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 [A] R Shaman 626ilvl Looking for CM group.Pretty much as the title says, I wanna get a solid CM group so I can get the daily constantly. What you can expect from me:Smart player.Adapt from situations.Have Mic and will get on vent/mumb whatever we use.Open to Feedback and opinions. 11/22/2014 23:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 634 Prot Warrior LF Raiding GuildHello friends, I recently transferred to Proudmoore Alliance, and I need a guild to do progression raiding. My only progression raiding experience is during Cataclysm I was main tank for one of the top guilds on Zuluhed Faded. I enjoyed the entire experience and I wish to seek it again. I do not have logs to show my individual worth, however, I have busted my butt off since launch to make sure I ... 11/22/2014 23:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Disc Priest LF semi-hardcore Mythic guildHello All -I am currently on Lightbringer Alliance and am willing to server transfer to a guild who raids 3-4 days a week anywhere from 6:00 p.m. PST - 12:00 p.m. PST. I currently have an ilvl of 626 but that will increase if I find a guild and no longer have to pug Challenge Modes and maybe one that does Molten Core!I am posting some logs from when I was raiding SoO but some fights I only dps'ed ... 11/22/2014 23:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Fun casual LF guild on Kil'Hey guys and gals who might read this!I enjoy raiding, but I'm not someone who does it hard-core. I like to do it only to have fun (but obviously serious with boss fights etc. no screwing around during raids, blah blah blah) but I love a good perverted joke once in awhile and just an overall fun, active guild that isn't big (i don't like the [__ has come online] spamming my chat box all day long ... 11/22/2014 22:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Experienced Blood Dk LF EST progression guildI am looking for a guild that raids in between 12noon-10pm EST. I am willing to transfer servers. I am 24 years old, mature, former military, I have a good attitude and can usually help direct things toward a more positive outcome. I am a solid tank and experienced player since vanilla. I am looking for progression raiding. Most important I am a goob and I like to laugh and have a positive fun ... 11/22/2014 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]Hunter LF Semi Hardcore Raiding groupOld man who has raided from Vanilla-Cata. Looking for a core raid group for mythic raids. Willing to play other classes depending on guild reputation. 11/22/2014 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Paladin Tank LF West Coast RaidingHi All,I recently came back to WoW for WoD and am looking to find a guild that is looking for an experienced raid leader/tank for heroics/raids/guild shenanigans. While I am an East Coast player, my job has me working nights, so a West Coast guild will be something I can actually play with and contribute to, check out my info below and I hope to hear from you!About me:-This is an original ... 11/22/2014 21:12:26 Unknown Unknown    
 623 (and rising) resto druid lf raiding guildHeya I'm purrfektion (or purr for short!) Im currently a 623 resto druid climbing up the ilvl ladder to try to prepare myself for raiding, Just one problem...I dont have a guild to do it in! :) That's where YOU come in ... no not you... yes, you. That guy in the corner. :) I'm available to raid anytime beyond 5pm monday-wednesday, thurs and fri after 1030pm (until however long is needed) and ... 11/22/2014 21:12:26 Unknown Unknown    
 625 Retribution Paladin (Horde) LFGHey guys/gals,I'm looking for a very serious, hardcore guild that is focused on progression. My availability is any nights (and weekends all day) As I work a typical 9-6 job (With traffic, looking at ready around 8) I've been playing for almost 8 years on my Paladin (with some breaks, and alt switching) And I've done all three roles in raiding situations. I'm good for server transfers (and even ... 11/22/2014 21:12:25 Unknown Unknown    
 Shaman LF mythic progression enh>I can play all 3, im looking for a 2 night a week guild I've done progression in the past a little bit in cata and some in soo im looking to raid serious this xpac in the past ive been more focused on pvp I've achieved duelist playing both resto and enhance.looking for 2 nights a week 8-12 est would be perfectwould prefer an adult only guild im in my 30s don't want a bunch of dramawant a guild ... 11/22/2014 21:12:25 Unknown Unknown    
 632 Resto Druid looking for mythic raidingTopic says it all. Tons of raiding experience dating back to vanilla. Contact me for more info. Thank you for your time! :) 11/22/2014 21:12:25 Unknown Unknown    
 93 warlock looking for mists of pandaria raidLooking for a raiding guild to play some mists of pandaria and wod raids when they come out. Message me in game. 11/22/2014 21:12:25 Unknown Unknown    
 top parser lf guild for mythic raidingcurrently have my warrior and hunter gearing up for mythic raiding atm.I am free after 5 pm E time to raid.make 100% raid times.server nor faction does not matter.You can hit me up at Frankjones#1460Very experienced raider cleared all content heroic MoPbeen playing since vanilla.Ty for the look! 11/22/2014 21:12:25 Unknown Unknown    
 635 Ret Pally LF Mythic Progression GuildI'll keep it short and sweet. I am looking for a serious progression guild for the upcoming expansion. I have done progression all throughout Cataclysm on my hunter but in Mop i took a break from any raiding past PUGs.What I Offer:- Strong understanding of my class.- Drive to be the best.- Flexible schedule.- Experience playing in a high pressure situation.What i want:- Guild dedicated to pushing ... 11/22/2014 21:12:25 Unknown Unknown    
 Hunter and Feral looking for Mythic raiding Both very experienced raiders / pvp'ers since vanilla. Both used to high parsing on every fight.Last raiding we did was heroic ToT and quit before SoO came out, now back for WoDCurrently Horde-Kil'Jaeden - open to transfersLooking for a mature group, ideally starting raids at 6pm PST , any days of the week are finePlease add my battletag for more info / questions - Billyo#1192I (feral) also have ... 11/22/2014 21:12:25 Unknown Unknown   DH
 (A) Higly experienced resto shammy LF raidingMy work hours changed and I can no longer fit my guild's schedule. I was 14/14 mythic in SoO and also huge progression in the past through all content since vanilla. I'm looking for a guild that progresses nicely and ends their raids at 10 EST. 11/22/2014 20:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 633 Frost Mage lf weekend raiding guildHello, I've been playing WoW since launch and have been actively raiding until the very early parts of MOP where the game just wasn't getting fun anymore. I've returned recently and have leveled my mage to 100 with a gear level of 633. I prefer raiding during the weekends, Friday evening + Saturday evening would be ideal. I can commit to at least 95% attendance. My dps has always been competitive ... 11/22/2014 20:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]Protection Paladin LF mythic guild.Hello everyone, I am 26 years old.I have been playing WoW since vanilla. I raided a lot in TBC (SSC/TK) but skipped most content in Wrath/Cata/MoP. While my raiding experience is low, I consider myself a very good player that is capable of learning very fast. My 'mechanical' skills are very sharp. I have been playing Starcraft 2 and made it to Grandmaster league. In hearthstone, I'm now over 1000 ... 11/22/2014 20:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Top 15 US mage LF Guild- Last xpac on my rogue I was in a top 15 US guild- Experience includes : BC : Full cleared all but Sunwell, achieved Hand of A'dal and Champion of The Naruu (mage)Wrath : Full cleared everything on regular, a good amount of ulduar hard modes, full cleared heroic ToGC, and a few heroics on ICCCata : Just played during DS mostly, 8/8H DSMists : 15/16H T14, 9/13H T15, and 14/14H T16I swapped over ... 11/22/2014 18:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 633 ilvl Resto Druid - LF Morning USLooking for a guild to raid with mornings US central somewhere between 7:30AM - 1:00PM CST. Willing to server transfer. Savent#1646 11/22/2014 18:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]Shadow Priest LFGIm a shadow priest looking for a guild .My current gear is i618 but im expecting to be 635+ until 3 dec.Ive been playing WoW since vanilla mostly PvE.With my previous guild we were clearing 14/14 without a problem but we couldnt try heroic because the guild fell apart.I love to work in team and i will be avaible for every raid.Im looking for 5-8 EST raiding time.Realm - MaghteridonClass : ... 11/22/2014 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Healer of 7 years looking for progressionHi I have all healing classes leveled to 90 except a shaman which I have leveled to 100. Looking for a guild that is "semi-core." that also has a nice environment. I will level another class should you guys need a specific healer. For more information add me on battle tag: Lxsftsxaudi#1837 11/22/2014 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 632 Prot Warrior lf serious raiding guildI've played WoW since Vanilla mostly with friends. This expansion I want to dive into the more hardcore aspects of this game. I'm 632 full heroic or better. I learn quickly so in raids positioning and fight mechanics are easy for me to pick up. 11/22/2014 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Newbie LF GuildYeah I'm a newbie.No Raiding Experience for any MMO's or anything like that.I'm nothing special. All of you raiders and hardcore players would be just disappointed in me :)I'm looking for a guild (Any Faction is fine though Alliance is preferred/Any Realm is fine) to settle into and level from 1 to 100. No booster.I'm new and would love to experience the game from level 1 up to 100.I'm looking ... 11/22/2014 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage LF GuildGreetings,I'm currently looking for a raiding guild. Particularly a guild that raids at night, or on the weekends. Ally/Horde is no concern, I'm willing to transfer and faction change if need be. A little history about myself;I started playing a Holy Paladin at the !@#-end of WotLK. I didn't really get into raiding because I was still fairly new and was trying to understand how to play the game, ... 11/22/2014 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 lvl100 Vet Spriest 635+ ilevel - LF MythicHello Hello, I've been raiding since the beginning of TBC , originally as a hunter and then as a shadow priest. Over the years I have been in many top 50 US guilds, I've experienced the races to realm firsts, world firsts and US firsts. I am looking for a 'lax environment to raid and fit my work schedule .I am passionate about raiding and all that it entails, I prefer to play about 3-4 alts that ... 11/22/2014 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 629 Warlock LF new homeHello!I'm looking for a new home for my Warlock that I recently switched to this expansion, and searching for a guild that knows how to have fun and wants to do Mythic content in the future. I'd like to find something soon before raids are released next month.About me: I started playing during Vanilla and have been raiding seriously since Burning Crusade with a vast amount of raid experience ... 11/22/2014 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 524 Lock LF raid group.Character named Danknstien currently 524 was 12/14H in seige of orgrimar able to play any spec for my class. If you have any questions pm me dankman#1961 11/22/2014 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 624 ilvl disc priest LF serious raiding guildHi. I am a disc priest currently on the server Bleeding Hollow. I have a current item level of 624 but that will continue to grow. I finished last expac with a 587 item level and 14/14H exp on both 10 and 25 man. Here are my logs from around when I last raided back around in the beginning of August. I took a break until WoD came out because I was bored of Siege. ... 11/22/2014 16:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Ret OS Tank lf Serious Raiding GuildRaid ExperienceThrone of Thunder - 13/13H US # 80Siege of Orgrimmar - 14/14H US#64Looking for specifically Alliance GuildWilling to TransferTimes & Days I preferAny times between 5-10PM PST8-1AM EST- Sunday- Monday- Tuesday- Wednesday- ThursdayPlease Contact me here & will get back to you if interested. 11/22/2014 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 (H)resto sham lf raiding guildJust came back from a long break of WoW and i'd like to get back into raiding like the good old days !My prime days were in The Burning Crusade , I've done the attunement to Black temple and spent countless hours in hyjal ( cleared btw )I'm looking for a guild that raids consistantly and recruits players that wants to perform well. Hardcore or semi-hardcore or even casual fits my needs.Loot ... 11/22/2014 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 626+ Prot Warrior LF Mythic Raiding!As the title suggest I am looking for a Guild that is interested in progression and is serous. I have been playing the game for nine years [Started in late 2005] and started heroic raiding back in wrath. I have been in many 10/25 man raids as well as being a raid leader myself. I am not looking for any leadership roles but just as a raider. Some of my achivments are Cutting Edge Grand Empress and ... 11/22/2014 12:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Top Teir Healer looking for a TeamBeen in several top 50 US guilds, quit in March now looking to rejoin to push ranking in WoD 11/22/2014 11:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 632 old school bear tank LF guildHello all, I am looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild. I have experience in top end raiding guilds. I've been raiding since vanilla. I've been in top 10 world guilds like Juggernaut and Stimulate, but would like too find a home that raids less hours.Looking for 3-4night raiding guildmon-thurs 8pm-1am ESTrealID: Bolaski89@gmail.comSkype: Bolaskeet 11/22/2014 08:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 626 Rogue LF Late Night Raiding Guild Currently looking for a guild that raid's 10:30pm EST As i play Oceanic I'd prefer something along those lines.I healed the whole of SoO on my resto druid doing some heroics along the way and i'd really like to get back into it as a dps this time.If you have anymore Questions, feel free to post 11/22/2014 08:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 623 ilvl Blood DK tank LF guild (Frostmourne)Hi am looking for a skilled group of players that would raid between the times of 6pm - 11pm Server time 2-3 nights per week, preferably 2 but understand 3 for progression ( am flexible between those hours of start/finish. Not looking for 5 hour raids).Have raided every expansion except cataclysm. Have had experience in progression guilds and lead successful raid groups. Am always open for ... 11/22/2014 07:00:01 Unknown PvP    
 looking for late night 9:30pst+ guildhi, i'm looking for a late night guild for me and my shaman/hunter/rogue friend. we are very competent players looking for a late night mythic guild in our time zone 11/22/2014 04:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 MW monk lf raiding guild!i have a flexible work scheduel im looking to raid 2, maybe 3 times a week. mythic progression is also welcomed. i will give further info on my raiding exp if asked. i dont mind moving servers (if the group is good) so message me whisper me in-game currently on a what seems to be dead server. would love to get off it! so any further questions feel free to post or look me up in game. thank you all ... 11/22/2014 03:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 624 ilvl Resto Druid LF experienced guild.My name is Josh. i am 23 years oldi have no lag issues or fps issuesi have skype,mumble,vent,TS, i have been playing wow since vanilla. I raided MC/BWL/ZG/AQ20 as a Rogue back in the day. i played all expansions and went through on and off periods of the game for raiding but always maintained a in Experienced raiding guilds. Most the guilds i have been in have broken up due to something goin on ... 11/22/2014 03:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Warrior looking for Raiding guildUsed to play the game seriously from original release up to BC but I decided to come back for WoD. So in terms of experience, i am lacking in the new content but i'm a fast learner. Have been tanking mostly since i got back but i can probably do any role just as well. I have a flexible schedule but let me know your info and I can see if I can fit in. Feel free to leave a reply here or friend ... 11/22/2014 02:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Veteran Raider. Looking For Guild.I am a Ret / Prot pally looking for a serious Raiding guild. I can play anytime. Snakefizt#1332 11/22/2014 01:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Emerald Dream- Rogue LF Raiding Guildhello all, I am looking for a progression focused mythic raiding guild on Emerald Dream (new transfer here from Hyjal). I am a dedicated player, currently sitting at 633 ilvl, In MOP I had 14/14 H SoO experience and have played melee dps since BC. Faction doesn't matter, if I seem like I could be an asset to your guild let me know!BTag is Kunzu#1910 11/22/2014 01:24:00 Unknown PvP    
 640 iLvl Disc LF Hardcore Mythic GuildHello!I'm a 640 Disc priest looking for a hardcore Mythic Guild. Want to progress with a group that actually knows what they're doing and can fix their mistakes quickly. Played mostly during T10 and T11 (ICC through BWD) and was one of the top 100 disc priests on multiple fights during T11 with a couple top 10 placements. I play disc mostly but can holy if need be but I feel I am much stronger at ... 11/22/2014 00:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Top 50 Prot Warrior LF HomeHey guys,More background information available upon request, but I've played all roles at a top 50 level, currently looking to tank this expansion on this character.For inquiries, jarastar2#1225 11/21/2014 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Rogue LF raiding guild (H)TuralyonRogue LF a guild to raid the new content with. Currently 628 iLvl aiming to be at least 636 before the new raid goes live. I prefer to play mutilate but I am very familiar with the other specs if the raid leader decides I need to play something else. Raid times after 6pm EST work for me everyday except for Thursdays. Let me know if you would like anymore information. 11/21/2014 22:00:01 Unknown PvE    
 Prot War Looking for Raiding guild on ProudmoProudmoore Tank looking for raiding guild, any day of the week if after 7pst/10est Better if its 8pst/11est And prefer an LGBT friendly guild with members 18+ 11/21/2014 20:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Skilled Prot tank LF endgame raid guild.Hi and First off thanks for taking the time to read and evaluate. Raiding experience:Every raid In TBC though wrath hardcore. Raided early cata and none in mists, mists to me was a disappointing expansion for the game. PvP experience: While this doesn't fit what im signing up for (raiding) thought I would go ahead and list anyways because while I wasn't raiding in partial cata and mists I ... 11/21/2014 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 spriest lf for weekend raiding guild.hey havent really raided since wolk due to me joining the army but i cleared heroic icc when it was currenti know my class and stay doing research, also on fights. im looking for a hardcore raiding guild that raids mostly on weekends.message me on here or in game pusherjay#1266 11/21/2014 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Hunter LF Casual TeamHello all!With WoD now out, and Highmaul releasing very soon, I am looking to get back into raiding! I'm looking for a casual environment to get back into raiding with, nothing too crazy. Therefore, I am looking for a semi-casual/casual team to raid with for 2-3 nights a week! Though I am currently Horde, I am looking to transfer back to the Alliance. However, I will stay Horde if need be. I am ... 11/21/2014 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Small group LF Raiding Guild.Hey there,We are a group of 3 skilled friends who are currently looking for a raiding guild. All of us have various levels of raiding experience, myself having the most. I've done some hardcore raiding every expansion, the most during BC and WotLK eras, and quite a bit during MoP.Currently we are a:DK TankMageSpriestLooking for something dedicated but more casual, around the 7pm-11pm PST time ... 11/21/2014 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    

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