm looking for a guild that raids heroic diffuculty and maybe even mythic. Best raid times would be Friday/Saturday but weekday raiding is fine as long as it isnt too late. Im 654 ilevel and looking to improve. My experience is 7/7 normal and 6/7 heroic. I raid as Retribution, but have a prot offspec for emergencies.I know my class well and perform well. 20k+ on every fight, I'm a very ... 1/24/2015 16:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 674 frost or 664 survival hunter LF HC guildI am searching for a exceptional hardcore raiding guild going into BRFMy progression has been held back due to guilds either falling apart or drama all together. I want a guild with longevity and has been together for at least 1-2 years of raidingI am currently 2/7 Mythic with experience on brackenspore. Guild fell apart after thatPreferences:- Tues-Friday (Mondays or weekends are clean up days)- ... 1/24/2015 15:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 668 Resto LF Guild668 Resto 1/7m kills 2/7 exp 660 Feral offspec.Looking for Fun/semi-casual guild.. Cant until late on tuesdays. I work 7-4pm PST so obviously can't raid then. Thanks for looking it over. BT= Sean#12608 1/24/2015 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 H-665 Prot Warrior Tank LF Mythic ProgressionI am 7/7 heroic with a fair amount of mythic attempts on both Kargath and Twins while helping a few guilds on my server.I was at one time a progression guild officer for a competitive, highly ranked 5x per week raiding guild in TBC. I pvp'd exclusively towards the end of TBC and beginnings of WotLK, earning gladiator in Season 4 on a separate account (nothing to be too proud of, but I don't stand ... 1/24/2015 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 655 Hunter(641pallyalt) LF GUILD READ DESC!!!Need raid times 6-1030 EASTERN TIME or 7pm-2am on WEEKENDS. Solid player looking for a new home. Need a guild that is 7/7 Norms and at least 6/7 HEROIC. I strive on 100% raid attendance and know my class well. I'm always looking for ways to improve my play by researching class/specs/gems/enchants and never attempt to do a boss without having a strategy first. Back from long break, used to raid ... 1/24/2015 14:12:00 Unknown Unknown   PaH
 Skilled players looking for mythic guild! 669 Feral druid Brewmaster monk Holy Pally Assassin Rogue 7/7H and 1/7M xp willing to progress 1/24/2015 14:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 674 Hunter LF high pop PVE Server...What I'm looking for...-You are Horde. (I'll be transferring 2 alts and don't want everything to get too pricy lol) -You are at least 3/7 M -Your guild is not an expansion guild.-Your server is PVE can be RP too and is high pop.-Your raid times fall with my availability Tues-Sat Anytime after 9:30pm EST Mondays anytime. (Sundays are a no.)About me-Survival, 674 7/7H 2/7M (too many wipes on ... 1/24/2015 14:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 675 Guardian Druid LF Mythic Raiding GuildHi,I am currently looking for a Mythic Raiding guild to progress with on my main toon Leske-Area 52. I currently have 7/7 H and 1/7 M exp but have been gearing up in preparation for more Mythic raiding. My current guild is Scorn which is 6/7 M. I joined the guild about a month ago from the time of this post. With that I have been mostly benched due to having other tanks in the guild. I would ... 1/24/2015 12:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 675 Resto Druid LF Mythic GuildI am looking for a guild currently in mythic content. I would prefer a guild on Kil'jaeden, but any server with a mid/high server population would be fine. I am currently 7/7 H and 1/7 M. I have been playing WoW for over 7 years and have been raiding since the WotLK expansion. I am available every evening, except Wednesday unless the start time is after 10pm EST. Battle Tag me if you are ... 1/24/2015 12:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 pally tank looking for guildany guilds need a pally tank!I am looking to get back in the game and raid. I am fully ready to raid. looking for a good team looking to kill stuff in HM and beyond :) 1/24/2015 09:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 High-parsing 672 Resto+Feral LF daytime guildMyself (resto) and my SO, Unanything (feral dps), are looking for a mythic raiding guild with raid times we can meet. We're stuck playing on US realms while living in Sweden, so we're in search of a guild that raids daytime hours or weekends. We are both exceptional players with raiding experience since vanilla. We know we would both be a solid improvement to any guild's mythic roster. Currently ... 1/24/2015 06:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 7/7 Tank LF Morning Raiding GuildHello all. I'm an overall experianced raider who has been playing tanks in WOW since the launch of Wrath. I am in search of a morning raiding guild. I play tanks only for the most part as well but would be willing to learn another role if necessary.

I am willing to realm xfer/faction change in order to tank for your guild with any/all of the below characters.

Here are ...
1/24/2015 04:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 658 Priest and 652 Death Knight LF Raid GuildDue to armory not updating I can't post from my main character.Myself and a friend are looking for a new home, I am a 658 ilvl priest (Mazzr - Burning Legion) that is willing and able to play any of the three specs of my class. My buddy is a 653 DK (Baynn - Burning Legion) that is willing to tank or dps. Our current guild fell out and we left off with 6/7 normal and 1/7H. Due to raid drama that ... 1/24/2015 01:48:00 Unknown Unknown   DkPr
 Hunter Looking for early morning raiding.Hello everyone. I currently have a Hunter and a Frost dk that im looking to team up with a guild to raid with. Im currently looking for a early morning raid team. Somewhere between the times or 4am pst and 8am pst.Ive been playing since the start of bc and and just comming back to a guild that just died off. i will post the armory of my 2 toons i have at lvl 100. look forward to hearing from you ... 1/24/2015 00:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for GuildOkay so been playing about 5 months in total for all my characters I've learned them fast and know how to use them. Iam good geared on my main dk and decent on my others but on my way to get them geared. I love raiding but hate the fact most groups i join in premade don't go all the way or doing trash runs in heroic. I have played way less then most and know alot compared to the average player ... 1/24/2015 00:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 657 Druid Tank LF GuildHey guys,I'm a very experienced tank with almost 10 years of raiding under my belt. Been around since vanilla, so I know my class and my role very well.Currently, I am looking around for a guild that raids at least 2 nights a week with a main focus on progression, but able to have a laugh every now and again. In up-to-date raids, I am 6/7N and 5/7H. Am always raid-ready with food, flasks and ... 1/24/2015 00:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 677 Ret Paladin LF Mythic GuildLooking for a guild that raids at least 3 days a week, and starts around 5-6pm PST. Have 3/7 Mythic HM experience. Would prefer to stay alliance, add me on battletag if interested. Hellmakerd#1533 1/23/2015 20:48:00 Unknown Unknown    

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