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 695 Hunter looking for 2 day PST raid guildGuild has stopped raiding.Looking for a heroic guild to run with regularly for HFC. Available most evenings from 6pm - 10pm PST. Can adjust my schedule for a group that works but can only commit to raiding two nights per week. Am good with cross realm and willing to server/guild transfer for a solid group. 7/01/2015 16:36:02 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Resto druid LF new (cross realm) raid teamHello I'm Joris, I'm 25 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I started playing back in WotLK and I have raided during ToTC, ICC, DS, ToT, SoO, HM 7/7 HC and BRF 8/10 HC. I'm looking for a new raid team to raid HFC HC with. I have always been a resto druid, so I have a lot of experience with my class and being a healer. I do have a balance offspec and I can so some damage, but I do not consider ... 7/01/2015 15:48:01 Horde Unknown    
 Returning Warrior LF Late Night RaidingHi, I am returning from taking a break from the game due to life (work/school) and I am looking to join a late-night raiding guild - preferably 11PM PST or later.My History:I've been playing WoW since vanilla and I have always loved raiding so I have dabbled in almost all of the content up to WoD - everything from semi-hardcore heroic raiding to casual weekend raiding and pugs where I can find ... 7/01/2015 15:00:10 Unknown Unknown    
 681 Prot LF Raiding GuildI came back after a short hiatus and looking for an active raiding guild.Would like to stay in my battle group of : Garithos, Chromaggus, Anub'arak, Smolderthorn, Nathrezim and CrushridgeI have a 675 ret offspec and don't mind doing either tanking or dps. My current guild never really got far in raiding but i am 6/7h highmaul and 3/10 normal BRF. More then willing to learn everything. I work part ... 7/01/2015 15:00:05 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning player LF friendly, active guildLooks like the MMO bug sucked me back in. After taking a long break from nearly all video games, I was having a craving for some WoW and decided to re-download and re-roll a complete new account/character. (forgot/lost all my old login info from 3+ years ago) A lot has changed since I last played WoW. Although I have stayed fresh gaming wise through other misc. games. To keep it short and sweet, ... 7/01/2015 14:00:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Shaman Elemental 667 LF 3 times a week guildI am a Hardcore player, and because of my work times I have been forced to move from European servers to the US. I live in the UK, however none of the EU servers have guilds with raid times I can raid.I am a mature player (32 years old) and have been playing wow since Vanilla.I speak fluently English, Spanish and Portuguese (Can and have raid in all 3 languages)My raid times:8:00pm - 11:00pm ... 7/01/2015 13:12:02 Unknown Unknown    
 696 Hpally LF Guild on Hylal Currently 12/13N HFC xp. Would like a guild on Hyjal (not transfering) that raids weekdays or weekends. Availability : anytime other than 8:30pm-12am PST Tues-Thurs(raid with main guild during these days/times)Armory : Logs : questions feel free to ask. 7/01/2015 13:12:02 Unknown Unknown    
 682 Hunter LF Semi Hardcore Progression GuildLooking for new guild that is progressing through Normal or Heroic HFC, as I have had trouble with past guilds due to raid times. Have 5/13 N HFC, 9/10 H BRF, 6/7 HM, and wanting to go farther. Able to raid on Tuesday, Wednesday (8-11 CST), Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (same time as Wednesday). Able to transfer server and faction if necessary.*I don't believe the site has caught up with ... 7/01/2015 13:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking For A Social GuildHi guys im looking for a social guild with a strong and active community that partakes in cm dungeons mythic dungeons and normal raids and a community that would love to partake in guild events thank you for taking your time to read this post 7/01/2015 11:36:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a large guildI want to be a part of a large guild that is mostly casual. I want to raid weekly in a nice friendly enviroment - no drama over rolls or wipes. I want to organize events (with the help of an officer ofcourse) about mounts - like guild achievs, achievs that can't be soloed or world bosses(pandaria has them mount dropping ones extra). My current guild is almost dead and i hope i can find a good new ... 7/01/2015 11:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]700 Resto druid LF casual hardcore guildHello everyone,Due to real life issues within the guilds officer team, I will shortly be finding myself in need of a new home. I'm looking for a guild that's serious about downing bosses in an efficient manner, but still knows how to have fun.I started seriously raiding a few months after SoO came out, where I was a part of the off team as a main tank. We managed to get Heroic Paragons down ... 7/01/2015 10:00:10 Unknown Unknown    
 695 and 693 hunters LF Raiding guildHey all,So here we are, 2 MM hunters looking for a new home/raiding guild. Due to scheduling conflicts we needed to leave our guild/raid team. We're both experienced raiders and know our class. HM and BRF AoTc with Mythic exp. We're currently looking for a Raid team that will be pushing mythics in Hellfire. You can reach me on my Btag Frenzi#1277. Thanks :) 7/01/2015 10:00:10 Unknown Unknown    
 689 Ele Shaman and 690 Resto Shaman LFGHey!My girlfriend and I are currently searching for a semi-hardcore guild to clear HFC with. We are 9/10H and hoping to get AOTC for HFC.Our raid days are Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun between 6 PM and 12AM PST. Our goal is the become the best we can possibly be and raid with people who are as passionate about the game as we are. We are a package deal, so please do not contact us without the intent on ... 7/01/2015 09:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Monk Healer 694 LF Raid Grp with EST scheduleHello everyone :)Mistweaver Monk Healer (ilvl 694) currently looking for a guild or team to raid with, preferably with EST raiding times. Looking for a guild/group that is ok with x-realm invite as I'd like to stay on my server and also remain Alliance. Mon-Fri with a 2hr(pref) to 3hr(max) window from roughly anywhere between 7.30pm to 11.00pm EST and anytime on Sat.I've been in a couple of great ... 7/01/2015 08:24:05 Unknown Unknown    
 699 Holy Paladin LF MythicsHello,I am currently looking for a guild as my previous guild stopped raiding prior to 6.2. Since then, I took a small break and have been pugging some of the new content. Progression in tier 17: 6/7M Highmaul, 8/10M BRF. 2/13 HFC Normal.Have raided as a healer since early BC, fully cleared all raid content while current with a few exceptions. I am looking to raid 3 nights a week, between the ... 7/01/2015 08:24:04 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 683 Prot warrior LF raiding home Weekly raiding times are easy for me to fill, can go to late night on EST/PST times. Looking for friendly people and hopefully (at least) heroic progression in HFC. Add me on Elodia#1216 7/01/2015 08:24:02 Unknown Unknown    
 A - Looking for a weekend raiding guildHello everyone As the title says I am looking to take over a stable mele DPs spot in your raiding team! Due to studies and work the past two years I couldn't get a stable raiding progress , that's the main reason I quited during mop . I am willing to give my best and start the pve aspect once again .I will be a stable player that you can count on Used to raid with experienced guilds and achieving ... 7/01/2015 08:24:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Ilvl 695 holy priest LF guild Hello fellow wow players!I am currently looking for a guild on the horde side. i can raid from mon-thurs 6 or 7PM PST - whatever time needed. My attendance is great and im always on time.I love playing priest! Ive been it for a long time now but just got serious in WOD. i can play all specs well at a high lvl. I always do my homework on bosses and my class to maximize my performance and know i am ... 7/01/2015 06:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Horde 700 Resto Druid LF Core Healing spot / 692 Boomkin offAs the title says - I am seeking a core healing spot - I do have a boomkin off, but I prefer to heal.

I am 17/17 HC AotC, and currently 4/13 HC, recently transferred to a high pop realm, just haven't found the right fit.

I have been healing since Vanilla. I'd prefer to be the only resto on a comp but it's not absolutely necessary.

This part is important:

7/01/2015 06:00:04 Horde PvE    
 691 hunter LF heroic raiding guildIm currently 5/13N and 8/10H i have been raiding for quite sometime. started raiding back in wrath being a top 15 ele shaman on server at the time. I am a exceptional raider with a passion to see, learn, and enjoy new content. Best raid times will be weekdays at 9 till early in the morning. Would like a guild that is progressing in heroic and will eventually move into mythic. will also post a ... 7/01/2015 04:12:03 Unknown Unknown    
 701 DPS DK Looking for Mythic guild!^As topic title says! The guild I'm in has finally collapsed. Would prefer PvE realms and Horde side, but things can be arranged!Relevant things;7/7M Highmaul7/10M BRFCurrently 12/13N and 7/13H.Competent in all three specs; Frost, Unholy, occasional third tank? You got it. I have a competitive, progression-oriented mindset, seeking likeminded people!My logs so far for HFC aren't that impressive, ... 7/01/2015 04:12:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage lf weekend raiding guild. I'm returning from taking a break from WoW, I am looking for a weekend raiding guild for wod content. i know my gear is low and i'm not expecting to get core spots until my gear is up to par. And i know i have a ways to go. But i catch on quickly and i try to become the best i can be at every class i play. For those who read my post after looking at my armory thank you for your time. :)Battle tag ... 7/01/2015 03:24:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Mythic Mage LF Raid Team - Casual-HardcoreThis is awkward. Start of a new tier and I'm suddenly in need of a new guild. Haven't done this in a long while, but here goes nothing.Hey! I'm Zogdor, I'm an orc mage from Wyrmrest Accord. I've been hitting top end content for a number of years now, ranging from low end hardcore-casual, to top 100-ish range. I've been in several guilds over the past few years, mostly leaving only when they fall ... 7/01/2015 03:24:02 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 687 Rogue LF active raiding guildOld guild basically fell apart. Looking for some heroic and maybe even mythic HFC action. Can commit 2-3 nights a week, after 7:30pm PST on weekdays.

About me:
I play all three spec pretty well and currently am using assassination/combat. Heavy min/maxing, if I underperform I take it very heavily on myself to improve. On a social level I'm pretty chill, can run along with most ...
7/01/2015 03:24:01 Horde PvE    
 Looking for social raiding guild.Hey friends. I'm a player returning for 6.2. I've noticed over the past few years that I tend to not stick with the game very long anymore, and that the entire reason for that is that I am no longer investing into a solid community of players. From vanilla thru Lich King I was a big part of some fantastic raiding guilds. While the guilds were fine raiders, what made it special was the solid ... 7/01/2015 02:36:02 Unknown Unknown    
 694 MM Hunter looking for guild.Currently 8/13n and went 7/7h, 10/10h last patch. Willing to server transfer due to my realm having only one mythic team not even on the horde side and wouldn't mind starting out raiding heroic or even normal HFC but would eventually want to start raiding mythic. Add Gankusaurus#1376 or feel free to reply. 7/01/2015 01:48:03 Unknown Unknown    
 694 Prot Pally looking for raiding guild.Looking for a raiding guild that has previous mythic experience. Looking for raids that run between 11pm to 3am eastern time on weekdays. Willing to pay for the character transfer. Please add devone2319#1683 if you are looking for an experienced reliable tank. Thank you,Brutezilla!!! 7/01/2015 01:48:02 Unknown Unknown    
 693 Hunter LF GuildHunter here, 34 years old. Been playing WoW since Vanilla, but only Raided since BC. Playing Marksman at ilevel 693. I'm Willing to Server Transfer, and possibly Faction Swap.I've only got a bit of experience in HFC, up to Zakuun on normal, and Socrethar on Heroic. (-Iskar Heroic)Previous Raid experiences has been pretty much everything since BC, literally everything. Heroic/Mythic. On ly cleared ... 7/01/2015 01:48:02 Unknown Unknown    
 695 Brewmaster Monk and 693 Spriest LF Guild695 BM Monk and 693 Spriest LF a Guild.Anytime past 8:30 pm Eastern works, and we're available any day of the week.Our past experience is: 10/10H + 2/10M BRF; 2/7M + 7/7H HM; 6/13N Hellfire Citadel.~Also we want to stay the specs we are~His armory: 7/01/2015 01:48:01 Unknown Unknown   MoPr
 Holy Paladin LF active &So I recently resubbed, but for the first time this expansion and got my Paladin to 100. Currently just finished grabbing some decent healing gear so I could start re-learning how to heal since I haven't played in a long time. The reason I came back is I miss raiding... but like a lot.Looking for a active guild on a decent server, my current one is DEAD on the Horde side and my guild mostly ... 7/01/2015 00:48:06 Unknown Unknown    
 hunter looking for raiding guildI am looking for a new raiding guild i had to take a break because of new jobs looking for a raiding guild that is just starting on citidal. looking to raid during the week 7/01/2015 00:48:04 Unknown Unknown    
 699 Disc/ Holy Priest 7/13H LF Raiding GuildI currently have 9/13h HFC experience, ive downed 7/13H and 13/13n . My main spec is Disc currently at 697 ilvl and my Holy set is 695. Sadly due to different circumstances my last group has taken a break for the time being. I was raiding T-W-TH 8-11 pm server but I am open to other evening or weekend times.
You can contact me here or in game my battle tag is Disgorgement#1190
7/01/2015 00:12:04 Unknown PvE    
 700ilvl Prot Warr LF Heroic/Mythic RaidName: Coltraine

Real ID: Coltraine#1705

Realm: Kil'Jaeden - US (Willing to transfer)

Faction: Horde (Willing to change for the right guild)

Class: 700 Prot Warrior w/ 690 Fury Off Spec

Availability: Any times Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (I can only raid these 3 days.)

Most Recent ...
6/30/2015 22:36:00 Unknown PvE    
 690 All Spec Mage LF Raiding GuildI've just started raiding this expansion and I've done Highmaul and BRF with full heroic clears.My Mythic exp is lacking due to guilds falling apart, however I am 3/7 Highmaul (during the tier) and 1/10 BRF.I can make just about any raid time, but I would prefer to raid between 7:00 (at the earliest) and 12:30 (at the latest) ET. Days do not matter.It would not bother me at all to be a trial for ... 6/30/2015 22:24:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Shadow Priest Looking For Raiding Guild!Hi there, I'm a new Shadow Priest just started on the US servers, I've originated from EU. So as you can tell everything is pretty fresh, which means I am obviously under geared and also looking for a guild to start out! What I am looking for in a guild? Weekly raidsFriendly and active membersTo make friends (hopefully) - I do have a fully working and good quality microphone so voice chat for ... 6/30/2015 22:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 691 mage lf guild 691 mage looking for a tuesday and thursday mythic progression guild took a little break during black rock foundary came back looking to jump right into pushing new content a little under geared due to me not playing and moving for a month bnet onenut#1742 6/30/2015 21:36:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage and Lock LF casual raiding guildHello! My name is Kelly and I'm a 673 mage. My boyfriend Trevor is 652 warlock. We are a package deal and just transferred over to the Alliance ready to kick some Horder butt! We are looking for a casual progression guild to have fun with. Trevor knows he is undergeared but he is working very hard to get his lock up quickly. We're looking for a late night guild to raid through BRF and HFC with! ... 6/30/2015 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown   MWk
 692 TANK LFGHORDE - US - ENGLISH692 PROT Warrior 663 MM Hunter9/10HBRF7/7HHM10/10brf7/7hmWHO: 30 year old male looking for WEEKNIGHT Horde raiding guild. Vast experience throughout WOD (playing since vanilla), will server xfer at own expense if needed.Will research all fights for Hellfire Citadel and beyond.Have all voice programs, have mic, have excellent internet and a 24" LED monitor.ADDONS: Masterplan, ... 6/30/2015 20:48:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for Casual Raiding guildSo, I've returned to WoW not so long ago. I want to find a casual raiding guild. It's my desire to raid normal difficulty raids in a more relaxed environment where things can still get done. I am looking to run HM, BRF and eventually HFC. I have past raid experience that ranges from classic WoW right to the end of MoP. I will not transfer straight away, I am hoping that for the most part we can ... 6/30/2015 20:48:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Lock LF guild671 Lock LF active guild flexable hours have past raiding exp for lock and current add winterwolf#1304 for info or questions 6/30/2015 20:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 678 MM Hunter looking for progression guild!My current guild has recently gone inactive, but i'd like to continue progressing through the new raid content. I'd really just like to get with a good group of people that can work through HFC. 6/30/2015 19:12:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Dedicated Raider LF Raiding GuildI'm considering leaving my current guild and starting anew in a progression raiding guild. My current guild's progression rate is not great, so I'm looking for something new.I have been a dedicated tank since Wrath of the Lich King, starting to raid back in Ulduar and ICC as a Druid tank. I cleared all of Cataclysm's content as well as SoO in Mists after returning from a year's break. I have ... 6/30/2015 19:12:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Blood DK + MW monk LF M raid guildWe are looking for a well established progression raiding guild that is capable of clearing a new heroic raid week 1 to begin mythic the following week, with the goal of clearing mythic before the following tier is released. We are available between 4:15 PM PST/6:15 PM EST and 9 PM PST/12 AM EST. We would prefer no more than 3 mandatory raid days a week. We are currently 8/10M BRF, and 8/13H HFC ... 6/30/2015 19:12:01 Unknown Unknown   DkMo
 Blood DK + MW monk LF M raid guildWe are looking for a well established progression raiding guild that is capable of clearing a new heroic raid week 1 to begin mythic the following week, with the goal of clearing mythic before the following tier is released. We are available between 4:15 PM PST/6:15 PM EST and 9 PM PST/12 AM EST. We would prefer no more than 3 mandatory raid days a week. We are currently 8/10M BRF, and 8/13H HFC ... 6/30/2015 19:12:01 Unknown PvE   DkMo
 690+ Fury Warrior looking for active guild.Hey there,Thank you for reading my post.I am looking for an active raiding guild, as i am tired of the "cant raid not enough members" situation i am currently in.A little about me:-Ive been a raid leader, a pvper, a guild master and an officer. I generally like to theory craft, and try log everything i can for self improvement. I learn from my mistakes, and consider myself to have a pretty good ... 6/30/2015 19:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Balance Druid LF casual raid guildI AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANY HORDE GUILDSHey,I recently transfered to Darksorrow Alliance to be apart of a raiding guild but the Guild Leader decided to disband the guild after a couple of days without saying anything so now I am here on this server without a guild ...What am I looking for?A guild that raids 2-3 times per week on a casual level, I don't have time to hardcore raid anymore. I want to ... 6/30/2015 18:24:02 Alliance Unknown    
 686 blood DK LF raiding guildHello! I'm a ilevel 686 blood dk, who has just returned a month ago. I'm currently looking to get back into raiding in HFC. I took a break couple for couple months do to moving to a new city and when I returned decided to main my DK instead of my monk tank that I did at the start of WoD. For raiding experience I haven't done much in this expansion, other then clearing up to heroic Imp in highmaul ... 6/30/2015 17:24:04 Unknown Unknown    
 685 retri paladin looking for pve guildHey thereI'm a retribution paladin (ilvl 685) and would like to progress higher the comming tiers.I always wanted to raid with a guild but never really found one... I would love to raid with one. Please leave a reply if you're in need of a paladin.See you later. 6/30/2015 17:24:03 Unknown PvE    
 702 Ele LF GuildGuild went through some stuff, old officers abandoned us, so my friend and I stepped in. We have been unable to do much in HFC, and don't see us doing much more in Mythic, My friend and I (Which were just members in the guild) attempted to salvage it. That didn't work out, so now I'm currently searching for another guild! was ... 6/30/2015 15:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Looking For Guild (Multiple Characters)I currently have a 683 MW monk, 672 Frost/UH DK, 680 Arcane Mage, etcI have experience dating back to Vanilla in raiding and went with casual raiding in WoD which I have found to be pretty boring, looking to play anything in a new guild.I have other classes I can play or specs I can play to fill roles (Druid, Paladin, Hunter, Warlock, Shaman) 6/30/2015 15:00:02 Unknown Unknown    

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