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 Silvermoon EU lvl 48 Hunter. Looking for lvl'My realm is Silvermoon though we dont have to be on the same realm to play.. Alliance.Currently playing my lvl 48 Hunter, looking for some people to level, or Dungeon with :D or just have fun talking with. BattleTag is nikkimixie#1783. Feel free to add me :) 7/25/2014 20:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 557 blood dk looking for active raiding guildHey all! I'm an experienced raider as a tank and healer. I main a holy paladin and just started getting into raids on my dk. I'm 13/14 kills with 14/14 experience as well as some heroic attempts as a healer, and 8/14 on this toon. I'm really looking to get in somewhere that I can help a team grow. Currently I'm on a standby list on my main so I'm free pretty much any night. Faction/server isn't ... 7/25/2014 20:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 573 hunter LF raiding guild.i know 14/14 normal and up to malk heroic. 7/25/2014 19:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 579 druid tank looking for raiding guildHello all I'm a 579 ilvl druid tank 11/14 heroic looking to join a guild to finish up the content with and go into WOD with. I'm able to raid Tuesday, Wednesday , and Thursday's evening's. I can be contacted at cravik#1887 is my b-tag 7/25/2014 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Pally tank looking for active raiding guildpm me server for more details 7/25/2014 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 566 Resto Shaman LF GuildI am a ilvl 566 Resto shaman with legendary cloak looking for a guild. Prefer 2 raid night guild, although 3 works as well.


Sunday- 7pm onward EST
Monday- 7pm onward EST
Tuesday- 7pm onward EST
Wednesday- 10:15 onward EST
Thursday-10:15 onward EST
7/25/2014 17:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 9/14H Exp Healer or DPS Looking for HomeHey! I'm currently in search of a friendly, active, progression minded raiding guild (my toons are Horde, but I'd certainly consider the right alliance guild). I have a 567 disc priest, 554/545 fury/prot warrior and a 551 bm hunter, all with cloak. I've been healing since Naxx in Vanilla WoW and currently I have 9/14H SoO experience.

I cleared all content from Vanilla and TBC and most ...
7/25/2014 17:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 586 Hunter 14/14H LF guildI am a ilvl 586 Hunter (any spec) looking for a guild. Prefer two raid night guild, but three raid nights can work as well.

Monday-Sunday: Anytime, I live on PST so anytime after 5pm PST would be best. Nothing after 3am PST can be accommodated.
Saturday: Nothing during the day can be accommodated.

Very dedicated player looking for a home for WoD.
7/25/2014 17:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 Friends LF Raiding GuildMe and my friend are looking for a raiding guild for my alt and his main. I am a 557 affliction warlock and he can play either his 544 restoration shaman or his 552 holy pally. I can play any lock spec but at the moment enjoy affliction the most. He prefers to play healing specs but can also play his alt specs, but strongly prefers healing. I am 14/14h on my main and he has cleared normal and a ... 7/25/2014 17:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Feral druid and resto shammy lf heroic guild 9pm+ STHello,Me and my gf are mature and experienced raiders lf a new guild which raids at 9pm+ ST (a must). We prefer 25 man but would listen to offers from 10 man as well.After taking a break and playing the beta a tonne, we've chosen these classes to be our mains from now and when WoD hits. Our previous guild was our own, we was raid leading inside Singularity - Silvermoon where we achieved ... 7/25/2014 17:36:00 Unknown Unknown   DS
 566 Resto Shaman LF GuildI am a ilvl 566 Resto shaman with legendary cloak looking for a guild. Prefer 2 raid night guild, although 3 works as well. AvailabilitySunday- 7pm onward ESTMonday- 7pm onward ESTTuesday- 7pm onward ESTWednesday- 10:15 onward ESTThursday-10:15 onward EST 7/25/2014 16:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Spriest LF HM raiding guild MOP>Hello Everyone! I'm currently looking for a serious heroic raiding guild to finish out mop and into mythic WOD. I'm looking for a guild of serious raiders that are focused while pushing content, but still understand how to have a good time. Although I've re-rolled Spriest, I am confident in my abilities to carry my weight. I'm a former heroic raider as a tankadin from the start of catacylsm ... 7/25/2014 16:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 HC Exp Fury Warrior (Prot OS) Looking for Early Night Raiding GuildHi!

I am currently playing on Twisting Nether realm as Horde so Being horde is much more preferable but Alliance can be welcome as well Although I might make a new Character in that realm instead as Aliiance and level it quickly before WoD, gear won't matter anyways when a new expansion begins.
As Horde can transfer realm of course.

Been raiding from Wotlk, have lots of ...
7/25/2014 15:24:00 Unknown PvP    
 581 ilvl Arcane mage looking for a guild on Tarren MillAs it says i recently arrived on Tarren Mill horde side and im looking for a raidin guild :) 7/25/2014 10:12:00 Unknown PvP    
 Holy Pally LF Raiding Guild ( Pref Heroic )Figured id throw it out there, I'm a 556 Hpally /w 14/14 Experience. Would love to start doing Heroics, Know my class very well, Always toping charts. Outheal 565+ Players. Would like to stay on this server but let me know what you've got to offer. 7/25/2014 08:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 WindWalker Monk LFGuildJust came back from a break since December until a month ago due to not really having a guild or friends to play with due to a lot of them quitting. My monk went from fresh 90 to 541 ilvl in 3 weeks, and I am currently looking for a guild to call home.I am looking for a guild that has a good amount of active members and has an active raid regardless of it being progression or farming of the ... 7/25/2014 07:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 572 Lock and 568 Rogue LF heroic prog guildHello!A buddy of mine and I are looking to join an end game heroic raiding guild. We are both very excellent players and perform at the highest of expectations.I am a 572 destruction warlock with 14/14N and 9/14H experience.Friend is a 568 assassination rogue with 2/14H experience (progression on H Sha)We are coming from a guild that doesn't have the raiders or competence to pass 2/14H.For more ... 7/25/2014 04:24:00 Unknown Unknown   RWk
 501 Prot warrior Looking for homeReturning player from 5 month break looking to return and get back into raiding i have a 501 Prot warrior that im looking to start getting some gear on.I have vent.Willing to learn and listen from more experienced raiders.Have tanked in the past raiding wise.Can get to ordos so can get decent gear quickly.Raid times are 7:00 pm EST- whenever all week. 7/25/2014 03:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 568 rogue and 572 warlock lf Heroic guildHello!A buddy of mine and I are looking to join an end game heroic raiding guild. We are both very excellent players and perform at the highest of expectations. I am a 568 assassination rogue with 2/14H experience (progression on H Sha)Friend is a 572 destruction warlock with 9/14H experience.We are coming from a guild that doesn't have the raiders or competence to pass 2/14H.For more ... 7/25/2014 03:36:00 Unknown Unknown   RWk
 559 Frost Mage looking for guild (Cenarius)I'm a player who originally joined WoW during beta of the game, not any of the xpacs. I've been playing since before we knew who Onyxia was. However, after WotLK I took a couple of years off, and returned for Mists late and have been trying to catch up every since. I'm 14/14 flex, 7/14 regular, and looking for a guild that still regularly clears Regular so I can gear up, and would love to get ... 7/25/2014 02:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 Experienced Tank druid LF morning raiding Guildi play as druid tank for nearly 7 years now and because i work nights i need to find a guild that is raiding in early morning hours, start between 9-11 would be great! i'm well geared and experienced!! Add me in game if want to get some more information Mario#1127 Cheers !!!!! 7/25/2014 02:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 568 rogue lf heroic raiding guildHello!I'm keeping my options open because the guild i'm currently in has decided to not push too hard for heroics, which is the exact opposite of what I want to do.I'm currently 568 item level, with experience of 14/14 normal, 2/14h, and progressional experience on Sha. I just got my H weapon, so I am assassination.I'm looking for an excellent hardcore raiding guild that expects excellence from ... 7/25/2014 02:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 560 Fury Warrior looking for guildHi everyone! I'm looking for a new home that is a serious and stable raiding environment. I have 14/14; 2/14H experience. I watch streams almost everyday and know the mechanics of 14/14H. Had to take a long break this expansion due to shoulder surgery so I'm looking for a new home to build synergy and push end content.I am available most nights but prefer 3 days a week. I will be raiding EST and ... 7/25/2014 02:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 568 Combat Rogue LF Heroic Raiding GuildI'm a 568 Combat Rogue LF a Heroic Raiding Guild will raid at any time and have great attendance. 7/25/2014 02:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 571 Resto Druid looking for guildHi,After the guild I belonged to recently disbanded, I am currently on the hunt for a new guild to raid with. I would primarily like to focus on raiding heroics on a lighter schedule--possibly two days a week. I am not what I would consider a hard core raider, but rather someone who casually likes to raid and enjoy the learning experience and progression with a fun group of people.With that being ... 7/25/2014 02:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 565 Mage LF new Home (Raiding guild)Hello everyone! Hope you have wonderful night!Im looking for new home ( raiding guild ) for my 565 mage, I prefer 25man but 10 is fine too! My free times are Wed-Friday (3days) from 7 - 12 EST! Also I can change my times with days during week but first let me know about your raiding if you need mage for core let me know here. Thank you 7/25/2014 01:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning for WoD Hunter LF Team Hey there!I came back a couple weeks ago, made a new account to do recruit a friend.. with a friend.. who of course quit playing. So I purchased the Draenor boost thingy and decided this hunter was bomb. Rather than move it to my main account I decided to make this my new main. (Killer battletag. :o So I wanna keep it.) . Since then I managed to pull off 535 ilvl and am ready to get back to it. I ... 7/25/2014 01:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 582 Shadow Priest LF Heroic Raiding guild.Hello my name is Dayton. Don't ask about the name. I'm looking for a heroic raiding guild preferably on the western time zone but ill raid on anytime zone. Usually. 7/25/2014 01:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 546 Frost Mage LF active Alliance PvP guildAs the title say I'm currently looking for a active PvP guild to join. I'm interested in anything pvp and am currently on a low populated server that does not pvp. I am willing to transfer realms. You can get ahold of me through my battletag Rhino#1477I look forward to hearing for you! 7/24/2014 22:36:00 Unknown PvP    
 Druid-Mage-Priest-Paladin LFG Hprogression(A)Hey we are a group of people (mostly from the same guild) 14/14N and want to start doing Heroic progression!We don't want a group that'll rage every wipe or yell at people and hope to get good result. We aren't looking for that and just want to have fun in Heroic progression. We don't mind wiping and trying new stuff, that's exactly what we are looking to do. We would like a more casual group.The ... 7/24/2014 21:48:00 Unknown Unknown   DMPaPr
 [H] Holy Paladin LF Raiding guild.Hi there. 566 holy paladin with 14/14 normal and atm 0/14 hc looking for a guild for further hc progress. I prefer if the guild is on kazzak as i changed realm not to long ago but cross realm/realm change can be kept in my mind. I have some tier /bis armour to upgrade so my ilvl will be around 570-571ish once i upgraded it alll. I can raid any day of the week. Also i have no problem being a trial ... 7/24/2014 21:00:01 Horde Unknown    
 571 Lock LF Heroic GuildLooking for a heroic raiding guild to join. I have extensive raiding experience including heroic raiding experience in Wrath, Cata, and up to T16 in MOP. Add me if you have questions or are interested. Handjab#1110 7/24/2014 21:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 582 Resto Druid LFGThe title says it all. I am 582 restoration druid looking for a heroic raiding guild.I can offer time and dedication to improving myself and my play. I am looking for a home where I can make friends and generally have a nice time ^_^ 7/24/2014 21:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Paladin - 579 - Ret - LF H (10 or 25)Looking for a solid heroic guild --I’m a dedicated wow player looking for a progressive and organised raiding environment. I am skilled and expect the highest levels of performance from myself and those around me. Due to my flexible schedule, I can raid anytime/day except fridays. I am willing to transfer but would prefer to remain horde. I like the activity of somewhat larger servers. I'm 11/14H ... 7/24/2014 20:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] LF weekly Soo 25man HC clear and guild.Hello,My name is Wreckingbalz, based on Draenor. Been playing warrior for more than 3 years and I have 14/14HC on the current content, due to a long inactivity I am not part of a guild anymore and I am looking for a team that needs me and my dps in order to clear 25man heroic Soo every week. Looking for something stable. I am also looking for a guild with relevant experience and high goals ... 7/24/2014 17:48:00 Horde Unknown    
 13/14h exp Elemental Shaman LF Raiding Guild13/14H exp. Can link all achieves!

Switching mains to the Ele Shaman for WoD, and it's time to look for a guild that has better raid times. Main'd a mage this tier (581 arcane mage), but honestly I hate playing it. Want to go back to something fun, i.e. Ele shaman! My ele only has an ilvl of 569, but I do have the legendary. My gear would be higher, however, it wasn't my main for this ...
7/24/2014 17:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 Frost Mage (546 ilvl) back from break lf SoO raiding guildHey all,

Recently came back from when I quit last year due to focusing on college etc. I'm looking to jump back into raiding and a good socialable guild enviroment before the start of WoD. Ideally, a guild that starts to raid at around 9pm GMT (10pm Server Time). Im eager to start raiding as MoP has been the only expansion I havnt been raiding due to college blah blah. But, tactics ...
7/24/2014 17:48:00 Unknown PvP    
 Returning player looking for guild.Hey guys and gals. I just returned to WoW from a three year break. I'm interested in joining a raiding guild. I have 5 90's.Warlock- ilvl 522Shamen- ilvl 522Druid- ilvl 521Also have a warrior and DK that I am willing to gear. I can raid whenever. Thanks in advance. 7/24/2014 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Ret. Player - LF Casual Friendly GuildHello, Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am located on the BRONZEBEARD server and as my subject states; I am a returning player (have had my account since Vanilla) and I am looking for a group of mature-minded individuals who are OK with having a casual player in their midst. Don't let my forum character turn you off as I am attempting to start over fresh with a new character. I work ... 7/24/2014 17:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 507 destro lock looking for farmTrying to get my ilvl up to a better a number and looking for a guild to help. 7/24/2014 17:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 565 MAGE looking for homeI am looking for a place to call home, i also have a 552 feral druid (kittytech), and i am also working on my prot pally which was my main previously.the current guild i am in is not progressive enough for me.I would like to stay horde on a PvE realm, i would prefer weekends but anything 7-11pm EST M-F works too, starting in aug tuesdays i wont be home till 9:30pm. 7/24/2014 16:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Dedicated Experienced Rogue LF Weekend GuildTitle pretty much says it all. Im a dedicated experienced ex semi-hardcore raider whos back after a break and looking to hit the raiding scene hard in prep for WoD. Only problem is due to working alternating shifts at work for me to get back into raiding at the level i would like i would only be available to raid consistently on weekends after 19:00 (realm time). Because of this im looking for a ... 7/24/2014 15:24:01 Unknown PvP    
 572 Hunter LF Heroic Raiding GuildHello all I am a 572 hunter that is currently 5/14 heroic exp looking for a raiding guild (25 man H if possible). I am available to raid Wed-Sun 10pm- whenever eastern time. Looking for a guild that is friendly and active. I would prefer a guild that is drama free and easy going like myself. My toon is currently on Arathor but would be willing to xfer if I find a good home for this toon.Here is a ... 7/24/2014 15:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 570 Blood DK and 563 Hunter LFheroic progressLike the title says, I have a 570 tank dk with 8/14heroic downed, and attempts on 12/14 H... I know my class. I want a guild that's able to fit my schedule,. I work early mornings so the raid times would have to be done by 1030 est preferably starting around 730 or so during the week. Don't want to transfer servers till I know its a fit for me as well as who ever recruits me. Battletag is ... 7/24/2014 15:12:00 Unknown Unknown   DkH
 583 ret pally looking for a raid team for WoDDue to a work shift change I can no longer raid with my current guild. So here I am posting in the warm and welcoming place we call the wow forms. I have only been in two guilds in my 6 year time raiding in wow so im a very loyal raider and am looking for a home alongside a raid team.

What I’m looking for:
Horde Only
25 man teams only
No less than 10/14H experience.
7/24/2014 14:36:00 Unknown PvE    
 Hance sham LF[H] raiding guild About me: Hello, i am a 558 enhancement shaman although i have many alts and i could raid as almost any dps role but i would rather play as my hance shaman or a my hunter (shaman: 558 and hunter 542)I've been playing WoW since the beginning Pvping through the first two expansion and then hardcore raiding through LK and Cata but i took a 2 year break through end of Cata and most of MoP. In the ... 7/24/2014 14:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 570 Disc Priest LF Weekend Raid14/14H Disc priest looking for weekend raid. I am looking for a guild 11/14H+ on friday, saturday, sunday, or a combination of them all. Please post below :)! 7/24/2014 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Expirenced player LF early morning raiding guildHI I'm 7 years experienced druid guardian who is looking for EU early morning raiding guild ( from around 9-11 AM), I'm well geared and faction or server change is not a problem, I work nights so late evenings raids are not possible for me, so if there is any early morning raiding guild please let me know !!!! Cheers 7/24/2014 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 532 Ret Pally looking for a casual Raid GuildLink to armory: you can see, I recently started out wow a month ago.I have been running LFRs for a few weeks now but don't seemed to experience at form of team work or so (Pretty much like LFDs) :(I am from SG (PST +8) timing I usually work from 9am - 6pm and my time online is usually from 8pm - 2am.Hopefully someone would want ... 7/24/2014 12:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Survival Hunter LF GuildHello all!After taking a break for a few months, I am trying to get back into raiding for the remainder of SoO and onward to WoD. Before my break, I raided ToT on a normal 10-man team. I also have some flex and 10-man experience for SoO. I had to take a break from WoW for personal reasons. However, I am back and wanting to raid!I'm looking for a 10-man, or flex if necessary, team to raid with! I ... 7/24/2014 12:00:00 Unknown Unknown    

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